Saturday, September 14, 2013

REVIEW: Catch PigPen Theatre's Charming and Magical Production of The Old Man and The Old Moon at Writers Theatre

We caught opening night of The Old Man and The Old Moon and were completely charmed!   This is good, old fashioned, down home music and story telling at it's best.   The fantastical shadow puppet elements are particularly effective, as are the recycled art puppets.   I've never seen a plastic bottle and mop with so MUCH canine personality.   Utterly awesome!   I also adored the way the troupe rallied together to become THE BOAT.   Look out Redmoon.   You have some talented competition in town!

The original score is an integral and excellent part of the whole production, with the musicians playing an active role on stage instead of relegated to the wings. The writing is superb as well.   There were plenty of universal truths for the plot and characters to strike a chord... longing for adventure, comforts of a home base, fears and chaos of natural disasters.    It's easy to take someone you love for granted until they're gone.   And it's easy to let the minutia of work get in the way of having adventures, keeping promises and spending time with family.   We love the idea of the moon and letting its waxing and waning take its course instead of rushing to keep it full every day.   What a great analogy to following in life!

This show is aimed at adults but fine for all ages.  

Click here to check out our past coverage for full show details.   

Dates:              First performance: September 3, 2013
                       Closing performance: November 10, 2013
            Schedule:         Tuesdays: 7:30pm
                                   Wednesdays: 7:30pm (with select 2:00pm matinees)
                        Thursdays & Fridays: 8:00pm 
                                   Saturdays: 4:00pm and 8:00pm
                        Sundays: 2:00pm and 6:00pm
                        Location:          Writers Theatre, 325 Tudor Court, Glencoe
                        Prices:              Prices for all performances range from $35 - $70
                                                Purchase early for best prices   
Box Office:       The Box Office is located at 376 Park Avenue, Glencoe;

Also, if you're 21+ check out PigPen Theatre Co. in residency at Schubas.   Click here our prior coverage on all the residency/album release details.

We got an advance press copy of their upcoming album and will be reviewing it right before the release.

Coinkidink alert:  We do love odd coincidences.   In the microcosm of the Chicago theatre world what are the odds of two productions playing simultaneously that feature dirigibles?!   

Check out the OTHER dirigible play, Babes With Blades' awesome Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates.   Click here for ChiIL Live Shows' Review.

The cast interviews posted in the lobby were an amusing read and we found more than a few coinkidinks there, too.  Gotta love theatre peeps and improvisers.   They give creative, off the cuff answers!     

  • I've been to Chagrine Falls and know the falls of which they speak.  Much to my chagrine--they're tiny!   
  • Back in the day, my sister and I both went out with guys from Chagrine Falls that we met in Portland & Cincinnati respectively (who turned out to know each other).   They used to go over the falls on dares for fun as teen agers.

    • I'd just finished watching the "Princess Bride" movie with the kids right before I left for The Old Man and The Old Moon
    • a long time friend of mine who is now a college theatre prof/set designer is also an alum of this troupe's college, 

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