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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FIRE JAM TONIGHT: Photo Filled July Recap & Upcoming Jam Tuesday August 20th

FREE family friendly fire fun!

ChiIL out with ChiIL Mama and hot fire spinning on the Chicago lakefront!

Next Jam--August 20,

gather 7:00pm
jam starts 7:30pm
end 10:15pm

ChiIL Live Shows original photos.   Check back like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often, for more of our Full Moon Fire Jam Photo and Video Recaps!

The fire breathing is over the top impressive.   And the fire spinners come in a huge array of types, ages, and styles.   

You might even see saber juggling, contact juggling and other fireless implements.   And the fire toys run the gamut from hula hoops and poi to flaming swords, fans, staffs, chains and more!

Fun for all ages!

Not just boys fun!

Worlds Collide Alert:   Some of the coolest people we know perform at the fire jam.   We frequently see the teachers and students we know from the circus arts world via CircEsteem there, and Sagezilla was in Girls Rock Camp during the July Jam, and she was super stoked to see one of the band members who had just played for them in camp!

The July Jam was extra special as it was one of only two held behind the gorgeous Garfield of our all time fav places in the city!   We hooked up with old friends from Chicago Hip Families we hadn't seen in years, including a family that had moved away to the west coast.

We also made a point to meet up with a number of school friends we hadn't seen much over the summer.   It was lovely!

LAKEFRONT JAMS:  ¼ mile south of the Foster Ave Turf Fields on the lakefront. Lakefront jams are NOT! at Foster Ave Beach, they are south of the beach, on the east side of the lakefront trail, in the big field. Approximate address: 5100N & Lake Shore Drive 60640.

GPC JAMS: There are two jams marked in the schedule as occurring “at GPC.” These are the two jams taking place at the Garfield Park Conservatory, NOT at the lakefront. GPC is located at 300 N. Central Park Ave., Chicago, IL 60624.

  • BIKE
    Take the lakefront trail North. If you hit Foster Ave beach, you’ve gone too far. Please be respectful of the park and its guests.
  • CAR
    Lake Shore Drive to Foster Ave, go east (towards the Lake) on Foster Ave. When the street curves around to the right, follow it. The jam is a 1/4 mile down on the west side of the street. Parking is free but hard to come by due to the amount of spectators.
    Red Line to Argyle.  Walk towards the lakefront, under Lake Shore Drive via the viaduct and you emerge right at the jam.
  • BUS
    146 bus will drop you off at Marine & Argyle or Marine & Ainslie. Walk towards the lakefront, under Lake Shore Drive (at Argyle) via the viaduct and you emerge right at the jam.
  • BIKE
    GPC can be accessed by bike. For best directions/routes, use Google Maps to plot your route to 300 N. Central Park Ave., Chicago, IL 60624.
  • CAR
    There is FREE PARKING is just south of the Conservatory’s main entrance. For best directions/routes, use Google Maps to plot your route to 300 N. Central Park Ave., Chicago, IL 60624.
    Take the CTA Green Line to the new Conservatory-Central Park Drive Station. The station is just steps away from the Garfield Park Conservatory. Please note: the Conservatory is located at the “Conservatory-Central Park” stop of the Green line on the West Side of Chicago, not the “Garfield” stop on the South Side at 55th St.
  • BUS
    The 82 Kimball-Homan bus will drop you off two blocks east of GPC.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fire Jam at FIGMENT 8/10

The next Fire Jam at Garfield Park Conservatory will take place SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 7PM-9PM during FIGMENT Chicago, a FREE participatory art festival! Fire & flow artists will perform to the percussive beats of an open drum jam in one of Chicago's most beautiful and historic green spaces. From 7-7:30pm, the Great Circle will be open to nonfire flow artists to perform for the crowd. From 7:30-9pm, the Great Circle will be for fire performance only.

If you are a fire performer and wish to participate in the jam, you must have taken the Full Moon Jam Fire Safety Training AND be insured - please contact Liz Campanella at BY MONDAY AUGUST 8 if you wish to perform, you cannot show up at the jam to spin fire unless you've signed up with Liz. If you are a flow artist and wish to participate in the jam, insurance is not required.

We are also looking for anyone willing to act as a dedicated safety during the fire performance portion of the jam from 7:30-9pm. If you are willing to safety for the jam, please contact Liz at

Please note that the drum jam is now an OPEN DRUM JAM. Any and all percussionists are welcome!

All the other usual FMJ rules will be in effect: This is a Leave No Trace, alcohol- and substance-free, family-friendly event. Per Garfield Park Conservatory rules, the jam will end at 9pm when the Conservatory officially closes.

The Conservatory is right off the CTA Green line, at the Conservatory-Central Ave stop. There is also a free parking lot for the Conservatory and on-street parking.

This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a fantastic participatory art event for families and fellow artists. If you're not familiar with FIGMENT, see the information below. We hope to see you next Saturday at the second GPC fire jam and FIGMENT Chicago!

What is FIGMENT? 
FIGMENT is an explosion of creative energy taking place at Garfield Park Conservatory August 10-11. FIGMENT is a FREE, annual, family-friendly celebration of participatory art and culture where everything is possible.

FIGMENT wants to see imaginations blossom with thousands of visitors interacting directly with nearly 50 participating art projects and more than 300 artists and volunteers.

