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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Come Celebrate at Neo Nightclub One Last Weekend In Their Iconic Space

 Neo Nightclub Loses their Lease 
after 37 Years in Lincoln Park

Yes, I admit it. I was a weekly regular at Neo in the early 90's. It's sad to see them lose their iconic, alternative space to a preschool! Neo, one of Chicago’s oldest alternative nightclubs, has lost their lease at their current Lincoln Park location and are searching for a new space to move the 37-year old nightclub. The only upside is, maybe they'll move where parking is more plentiful. May we highly suggest Avondale?!

photos by Ashok Selvam

The current lease was lost due to the landlord not re-signing with the owners of the club, after months of negotiating a new lease. The preschool located in the store front of the building on the 2300 block of North Clark will take over the space where Neo currently resides.

You can join Neo for one last hoorah! in their current space this weekend. 
The nightclub will kick off their reunion this week on Thursday, July 23rd. Each night will be themed as the nightclub from decades ago. Thursday is ‘Neo in the 80’s,’ featuring DJs Gil Burns, Bud Sweet and Jeff Pazen.

Friday, July 24th will be “Neo in the 90’s” and will feature DJ’s RazerX, DJ Abe!, Ryan Bedlem and Carrie Monster.

Saturday, July 25th Neo will feature original Neo DJs Glenn Russell, Suzanne Shelton and Bill Saveley.

Neo will move their Thursday programming to Debonair Social Club in Wicker Park while they search for a new building for the nightclub. They will also be taking over the basement of Debonair Social Club on Friday’s. Please stay tuned for more information regarding the Debonair Social Club events.

Neo has a wide range of fame associated with it, as the name of the main character in the MATRIX trilogy is rumored to be named after the dance club. The establishment has also been favorited by the likes of musician, David Bowie and actor, John Cusack.

The definition of a Chicago music club, Neo has been a staple of the alternative scene for over 30 years. Come in and experience a place where the drinks are strong, the music is a way of life, the dancing is unlike anywhere else, and only sin is not being yourself. Serving Chicago’s underground since 1979.

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