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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lolla Bling's a Local Thing--Susan Wheeler Design @Lollapalooza #Lolla

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¡ Loved by Groups and Groupies Alike !

Been there...done the t-shirt.   Kick it up a notch with gold, silver and jewels to show your Lolla love.   They don't get ripped to shreds or need a wash after a hot day of dancing in the sun.   So don't sweat up your souvenirs....glow.

ChiIL Live Shows/ChiIL Mama loves to support local artists...especially when they're balancing parenthood and creative work!   So come see Chi-Town's own Susan Wheeler's delicious designs.  She's a fine artist, jewlery maker, and Chi, IL mama.

Susan Wheeler is an Award Winning, Chicago-based, Fine Jewelry Designer

In melding modern and traditional design qualities, Susan is able to create timeless jewelry and accessories. Susan lives in a bustling household with her husband, two young boys, a baby girl, two dogs, a cat, and turtle.

All of the jewelry is made in the good old U.S. of A. and it is all tarnish proof and absolutely the best quality!

Check Out The New Lollapalooza Collection available at the Lollapalooza Pop-Up Store,
located at 332 South Michigan Avenue and on site at the festival in Chicago, August 3rd through August 5th

The New Enameled Lolla Lollipop Swirl Charm!
PRICE  $30.00 

The Sterling Silver Lollipop Swirl Charm features the Iconic Orange and Blue Lollapalooza Logo colors. The charms are available on  blue leather cords, sterling silver chain bracelets, and sold as individual charms.
Enameled Sterling Silver Charm

The New Lolla Lollipop Swirl Charm Necklace!
PRICE  $30.00

The Sterling Silver Lollipop Swirl Charm Necklace hung on blue leather.
 *This is one of ChiIL Mama's favs--playful, funky and fun.

Sterling Silver Charm on Blue Leather Cord

The New Lolla Lollipop Swirl Charm Bracelet!
PRICE  $30.00

The Sterling Silver Lollipop Swirl Charm Bracelet dangles from a Sterling Silver bracelet chain.

Sterling Silver Charm on Sterling Chain


Pay Tribute To Over 20 Years Of Lollapalooza!
PRICE  $30.00 

*This one's really sweet, too!   I'm a silver over gold gal but this one's downright Olympic with the rings and the gold, silver and bronze.   I would so wear this.

The Official Lollapalooza 20th Anniversary ring was designed by Susan Wheeler for Lollapalooza in 2011. It is crafted with an amazing texture and "Lollapalooza 20th Anniversary" inscription on the back. This versatile piece has a supple leather band that wraps and ties easily to be worn around the  neck, wrist or ankle.  
1" diameter ring in a variety of finishes

Hannah Hooper, member of the very cool band GROUPLOVE, is seen here at the 2011 festival wearing the gold finished ring as a necklace. The organic texture and enduring shape parallel the Lollapalooza vibe.

Hannah Hooper of GROUPLOVE


Limited Edition Lollapalooza Belt Buckles
PRICE  $65.00

Lollapalooza 2011 glammed it up with custom belt buckles commissioned exclusively from Susan Wheeler Design. Made from precious metal clays, Susan Wheeler Design has baked up both the classy and the cool with the organic texture of this piece.   
Lolla Logo Belt Buckle in Gold Finish
Lolla Logo Belt Buckle in Silver Finish

Lolla 2010 saw this snakeskin inspired, gold plated number. These buckles shine with Lollapalooza pride!

Lollapalooza 2010 Belt Buckle


The New Lolla Lollipop Swirl Ring!
PRICE  $30.00

The organic textures of Susan Wheeler Design's newest Lollapalooza Jewelry have been translated into a line of solid brass rings. The rings interpret the retro Lollapalooza lollipop swirl as though it were a flower. These hip statement rings are available in an array of beautiful finishes.  $30.00

Lolla Swirl Ring, shown in Antique Gold Finish

Perry Farrell, creator of the Lollapalooza Festival
Perry Farrell mixes it up wearing his Lolla Dog Tag!
PRICE  $25.00

Created especially for Lolla by Chicago's award winning fine jewelry designer, Susan Wheeler, this sexy little tag works well for both dogs and cats as well as their stylish humans. Perry Farrell is wearing the pendant on a classic 20" ball steel chain.
Silver-Plated Lolla Dog Tag

The pendant measures 1-5/8" x 5/8" and is made of silver-plated cast pewter with high-polish raised letters on a matte background.
Elijah Wood Loves the Lollapalooza Dog Tag Too!
Enjoying the festival in the summer of 2011, Elijah Wood adds some bling with his Lolla Dog Tag. The pendant measures 1-5/8" x 5/8" and is made of silver-plated cast pewter with high-polish raised letters on a matte background.


Elijah Woods, Lollapalooza 2011

Lolla Script Necklace, Gold Plated
Cursive Lives On at Lollapalooza!
PRICE  $30.00

This fun little necklace features a script version of the Lollapalooza name rendered in 24-karat plate awesomeness. The script necklace is available in an array of finishes for all your glamorous needs!
Estonian Pop-Superstar, Kerli, takes a bite out of her gunmetal finished Lolla Script Necklace. Tastes like Lollapalooza Spirit!

Pop-Superstar, Kerli

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