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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Multicultural Dance: KARIM TONSY “CURFEW” PRODUCTION 12/6 & 7

Karim Tonsy is excited to announce his upcoming show “CURFEW,” as he embarks on the creation of his 21st theatrical production with the ever-evolving “Karim Tonsy Egyptian Physical Dance Company” (KTED). From Italy to Egypt, London, Lebanon and now America, Karim has captured the hearts of those who share his love and passion of Dance and the Performing Arts.

“CURFEW” examines the boundaries and the liberties of “freedom” in its many forms- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Karim seeks to provoke thoughtful contemplation of how we become at peace with what we can control and what we cannot. This will be a personal and intimate poetic journey as Karim recalls the recent, heartbreaking loss of his father and the restrictive circumstances that prevented Karim from reaching him in his final days. Karim reflects on the turmoil and constraints in his beloved homeland, Egypt, coupled with the hope of the freedom he aspires to in making a new home in America. Karim seeks a harmonious marriage of the two countries he loves.  The mission of KTED is to connect the cultures through the universal expression of dance and movement.

KTED celebrates six years of cross cultural dance theatre in Chicago. As a part of the company’s outreach agenda, KTED, a nonprofitorganization, is committed to broadening cultural awareness through ancient and modern dance movement.

Karim Tonsy is an international choreographer from Cairo, Egypt. After finishing his studies in theatre and movement at the American University in Cairo, Karim attended London Contemporary Dance School for further training in contemporary dance. He began his career with the establishment of his dance company, KTED, and directed his first performance in Cairo, Egypt. Karim has experience working with directors in Egypt, Italy, London, Lebanon, and Chicago, and teaches classes at the renowned Equinox Fitness Clubs.

“Curfew” runs Thursday Dec. 6th and Friday Dec. 7th at Ruth Page Center of the Arts, Chicago IL. Purchase tickets at General tickets are $25.00, Seniors/Students are $20.00, and Children under 12 are $10.00.

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