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Friday, May 23, 2014

Chicago's Vittum Theater Hosts Midwest's Pole Dance Championships 5/24 & 25 #AllAges


2014 Central Pole Championships (CPC)
Vittum Theater - 1012 N. Noble St. Chicago, IL 60642

Here at ChiIL Mama/ChiIL Live Shows, we cover lots of world wide circus arts, loads of gymnastics, aerial dance, and other unconventional sports. So we're excited to announce that Chicago is hosting the US Pole Dancing Competition this weekend, right here at the Vittum Theater!  We even have a good friend who is performing one of the showcases on Sunday.

Pole dance suffers from a bit of an image problem, like a serious actress who began in soft porn to put food on the table. Most people immediately think strip club when they hear pole dance, and not serious sport or legitimate art. But The Pole Sport Organization is working to change all that, and the idea of pole dance as a fun form of fitness and a legitimate sport/art form is catching on in a big way.  This competition features male and female athletes, amateurs and pros.  

Events at the Vittum Theatre, 1012 N. Noble St., will begin on Saturday at 7:15 am and run until 9:30 pm. Sunday events will begin at 7:45 am and run until 5:30 pm. Full schedule is included below. Tickets are $30 and can be easily purchased online or at the door.  This weekend's championship includes five levels of experience, from amateur to professional. 

Pole Dance is NOT about taking clothes off, in fact, in 2014 there are over 3,000 pole studios and gyms around the world instructing the art and sport of pole dancing. CPC is an all ages event and part of a 5 event pro-am pole dance competition series, where both amateurs and seasoned professionals perform on the same stage.  (**At ChiIL Mama, we love this set up BTW. The amateurs make the sport look more accessible for newbies and the pros give us something exquisite to aim for and show us what's possible.)

Our friend with the Sunday showcase belly danced for years, and she adores pole dancing and has increased her core strength, arm strength and confidence.  My own 11 year old studied the related circus art of Chinese Pole for a year and has made it to state in gymnastics 4 years in a row, so she's very interested in checking out the showcases and the competitions, too.

We love to introduce our readers to new events and pole dance requires strength, skill, grace, creativity and a good dose of courage.  The shows are family friendly and all athletes are fully clothed, but pole dance can be sexy, so use your own discretion if you are bringing kids.  You are the best judge of your family's maturity level. We're very much looking forward to checking it out this weekend. ChiIL Live Shows will be there... will YOU?!

If you can't make it out, we'll be shooting stills and recapping the weekend right here at both of our sites, ChiIL Mama & ChiIL Live Shows, and on our social media outlets as well. There's no substitute for being there, but that's not possible you can experience CPC vicariously.  

On May 24-25th, in Chicago, IL, 100 of the region’s pole dance artists will come together at the Vittum Theater to participate in the 2014 Central Pole Championships (CPC). Tickets are on sale now, and amateur events run 8am-5pm on Saturday, May 24 and 8am-5pm on Sunday, May 25. The Championship Professional event (main event) will be at 7pm-11pm on Saturday, May 24.

The top 3 competitors from the Championship Professional event at each regional event advance on to the Nationals event, held on August 1-3, 2014, in New York City. The Nationals event will crown the U.S. National Pole Champion, with a grand prize of $10,000 for the winner. 

Amateur contestants will compete for multiple titles, including categories for Dramatic, Entertainment, and Championship performances.  Within the categories, amateurs compete at 4 levels of skill and through 4 age groups. They are evaluated on multiple elements including technique, difficulty, balance of program, musicality, and stage presence. 

In addition to the competitors, CPC will draw around 50 volunteers who act as judges, backstage managers, registrars, and announcers, and about 300 spectators over the course of the weekend.

Part of a series of 4 regional pole dance fitness events leading up to the National event that will take place on August 1-3 in New York City.

