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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

NEW The Second City’s Temple of Geekdom: An Improvised Adventure Now Playing Mondays and C2E2 Weekend

ChiIL Live Shows on our radar
The Second City Presents 
Temple of Geekdom: An Improvised Adventure
A New Fully Improvised, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Show

The Second City is excited to announce its new fully improvised show The Second City’s Temple of Geekdom: An Improvised Adventure. This “choose your own adventure” experience allows the audience to guide a party of improv adventurers and fracture their favorite fandoms in search of comedic gold. The show is directed by Second City alumnus and resident director Anthony LeBlanc and will be performed by a rotating cast of The Second City’s sharpest, geekiest, and most intergalactically fluent improvisers. 

The Second City’s Temple of Geekdom: An Improvised Adventure puts the audience in the driver’s seat as the cast sets off on this live-action role-playing game. At each step of the story, the audience will decide which into which universe the team will venture next—and which fandom they want to explore. With geeked-out custom improv games like “Super Heroes,” “Star Trek Away Team,” and “Dungeons & Tag-Ins,” this show promises no fan, stan, cosplayer, or even (gasp) Slytherin will be left behind. 

“Since playing the Star Wars character ‘Mace Windu’ in my very first show in Chicago, it has long been my dream to bring a show like this to The Second City. We’re taking the very best of what improv has to offer and pairing it with all the Easter eggs, deep cuts, and references that everyone will appreciate--from the most discerning pop culture fanatics to merciless, mutated Daleks,” says LeBlanc, who performed with Star Wars stalwart Warwick Davis last year in The Second City and Lucasfilm’s Rogue Pun: A Star Wars Show during Chicago’s Star Wars Celebration weekend.

The Second City’s Temple of Geekdom: An Improvised Adventure teleports into UP Comedy Club (230 W. North Avenue) February 24-May 25 on Mondays at 8 PM with an additional weekend run during C2E2 weekend, February 28-February 29. Tickets start at $18.00 and are available by phone at 312-337-3992 or online at

About The Second City
Since opening its doors as a small cabaret theater in 1959, The Second City has grown into an entertainment empire. With sold-out shows playing 7 days a week on 10 stages in Chicago and Toronto, Second City’s Touring and Theatrical companies entertain an additional 1 million theatergoers a year around the globe. The Second City Training Center is the largest school of improvisation-based arts on the planet, with locations in Chicago, Toronto and Los Angeles that serve 11,000 students annually. In 2016, the Harold Ramis Film launched, becoming the world’s only film school dedicated to comedy. Second City Works, the B2B side of Second City, has brought award-winning improvisation and audience-driven techniques to over 600 Fortune 1000 companies, challenging businesses seeking a more collaborative culture to innovate through development programs, original digital and video content, campaign consultation, private events, and more. Second City Entertainment’s foray into television and media continues to produce new content and programming, including two-time Emmy winner SCTV and the upcoming Martin Scorsese-helmed Netflix documentary exploring the iconic series’ enduring legacy.

Alumni of The Second City include some of the world’s foremost comedy superstars, including Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Aidy Bryant, John Candy, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Keegan-Michael Key, Richard Kind, Eugene Levy, Jack McBrayer, Tim Meadows, Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Catherine O’Hara, Bob Odenkirk, Amy Poehler, Gilda Radner, Harold Ramis, Sam Richardson, Joan Rivers, Amy Sedaris, Martin Short, Cecily Strong, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Willard, and many more.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PHOTO RECAP: Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014 #C2E2 #OriginalPhotos

ChiIL Mama's adventures in C2E2 land

We've been at McCormick Place frequently over the past few months, first for The Chicago Auto Show and then the enormous International Home and Housewares Show (click for our coverage). Now the cars and gadgets have been shipped away for the season and we can cover our favorite convention to shoot. Every April the convention center morphs into a colorful, otherworldly mash up you have to see to believe!

Check out our full set in the slide show here and our favorites embedded at the bottom of this feature.

This is our 3rd year covering C2E2 and sadly, the bigger they've grown the stingier they've gotten on the press front. The first year they comped us 4 press credentials for the whole weekend, so I could publish my kids' take on C2E2 and my sound guy husband could mic up people for interviews while I ran the video & still cameras and conducted interviews. Gone are those days. If I only had a Tardis to travel back...

This year they gave us 1 Friday only pass.  So, I did what I could solo, to capture the playful fun of the fest.  I logged in just over SIX MILES of walking on my smart phone app inside the doors of C2E2 land, and came home with nearly 500 stills.  

Family Fun:
Adventure awaits for all ages. My own 10 & 13 year olds were bummed to be stuck at school Friday instead of enjoying the C2E2 immersion, but we were able to meet a few other kids getting schooled in pop culture!

Fans can meet artists in action, authors, and actors. Here are a few of our favs.

Here at ChiIL Mama we love to feature families doing their creative thing together... like these two moms with their littles along.  

Chainmaille Dr. Who Scarf and Ren Faire Skirt/Corsette Topper!

There IS life after birth and just because you make a life, that doesn't mean you can't still have one!

Get Your Geek On:
At C2E2 you can get your geek on at loads of themed booths. We gravitated toward the unique ones with artist made wares.  

We bought several handmade, one of a kind Dr. Who themed necklaces and a bracelet, and one with a sweet Divergent/Hunger Games mash up for my mighty girl 10 year old from

How perfect is that for a whovian writer...?!

This booth was pricy but a super cool idea!

There were even some poignant moments as fans paid tribute to their own fallen heros of the film industry. My husband worked on shoots with Harold Ramis a number of times and said he was truly a great guy.

We dug the monster makeup/mask demos.

There were also some tee shirts too cool to pass up.  We adore Hayao Miyazaki so I bought two unique shirts with mash ups of his characters. I tried to make up for ditching the kids this year with some surprises for them, but I really missed having them for photo ops and input.

I did have the chance to do some networking and check out some edu-tainment. We'll have book reviews and more in depth features to come on some of our favorites.  I got this awesome Tee from Kill Shakespeare for my 13 year old son who has been reading Romeo & Juliet for school. 

My 10 year old daughter is also doing short scenes from Shakespeare in class, and she's currently in Macbeth and will be doing A Midsummer Night's Dream shortly!

Next up... 

These are a few of our favorite pop-culture things that made an appearance at C2E2 in no particular order:

Foodie Fun:
The food selection made up for in quality what it lacked in quantity. There were vegan, veg and carnivore choices. I had a tasty pulled chicken BBQ sandwich from Robinson's.  I was also please to see our local, neighborhood favs, Revolution Brewery representing with their infamous Anti-Hero IPA and a new IPA brew, Galaxy Hero.  Hero or Anti-Hero... IPAs rule my world.

Didja mean C2E2 or R2D2?!  Maybe BOTH!

Our favorite part of C2E2 is the rampant creativity of the fans! The Cosplay kids were out en masse, and the mash ups were prime entertainment.  We love it when people are passionate about their play. Check out our "Best Of" below:

Mom & Daughter!

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