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Thursday, September 15, 2016

INCOMING: Nick Waterhouse at Bottom Lounge With Upcoming Release Never Twice Out 9/30/16

ChiIL Live Shows On Our Radar:


Photo Credit: rambo

Here at ChiIL Live Shows, we've been eagerly anticipating the new release by Nick Waterhouse. He truly shines live, and will be back out on tour this fall in support of Never Twice. We plan to catch him here in Chi, IL on 10/4 at Bottom Lounge. Full tour dates are below. Whether you're a long time fan or newly discovering the stellar style of Nick Waterhouse, give this a listen. Then come out and catch him live. 


On September 30th, Nick Waterhouse will return with his third full-length studio album, Never Twice. Waterhouse recently unveiled the track "Katchi" off of the upcoming album. The track features his pal Leon Bridges and riffs on Bridges' family name for a massage - "Katchi." "Leon and I were in Fort Worth hanging out at a friend's place getting massages. He was laying on the table while I strummed the chords, bare chested, he shouted out "she give me KATCHI!"... His mother's old Louisiana Indian term for 'loving touch'. We rode it out and next thing we know we had a straight cruiser," Waterhouse told The Fader. 

Waterhouse also recently unveiled his sweaty grooving video for "Old Place," made up of clips of him performing live earlier this year on Flood. The clips were directed by Emma Pollard. 

Watch the video here:

Never Twice will be released via Innovative Leisure digitally, on CD and 180 gram vinyl. He will head out on a fall U.S. Tour starting on September 24th. Highlights include Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on October 8th, The Bottom Lounge in Chicago on October 4th and The Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington DC on October 12th. More tour dates to be announced.

With Never Twice, Nick Waterhouse returned to his original collaborator, producer Michael McHugh (Black Lips, Ty Segall, Allah-Las). McHugh was a local legend in the oft-underrated Orange County music scene that Nick grew up in. McHugh was the first person to ever put Nick on tape and in an effort to re-capture the vibrancy of the Huntington Beach scene of Nick's youth, he invited McHugh up to his current home of San Francisco to work the boards once again. Once he had McHugh on board, Nick began cold-calling his favorite players, all of whom miraculously said yes. Jazz musician Bob Kenmotsu's contributed flute, Tom Waits and Elvis Costello collaborator Ralph Carney on sax, Dr. Lonnie Smith protege Will Blades on Organ and a virtual whose who of muso legends on horns, bass and guitar. The result is an exuberant and impeccably recorded album of songs, showcasing Waterhouse's prowess as a musician and a band-leader.


"The verses are built on the feet-shuffling groove of jazzy drums and keys as Waterhouse bewails his life's stagnation ... He refuses to sit still for long, however, as the funky refrain kicks everything into fifth gear with driving guitar riffs that bring to mind classic rhythm and blues bandstands, all decked in golds and blacks and blues." 
- Consequence of Sound

"Swoony vocals that recall 
jazz singers like Cab Calloway and Jack Jones, Waterhouse has been hailed as the second coming of soul, infusing a distinctly California surf-rock spin to the genre.'

"Waterhouse's show of intensity arrived through an incendiary combo of momentum-building saxophones...riding a grand, Spector-esque wave, punctuated with start-and-stop pacing, a love of musical space and Waterhouse's utilitarian voice singing structured three-minute rockers." 
- Los Angeles Times

"Waterhouse straddles the line between rock grit and smooth, sultry R&B. It's sexy, it's smart, and it's definitely worth another round in a bar in the middle of a dark and stormy night."
- Esquire


1) Its Time
2) I Had Some
3) Straight Love
4) Stanyan Street
5) Old Place
6) Katchi
7) Baby I'm In
8) Tracy
9) Lucky Once
10) L.A. Turnaround


9/24 - Long Beach, CA - Music Tastes Good Festival
9/26 - Portland, OR - Star Theater LINK
9/27 - Seattle, WA - Neumos LINK
9/28 - Vancouver, BC - The Cobalt LINK
10/4 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge LINK
10/5 - Detroit, MI - Magic Bag LINK
10/6 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern LINK           
10/8 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg LINK
10/10 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair LINK
10/11 - Philadelphia, PA - The Foundry at The Fillmore LINK
10/12 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel LINK

More About Nick Waterhouse
By Jonathan Toubin

Many moons ago Primo Pitino, the DJ of San Francisco's legendary Oldies Night, passed me a copy of his friend Nick Waterhouse's "Some Place." Nick was a local vinyl DJ and the kid working at our Shangri-la, Rooky Ricardo's Records. Though he didn't have a band at the time, Waterhouse assembled some local musicians to cut a one-off 45 in the vein of the electrifying mid-century modern rhythm and blues he loved. I threw "Some Place"on the Technics during sound check a few cities down the line and was blown away from the howling falsetto all the way to the end! I gave it a whirl every night from Texas to Tennessee and all the way back home to New York. Not only were the dancers' feet responding, but they were also asking about the track on a nightly basis. The Nashville Scene was so blown away that they printed a piece on Nick after that single listen. DJs and collectors everywhere wanted it so bad that the little record with the big sound started fetching upwards of $300 on Ebay.