Events in the series include:
Atlantic Pole Championships (Herndon, April 11-12)
Central Pole Championships (Chicago, May 24-25)
Southern Pole Championships (Atlanta, June 7-8)
U.S. National Pole Championships (New York City, August 1-3)

Additional, stand alone events produced by Pole Sport Organization:
Northwest Pole Art Championships (Seattle, July 13-14)
Verticalove Pole Sport Organization Competition (Toronto, June 21)
Northeast Pole Art Championships (Boston, November 1-2)

Sponsors include: Pole Fit by Bad Kitty, Womack & Bowman, International Pole Fitness Alliance, X-Pole U.S., Dew Point Pole

More about Pole Sport Organization: Pole Sport Organization was created by pole dancers with experience in mainstream pole competitions in order to bring the opportunity to perform and receive feedback to a wider range of dancers. We offer a variety of events designed to inspire and challenge dancers at all skill levels to express their artistic and athletic capabilities. The decision to structure Pole Sport Organization performances in a competition format rather than a show, stems from the desire to offer feedback to the performers from judges from throughout the pole and dance communities, to assist each dancers in his or her own pole evolution. 

More on B.J. Pettigrew: The structure of PSO is based on B.J.’s experiences as a high school varsity gymnast and as a figure skater and coach. The primary goals of the competition are consistency (particularly in safety standards), transparency in the judging system and inclusiveness. 

As a kid, B.J. moved around a lot. By the ninth grade, she was on her eighth school and eighth opportunity “to be whoever you want to be.” It was also her eighth chance to have little to say when conversations rolled around to reminiscing about “that time in elementary school when…” So, it was natural progression to make the connection from being the perpetual outsider to growing up to be the one always trying to include everyone in everything. And it probably isn’t too surprising to find that served as a primary motivation in B.J.’s creating PSO with Amy. She says, “When I find an activity that I love, or that has allowed me to challenge myself and grow in ways I never imagined, my inclination is to share it with the world.”

More on Amy Guion: A former ballet dancer with a degree in Natural Science from Loyola Marymount University, Amy discovered pole dancing in 2008 and spent the past 4 years competing in pole dance fitness both nationally and internationally. After working with B.J. on Guion’s award winning routine at the California Pole Dance Championships in 2011, they decided to join forces and start a new type of pole competition. Amy is a U.S. Pole Dance Federation Pro, the USPDF 2011 Amateur silver medalist, California Pole Dance Championship 2011 bronze medalist and creator of the flexibility training program, Bendability Fitness. She currently travels and teaches specialty seminars on pole dance and flexibility in studios in the U.S. and around the world.

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Did you know?

U.S. Nationals are August 1-3 in New York City!

Photo by Alloy Images, courtesy of Pole Sport Organization

Chicago Schedule
Tentative Event Schedule (with performance order)
May 24th & 25th, 2014

SATURDAY, MAY 24th, 2014: 
Saturday, 7:15a – 8:15a
Amateur Day One competitors pole testing

Event 101: Saturday, 8:30a – 9:10a
Dramatic Level 1 Junior/Senior:
  1. Julie DeBonzo
  2. Rose McAli – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio (Jr)
  3. Danielle Markley – Divine Movement
  4. Jennifer Brown – TGR Fitness
  5. Tessa Cárdenas – The Brass Ring

Event 102: Saturday, 9:10a – 10:10a
Championship Level 2 Junior:
  1. Jamie Wagner – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio
  2. Maggie Schildgen – TGR Fitness
  3. Bee Clark – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio
  4. Alezah Shiffman – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio
  5. Cassie Stegall – Yoga Life
  6. Rachel LaVoie – Intrigue Fitness

Event 103: Saturday, 10:10a – 10:30a:
Entertainment Level 3 Senior/Masters:
  1. Sabrina Renee – Stiletto Dance Studios
  2. Brittin Wagner – FreStyl Fitness

