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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

OPENING: Macbeth Via Saltbox Theatre Collective at The Edge Off-Broadway

Saltbox Macbeth Shakes Up Your Summer
at The Edge Off-Broadway
July 12- August 4, 2019

The shortest of William Shakespeare’s tragedies, Macbeth has cemented itself as a tale that delves into the unhinged sanity of the title’s main character. With a focus on the dark side of humanity, Macbeth (played by Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’s Jason Narvy) and his lady (Stephanie Stroud) are overtaken by the supernatural as they continually give into their own greedy, lustful desires. Haunted by their own dastardly decisions, the pair fight to hold on to all their ill-gotten gains—by any means necessary.

The show runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30pm, as well as 2:00pm on Saturdays and Sunday.

Duncan - Josh Bomba
Porter - Mark Bernstein
Macduff Family - Ella Bernstein Molly Gustafson
Macduff’s Son - Jack Narvy
Fleance - Rene Krall-Lanoue
Macbeth - Jason Narvy
Lady Macbeth - Stephanie Stroud
Weird Sisters - Catherine Bustos, Wendy
Venlos-Becker, Anne Ogden
Murderers - Brandon Nelson, Chas Howard
Seyton - Josh Marshall
Banquo - Brian Bengtson
Macduff - Ryan Smetana
Angus - Corwyn Cullum
Lennox - Dane Van Brocklin
Ross - Nate Perez
Lady Macduff - Amanda Hayes
Malcolm - Warren Duncan
General Siward - Michael Sullivan
Young Siward - Nick Russell
Sergeant - Eamon Gonzales
Attendant - Brandon Ellis
Serving Woman - Angela Matera
Stage Manager - Robert Pacheco
Asst. Director - Angela Matera
Lighting Design - Kara Grimm-Denholm
Electrician - Garet Paholkotter
Technical Advisor - Justin Glombicki
Director - Brian Fruits
Costumes/Make-Up - Alison Call, April Fruits
House Manager - Corwyn Cullum
Photos - Rachael Nuckles
Graphic Design - Amy Moore
Sound Design - Jonathan Hadley

Saltbox is a Jeff Award Winning not-for-profit theatre company that opened 4 years ago producing shows in Oak Park and, most recently, graduating to Chicago in Season 3. 

Saltbox Theatre Collective - 

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