The immediate and unprecedented underground dance party success of Nick's DIY record resulted in a full band, gigs, and, after a number of obstacles, the widely acclaimed 2012 LP Time's All Gone. Nick's music, vision, and fully formed aesthetic caught on globally and he was instantly a fixture at nearly every major nightclub and festival on both sides of the Atlantic, Australia, Japan, and Russia - hitting stages everywhere from Primavera to Montreux Jazz Festival and charting on college, public, and commercial radio.

Only a year after self-releasing his first single, Nick Waterhouse was thrust into the chaos of leading a band, touring, and recording in the big leagues! Pummeling high speed down a bumpy hill of lineup changes, economic problems, and general chaos without any breaks, Nick made it through and the challenges made him more focused. 2014's Holly captured a more experienced artist upping the ante in writing, performance, recording, and production, inspiring a new level of critical and commercial success.

In addition to a jam-packed five years on the road, in the studio, and in the practice space, Waterhouse also produced septuagenarian soul legend Ural Thomas, Los Angeles Latin stars the Boogaloo Assassins, and garage rockers the Allah-las. He's currently collaborating with the likes of young Grammy-nominee Leon Bridges and Steven Colbert bandleader Jon Batiste. The Rolling Stones blast Nick's version of "I Can Only Give You Everything"at stadiums before they go onstage. Vogue hired him to pose with Kendall Jenner. He hipped her to Little Willie John while Anna Wintour complimented his shoes. While a lesser artist would get lost in these distractions, Nick Waterhouse's acclaim only seems to energize him and make him work harder and push his music to the next level.

Nick's latest Never Twice is a culmination, intensification, and realization of everything he's been developing throughout this prolific frenzy. Catchier and loaded with more hits than its predecessors, Nick's new LP is at the same time harder hitting, more rhythmic, more harmonic, more diverse, and more adventurous than any of the excellent work that already separated him from the pack. A cool and elegant post-post-modern cocktail of 1950s r&b and club jazz, mixed with 1960s soul and boogaloo, and shaken with a minimal contemporary sensibility, Never Twice finds the artist taking his time, refining his vision, and speaking with new authority. In five short years Nick Waterhouse has come a long way and it looks like he may have just painted his masterpiece. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Yakuza and Beak LIVE at Beat Kitchen's 25th Anniversary Party 10/19/15

Here's a full version slide show of our LIVE show shots, a short video recap and some of our favorite shots below. 



Like what you hear? Check out their respective sites here for upcoming gigs, purchasing info and more. Chicago's metal scene is insane. 

Beat Kitchen

More of our favorite Show Shots:

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Friday, February 28, 2014

HELP OUT: Indiegogo for Chicago's Aria Women's Chorus video for LGBTQ Russian Youth

Here at ChiIL Live Shows & ChiIL Mama we're all about lots of genres of alternative music, art, culture, food, theatre and urban living. We're a straight, but not narrow minded family, and we're outspoken allies for our friends fighting for social justice and equality. We're happy to count many gay friends and families in our circle of friends. We're also more than willing to spread the word for great causes and interesting events.

The following Indiegogo Campaign was brought to our attention by a long time Chicago friend of ours who is a mom to 2 girls and she has this to say:

As you all already know, I sing in the Aria Women's Chorus, a group very special to me which uses music to leverage support for a myriad of social justice issues.  

Currently, we are focussing on the new legislation in Russia which prohibits youth (and all other individuals) from identifying as LGBTQ.  

We are making a music video which will be disseminated to Russian youth by  Our Artistic Director has written a song for the project, which says (in Russian): You are beautiful just the way you are.  

We are having an indiegogo campaign to support the video production.  I have a personal goal of having 10 friends donate to the campaign.  Can you contribute $10 or $15 to kids who need to hear the sound of hope?  Pretty please?  

Click the link below to add your voice to the song. 

Thanks everyone! 

IndieGoGo Campaign link: You Are Beautiful

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NEW RELEASES: The first solo album Toujours from critically lauded artist and performer Sabina is available now! #FreeStreaming




“Hard to imagine a better poster girl for polyglot New York pop than Sabina.”—The New York Times

“…a hip gyrating cocktail shaker of wiggy bossa nova and squally Farfisa.”—Mojo

“Glamorous”—Rolling Stone

The new music has received early critical acclaim and is streaming in its entirety at The New York Times HERE. 

To celebrate the release, Sabina will embark on select tour dates on the east coast.

The first solo album Toujours from critically lauded artist and performer Sabina is available now on Bar/None Records. The new music has received early critical acclaim from The New York Times hailing, “She’s still the nonchalant, elusive, sophisticated and resolutely hedonistic figure she plays in Brazilian Girls songs… She’s charming when she shows her wry bravado…” while Boston Globe exclaims, “Sabina Sciubba is a goddess” and Consequence of Sound notes, “There’s a kind of global interplay with her vocals.” 

