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Monday, December 4, 2017

OPENING: Chicago-based comedy duo, Poutine bring Thanks for Coming to CIC Theater

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Vienna Juvenile 
to Produce Second Full-Length Revue from Sketch Comedy Duo “Poutine” 
at CIC Theater

January 13 – February 3, 2017

Vienna Juvenile, the minds behind last summer’s hit comedy festival, Story Arc Sketch Comedy Festival, are returning this winter to produce a new, full-length sketch comedy revue from Chicago-based comedy duo, Poutine, titled Thanks for Coming. The four-week run will begin on January 13 and will be performed on Saturdays at 8pm until February 3 at the CIC Theater (1422 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613) near the corner of Irving Park Rd and Clark St. Tickets are $10, and will be available for purchase at beginning Monday, December 11.

“We are so proud and excited to announce our next producing venture, this time with the phenomenally talented Poutine,” says Vienna Juvenile Ensemble Member and Co-Producer Hank Greene. “Not only are they simply one of the funniest sketch comedy groups I’ve ever seen—they’re a thoughtful, patient pair of performers. They’re experts at mining their characters for depth and emotional insight, not just the easy laugh.”

Featuring the combined writing/performing talents of Chicago improvisers Taylor Overstreet and Tim Felton, Poutine’s first revue, What Might Have Been, was a smash hit at the CIC last February, and was directed by Tim Lyons. Thanks for Coming is directed by Jorin Garguilo, and introduces the audience to a “Cult of Nice”—a concept Overstreet says pokes fun at the obsessively pleasant personas she and Felton have cultivated in their lives… but that may not tell their whole story.

“While our first revue focused much more on the choices Tim and I made to get where we are—we wanted our second revue to tear away at what people can see, and explore a little more about who we actually are,” says Overstreet.

“It’s part being invited into someone's home, part peeking behind the curtain,” adds Felton. “I think this show is a fun exploration of what’s interesting and even worth laughing about in real relationships, playful imaginings, and abstract expressions. We try and make the real, the surreal, and the in-between engaging.”

It will be Vienna Juvenile’s first producing venture since last summer’s Story Arc Sketch Comedy Festival, which Overstreet says fell right in line with the kind of sketch comedy she and Felton hope to perform.

“Having seen Story Arc this summer and watching the groups involved, it felt like Vienna Juvenile would be a great producing partner for this show,” says Overstreet. “From day 1, we’ve been committed to doing a show that’s more than just funny or self-deprecating—we’ve wanted to blur the lines between Chicago comedy and Chicago theater. To have Vienna Juvenile backing us with that same kind of philosophy has helped us create the show we envisioned when we started.”

Greene says the feeling was mutual, and that if audiences have enjoyed Vienna Juvenile’s past shows, they’ll absolutely fall in love with Poutine.

“Tim and Taylor have an ability to make you think without ever losing that air of likeability or light-heartedness that draws audiences in,” he says. “Every audience member who goes to see them will be immediately taken with their honesty, and will leave with a smile on their face.”

For more information, head to or visit  following the ticket release date (December 11).

Thanks for Coming

A new sketch comedy revue from Poutine and Vienna Juvenile Productions
January 13 - February 3 at CIC Theater (1422 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613)

Meet Tim and Taylor. They're nice. They're very nice. Have you heard how nice they are? Because for one evening, they'd like to invite you into their very nice home to show you that they're so nice... you may never want to leave. From Poutine, the minds behind What Might Have Been, comes an evening full of slightly off-kilter houseguests... in one house party you won't soon forget.

Tickets available December 11 at

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