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Monday, October 21, 2013

Photo Recap: Midnight Circus at Commercial Park10/13 #MCITP #OriginalPhotos

ChiIL out with ChiIL Mama and enjoy Midnight Circus vicariously through our photo filled recap.   Then go see them live already.  Only one weekend left, till you have to wait for next year!  We caught them last Sunday at Commercial Park and as usual, they ROCKED!  3 generations of our family saw the show together and everyone from the grandparents down to the kidlets loved it.  



2333 W Sunnyside Avenue
Friday, October 25th 7:00pm
Saturday, October 26th 2:00pm & 5:00pm
Sunday, October 27th 1:00pm & 4:00pm

Click here for our past Midnight Circus coverage.
Here are some of our favorite shots:

We also have some video clips coming soon so check back with ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often.

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