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Friday, May 4, 2012

Chris (Sandman) Sand-The Infamous Red Bathrobe Video Premier

Sandman-Thanks for the Sex-LIVE at Hideout, Chicago
ChiIL Live Shows 4/26/12 (PG13 for content)

As referenced in our interview with Chris and Tony, here's the infamous, "red bathrobe", laugh inducing music video for Thanks For The Sex, shot at Tony's home last summer and "locked in the vault" till now.    Sandman hasn't even put it out there on his own sites, but he gave us the thumbs up to run it.  You've seen it here at ChiIL Live Shows, folks.   Though tame by most standards, this one gets a PG13 for content, though it's more likely to crack you up than incense the censors.    We also have a live version of the same song that we shot at Hideout on 4/26/12 above.    Enjoy!

Sandman-Thanks for the Sex-music video 
at Tony's home, Chicago

Gotta Get Home To My Baby-LIVE at Hideout-Chris (Sandman) Sand

(PG13 language alert)   We dig this slice of Americana--a brand new song from Chris (Sandman) Sand of Roll Out Cowboy documentary fame.

Chris (Sandman) Sand--The Rappin' Cowboy-- performed LIVE at Hideout in Chicago on 4/26/12. His wife and infant daughter, Stevie, are in Montana. His gigs as a musician and his truck driver day job take him away from them for stretches, but provide great material for songs that are simultaneously poignant, funny and all together endearing.

Ballad of a Salad-LIVE at Hideout-Chris (Sandman) Sand

ChiIL Live Shows/ChiIL Mama had a chance to catch Chris (Sandman) Sand and Tony Rogers at their recent Chicago show at Hideout.   Here's Ballad of a Salad live and the music video version, shot last summer in Tony's kitchen, below.    

*Check out our full video interview with both musicians here.

We'll have a shorter version of just the How Creatives Parents and How Parents Create excerpt here in the near future.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sandman (The Rappin' Cowboy) & Tony Rogers Interview With ChiIL Live Shows

ChiIL Live Shows caught up with Chris "Sandman" Sand of the award winning documentary, Roll Out Cowboy, fame and local fav, Tony Rogers. 

Live footage shot at Chicago's own Hideout.   

Generally our interviews average 15 minutes, but they had so much great footage, and interesting banter that this one turned into more of a full length feature!    Hear about Septembeard, the little red bathrobe video, and Chris & Tony's  take on everything from how creatives parent and how parents create, to two dead vocal coaches, and their current and upcoming musical endeavors.    Check out the humor and talent of these two true originals!

Here's Pt. 1 of 2: Tony Rogers - "Call the press and send their best" ("making of" mini documentary) referenced in our interview above.

Pt. 2 of 2: Tony Rogers - "Call the press and send their best" (Official Music Video)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sandman LIVE at Hideout Chicago-Persian Den of Sin

It was great to see Sandman, of Roll Out Cowboy documentary fame, back in Chi-Town for a concert at The Hideout Thursday night, 4/26.    Check out ChiIL Live Shows' original footage of his hilarious live performance of Persian Den of Sin.   We'll have our video interview with Sandman (AKA:  The Rappin' Cowboy or Chris Sand) and local fav, Tony Rogers, along with loads more live footage from both of their sets coming soon.    So check back with ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.   

Sandman flew out to NYC from Chi-Town, for the DVD release of Roll Out Cowboy.   The award winning doc had a Chicago Producer and Director--Elizabeth Lawrence and Warner Boutin.    Check out their main site here, for purchasing links, FB page, cast/crew list, and more.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sandman The Rapping Cowboy at Hideout Tonight #Album Review

Only merch table I've ever seen selling silk screened pillow cases!!   Check out an even odder assortment of one of a kind merch (beaver skull & birds nest anyone?) and more standard fare here.

We gave you a "save the date" heads up, last month, and today's the day.   The Sandman (AKA:   Chris Sand or The Rappin' Cowboy) will be playing tonight at Hideout!   He opens for local fav, Tony Rogers.   We'll be there to shoot the show and are setting up interviews as well.

Sandman's father to a recent baby girl, Stevie!

We got permission to repost this gorgeous shot of Sandman's wife, Hana,
and new daughter, Stevie....Yes, there's life after birth, and tattooed
parents rock!!

Check out our Pinterest Board all about How Creatives Parent and How Parents

Create, for our original video interviews with parents in bands,
theatre and other creative fields, on how they strike a balance and how
becoming parents influences their creative work and vice versa....

Tony Rogers

Tony Rogers

Thu 4/26
9:00 pm



Come on out for some hilarious folk-rap-country that defies description.    Chris Sand's documentary screened at Facets last year and he gave a mini concert in conjunction with the film.   Here's our film review and photo filled feature about Roll Out Cowboy in particular here  And more prior coverage.

We thoroughly enjoy his 2008 CD, Rough Notes from Otter Cove.   Sandman is pretty prolific and has a number of CDs out, but he said this is a good one to start with and kicked us a copy.  It has some kid appropriate tunes and more mature, irreverent material as well.   Purchase your own copy here or at Hideout tonight.

Rustic and playful. Highly listenable lo-fi production by Froseph Kujawa. Includes a limited edition 24-page lyrics booklet, handset and pressed on a 130-year-old print machine.


1. Crazy Animals

2. The Hermit

3. PO Box 7

4. Addie Paul

5. Artesian Lover

6. I Love Everyone

7. Natty Joy

8. Shelly The Sea Turtle

9. Wedding Song Man

10. Unabomber

11. End Of America

My kids adored Shelly The Sea Turtle and Crazy Animals, but at ages 8 & 11, they dug the silly, dark ones like Unabomber just as much.   There's nothing too over the top.  Addie Paul and my favorite, Natty Joy, are catchy and likely to get stuck in your head, when your brain goes into screensaver mode and you're not actively thinking of something else.   

Check out the artists' sites here, for song samples, merch and more.   

Chris Sand

Tony Rogers

Check out The Hideout's main site here for tickets and further information.

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