Best known as a co-founding member of the Grammy-nominated band Brazilian Girls, the debut record rediscovers Sabina’s unique voice, anthemic songwriting, and her signature multi-lingual story-telling, albeit this time within a quite different musical setting.

Toujours was recorded, produced and arranged by Sabina as well as Brazilian Girls producer Frederik Rubens. Of the recording process, Sabina notes, “I started this project on the acoustic guitar, as an escape, in a way, from the party music I’ve been doing for some time. But after a while I felt like I had gone off too far, I was out in the woods, so I came back to the city—And the city was Paris. Frederik and I started working on a few of the songs with an electric guitar. It took a more rock, more lavish direction, still intimate, but not sleepy. It felt right.” 

The new music is inspired by the rock and pop classics of the ‘60s and ‘70s but within more contemporary recording techniques. On the song “The Sun,” Sabina duets with ADANOWSKY (alias Adan Jodorowsky)—singer and filmmaker in his own right and son of Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Born in Rome to a German mother and an Italian father, Sabina lived in Italy, Germany, then France before coming to the U.S. She was in New York City for a decade before returning to Paris, where she now resides. Her own story is really what set the background for her sound.

Toujours Tracklist
1. Cinema
2. Viva L’Amour
3. Long Distance Love
4. Mystery River
5. The Sun (feat. Adanoswky)
6. Non Mi Aspettare
7. Toujours
8. Tabarly
9. Sailor’s Daughter
10. Fields of Snow
11. Won’t Let You Break Me
12. Going Home

Sabina Tour Dates

March 18                                                 Washington, DC                                 U Street Music Hall
March 20                                                   New York, NY                                     Highline Ballroom
March 22                                                  Philadelphia, PA                               Prince Music Theater

March 23                                                     Boston, MA                                    Brighton Music Hall

Thursday, August 22, 2013

ACT OUT CLOSING: Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder Photo Filled Feature & Discount Tickets #originalshowshots #circus #review

Haven't caught Cirque Shanghai:  Dragon's Thunder yet?   Go already.   The circus is leaving town after Labor Day!

**ChiIL Mama's Readers can ChiIL Out with $10.00 off adult Emperor’s Court tickets to Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder at Navy Pier with the code below!**

We caught them opening night and had a blast!   Cirque Shanghai is
an annual circus spectacle we look forward to every summer and a heart pounding, breathtaking display of circus arts that's fun for all ages.   You can't beat Dragon's Thunder for the price.   Cirque Shanghai is light on the wallet and heavy on the thrills.   Bring some multicultural magic to your summer.

Check out ChiIL Mama's original Dragon's Thunder photos above

ChiIL Tips:   Go on a Wednesday or Saturday night and catch a free Navy Pier fireworks show every week!   We also recommend buying the glossy, photo filled program.   The performers will sign it after the show and it'll be a fun keepsake for the kids to reminisce over.

As many times as we've seen the motorcycles and the globe of doom, my kids still love it and my daughter is always jazzed to see the girl among them.   She's an inspiration and a great role model of rockin' grrrrl power, and the spark for my child's enduring obsession with motorcycles. 


The high-flying acrobats of Cirque Shanghai are back with the all-new “Dragon’s Thunder,” happening all summer long at the Pepsi® Skyline Stage® at Navy Pier. Featuring the sounds of traditional Chinese “Dragon Drums,” this year’s show is bigger, better and more fun than ever. 

Dragon’s Thunder” at Chicago’s Navy Pier® Pepsi® Skyline Stage, 600 E. Grand Ave. Hailed by the Chicago Sun-Times as “….a circus everyone can feel good about,” 

Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder must close on September 2, 2013 (Labor Day).

“Cirque Shanghai” has regular performances as follows:
  • Wednesday at 2, 6 and 8 p.m. 
  • Thursday at 2 and 8 p.m.
  • Friday at 2, 7 and 9 p.m.
  • Saturday at 2, 6 and 8 p.m.
  • Sunday at 2 and 4 p.m.

 Final performances will be Monday, September 2 (Labor Day) at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Click here to purchase tickets and use offer code BLOG for $10.00 off adult Emperor’s Court tickets. Offer good through September 2, 2013. Kids tickets just $15.50 all summer long!

Check out The magic of “Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder!"

Praising Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder, Chicago Parent proclaims “… this year’s show ramps up the entertainment and thrills from previous years.”

Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder will run through September 2, 2013 (Labor Day) rain or shine, at the Navy Pier® Pepsi® Skyline Stage, the 1,500-seat, canopied, open-air theater on Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave. Tickets are $15.50 - $29.50 and are available via Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or

“Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder” is a spectacle for audiences of all ages, featuring performers direct from China who are leaders in their craft of tumbling, juggling, balancing and more. With a total of 36 troupe members, “Dragon’s Thunder” is the largest Cirque Shanghai cast to ever visit the U.S.

This year’s production features an incredible line up of awe-inspiring acts, including “The Chinese Flex Bar,” the heart stopping “Gravity Swings,” and the awesome sounds of the traditional Chinese “Dragon Drums.” For the first time in Cirque Shanghai’s North American engagement, the traditional Chinese drums will be an integral part of the production.

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