Event 104: Saturday, 10:30a – 10:50a:
Entertainment Level 3 Masters:
  1. Blue Britt – Metamorphosis Mind Body & Pole
  2. Candace – Pole Pressure DC

Event 105: Saturday, 10:50a – 11:20a
Championship Level 1 Junior
  1. Heidi Rain – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio
  2. Phoenix – Femme Fatale Fitness
  3. Emily Aldrich – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio

Event 106: Saturday, 11:20a – 12:25p
Dramatic Level 2 Senior:
  1. Cassie Truskowski – Flirt Fitness
  2. Jenna Leigh – The Brass Ring
  3. DaNae Wiseth – FreStyl Fitness
  4. Brandi Angelosanto
  5. Katie Nichols – FreStyle Fitness
  6. Rebecca Gad – FreStyle Fitness
  7. Amanda Dawn – FreStyl Fitness

Event 107: Saturday, 12:25p – 1:00p
Dramatic Level 4 Senior/Master:
  1. Angela Noel (Mstr)
  2. Divine Em - Choreography House
  3. Natasha Nova (Sr)

Event 108: Saturday, 1:00p – 1:25p
Championship Level 3 Masters:
  1. Blue Britt – Metamorphosis Mind Body & Pole
  2. Julie Sander - TGR Fitness
  3. Jennifer Dudek - Italia Cordaro at Vie Custom Fitness

Event 109: Saturday, 1:25p – 2:25p
Entertainment Level 2 Junior/Senior:
  1. Betty – FreStyl Fitness
  2. Jan – the Brass Ring (Jr)
  3. Brandi Angelosanto
  4. Victoria Griffin – The Brass Ring
  5. Jenna Leigh – The Brass Ring
  6. Dawn Tripp
  7. Dajuan Kinney - TGR Fitness

Event 110: Saturday, 2:25p – 2:50p
Championship Level 3 Youth/Junior:
  1. Red Panther – Bella Forza Fitness (Jr)
  2. Serah Wagoner – TGR Fitness (Jr)
  3. Kylie Neal – TGR Fitness (Yth)

Event 111: Saturday, 2:50p – 3:15p
Championship Level 4 Masters:
  1. Leina Dietmeyer – The Brass Ring

Event 111(a): Saturday, 3:10p - 3:15p
      1. Krista - Aerial Bliss

Event 112: Saturday, 3:15p – 3:50p
Championship Level 1 Senior:
  1. Julie Rice - TGR Fitness
  2. Piper Robinson – Tease Fitness & Dance
  3. Anastassia Letourneau - Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio
  4. Danielle Markley – Divine Movement
  5. Jacky Lopez

Event 113: Saturday, 3:50p – 4:40p
Dramatic Level 3 Youth/Junior/Senior:
  1. Amanda Cantlin – S Factor
  2. Gabi MyWay – Bella Forza Fitness (Yth)
  3. Geraldine Lamboley – Body & Pole (Jr)
  4. Liz Kinnmark – Body & Pole
  5. Sabrina Renee – Stiletto Dance Studios
  6. Serena Valenti – The Brass Ring
  7. Brittin Wagner – FreStyl Fitness

Saturday, 4:40p – 4:45p
Event 113(a): Showcases
  1. Bryn Griffin – Jasmine Dragons

Saturday, 4:45p – 5:00p – DAY ONE AMATEUR EVENTS’ AWARDS

Saturday, 5:15p – 6:15p
Pro Competitor Pole Testing

Saturday, 6:30 pm – Doors Open
Saturday, 7:30p – 9:30p
Pro Women’s and Men’s Championship

Event opener: Jan Damm

Event 201: Saturday: approx. 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Championship Pro Women’s Division:
  1. Tiffany Curtin – Expressions Fitness
  2. Kyrsten Grimm – Fantasy Fitness Studio
  3. Melissa Schrader – The Brass Ring
  4. Danielle Cain – Bella Forza Fitness
  5. Amber Cahill – TGR Fitness
  6. Tristabel Akila – TGR Fitness
  7. Jordan Mazur – Muse Pole Fitness

Event 202: Saturday: After Women’s – 
Championship Pro Men’s Division:
  1. Jonny – OC Pole Fitness
  2. Da Wei Hou – Body & Pole
  3. Ben Pierson – TNT Dance Studio

SUNDAY, MAY 25th, 2014:
7:45a – 8:45a – Amateur Day 2 Competitor Pole Test

Event 301: Sunday, 9:00a – 9:20a
Dramatic Level 3 Masters:
  1. Blue Britt – Metamorphosis Mind Body & Pole
  2. Candace – Pole Pressure DC

Event 302: Sunday, 9:20a – 9:45p
Entertainment Level 4 Senior:
  1. Colleen Jolly – Pole Pressure
  2. Natasha Nova
  3. Jenn Cornelius-Green – Muse Pole Fitness

Event 303: 9:45a – 10:00a
Showcase Performances:
  1. Ulla Arnold – S Factor
  2. Carol-Anne Chojnowski – S Factor

Event 304: Sunday, 10:00a – 10:40a
Championship Level 4 Junior:
  1. Whitley Dorsey – Fantasy Fitness Studio
  2. Amber Wolf – Fembody Fitness
  3. Nina Zamora – Body & Pole

Event 305: Sunday, 10:40a – 11:15a
Dramatic Level 2 Youth/Junior:
  1. Bee Clark – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio (Jr)
  2. Jade Marfia – Flirt Fitness (Yth)
  3. Rachel LaVoie – Intrigue Fitness (Jr)
  4. Jamie Wagner – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio (Jr)

Event 306: Sunday, 11:15a – 11:35a
Entertainment Level 1 Junior/Masters:
  1. Phoenix (Jr) – Femme Fatale Fitness
  2. Karen Magler (Mstr) – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio

Event 307: Sunday, 11:35a – 12:45p
Championship Level 2 Senior/Masters:
  1. Brandi Angelosanto
  2. Amanda Dawn – FreStyl Fitness
  3. Jessi Biely (Mstr)
  4. DaNae Wiseth – FreStyl Fitness
  5. Rebecca Gad – FreStyl Fitness
  6. Elizabeth Ivy – Tease Dance & Fitness

Event 308: (Merged with 307 - no 308)

Event 309: Sunday, 12:45p – 2:25p
Championship Level 3 Senior:
  1. Cady Chen – Fembody Fitness
  2. Cassie Palmer
  3. Nikita
  4. Liz Kinnmark – Body & Pole
  5. Taylor Nischan – S Factor
  6. Calamity Jane – Defiance Studios
  7. Kelly Marie – Stiletto Dance
  8. Lindlie Haithcoat – Muse Pole Fitness
  9. Rebekah Mullen – Tantra Fitness
  10. Megan Nelson - TGR Fitness
  11. Ashley Houk - TGR Fitness
  12. Brittin Wagner – FreStyl Fitness

Event 309(a): Sunday, 2:25p – 2:35p
  1. Lesa Majur – The Brass Ring

Event 310: Sunday, 2:35p – 4:05p
Championship Level 4 Senior (Female):
  1. Kelly Jeanne – Stiletto Dance Studios
  2. Karyn Rae – Tease Dance & Fitness
  3. Anna Alvarez – Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio
  4. Natasha Nova
  5. Divine Em – The Choreography House
  6. Sally Sachs – The Brass Ring
  7. Elisa Johnston – Fembody Fitness

Event 310(a): Sunday, 4:05p – 4:15p:
  1. Lisa Suzanne – The Brass Ring

Sunday, 4:15p – 4:30p
Day Two Amateur Awards

Sunday, 4:30p – 5:30p
Gather belongings and head over to The Brass Ring studio for post-competition party hosted by The Brass Ring! 

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