Artists have heard about FIGMENT germinating the seeds of its Chicago debut for the past year. The idea itself has spread worldwide for over a half-decade since its NYC roots. Like many new happenings, some haven't heard the call. Organizers have high hopes for a large contingency of West Side and Chicago families to converge at the Conservatory and relish a one-of-a-kind Saturday and Sunday adventure of pure expression. 

**Sample artwork by a talented West Chicago youth at FIGMENT's July 10, 2013, Meet n' Greet. 

Several of these individually enhanced posters are popping up all around Chicago including one by ChiIL Mama and a hord of kids from toddlers to tweens--made at the last Garfield fire jam.**

Monday, July 8, 2013

FREE Family Friendly Fire Jam THIS Wed at Garfield Park Conservatory 7/10 #originalphotos

The very first Garfield Park Conservatory Fire Jam is this Wednesday, July 10!  This is a FREE event.

This is one of our favorite monthly summer events to shoot!   

Jam starts at 7pm & ends at 9pm SHARP. The park will officially close at this time.   Everyone is welcome to come early to the conservatory and have a picnic in the back.  Conservatory is open all day long.

LOCATION: The jam will take place at Garfield Park Conservatory - the Green Line stop, Garfield Park Conservatory, will let you off right at GPC. The jam itself will take place on the outdoor green space behind the conservatory building. You must enter through the main building to get to the field. ENTRY TO GPC IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC. 

PARKING: GPC has a parking lot on the south side of the conservatory. Parking is free, but be sure to arrive early to make sure you get a spot. There is also parking along the street.

MUSIC & DRUMMERS: The first half of the jam (7-8pm) will have music provided by Rhythm Revolution drum group. For the 2nd half of the jam (8-9pm), music will be provided by the FMJ drum circle, so bring your drums and join in from 8-9pm.

ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL or other substances, please leave them at home. This is a family-friendly event, so let's keep it safe, clean and welcoming. Picnics are welcome.

LEAVE NO TRACE: take out what you brought in, and if you see any trash on the ground, please pick it up and throw it away, let's leave the park in better shape than when we found it!

For all other info, see:

If you're not following the FMJs on Twitter, please follow @Full_Moon_Jam - this will be one of the best ways to get up-to-date, near-immediate info in case of cancellations, jam changes, etc.

A NOTE ABOUT WEATHER: Nature has NOT been kind to us this year, so we're keeping a sharp eye on the weather. PLEASE make sure to check the FB page, Twitter Feed or your email for updates and (hopefully not!) cancellation notices. As this jam is taking place at the conservatory, GPC will have final say on jam cancellation/

This is the first of what we hope will be many future jams at GPC, so let's start this off on the right foot! See you on Wednesday!!

**Credit:  All photos and video by Bonnie Kenaz-Mara for

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Full Moon Fire Jam Cancelled For August 30th

Here's our original footage from July's Jam 2012.   The music is Chi-Town's own punk rock marching band, Mucca Pazza, off their new release, Safety Fifth.    Check out our album review and Mucca Pazza show shots right here.

Dear Jammers:
Over the last several years, the Full Moon Jams have seen a significant increase in the amount of audience members. While we are thrilled to share the fire and music with so many people, unfortunately, there’s also been a noticeable escalation in open consumption of alcohol and marijuana during the jams, both of which are illegal activities on Chicago park district land and have resulted in people being ticketed or arrested. 

The amounts of trash and detritus left behind after each jam has also grown, despite repeated requests to respect the Leave No Trace principle (take back everything you bring to the park with you, including any and all trash). These behaviors are antithetical to the spirit of the jams and put both the well-being of the jam community and our ability to continue jams at risk.

The organizers have made multiple attempts to mitigate these problems at every jam, through education, countless reminders and additional volunteers. Unfortunately, there has been a continual and frustrating disregard for the jam principles, including disrespectful treatment of the Rangers and jam volunteers when they request that attendees please put away their alcohol or pick up trash. Given the frequency of these issues, the steady increase in jam attendance numbers and the fact that many of the core organizers and Ranger volunteers will be in the desert for the Big Burn, we are deeply concerned about our ability to operate the August 30th jam safely and responsibly for everyone. 

Therefore, the organizers regret to announce that we have decided to CANCEL the August 30th Full Moon Jam. We ask that you please respect this decision, the integrity of the jams and each other’s safety, by not gathering at the jam site, regardless of the August 30th jam’s cancellation. A few jam organizers will be at the jam site to spread the word of the jam’s cancellation as well. The police are aware the jam has been cancelled and will be at the park asking people to disperse at the jam site.

We would like to stress that this choice has come solely from the FMJ organizers and not from any pressure or statements made by the Chicago Police, the 48th Ward or the Chicago Park District. All of these entities have given the event countless hours of support over the years and we would not have come this far without their support and guidance.

This is not a decision the FMJ organizers made lightly. Our first and foremost responsibility is to maintain the safety of ALL who attend the jams, as well as the integrity of the jams and the community they’ve created. We would rather cancel or discontinue the jams than allow them to continue in a manner that puts this community at risk. 

We recognize that many of you have respected the jams over the years, and we are eternally grateful for your support. At its core, the Full Moon Jam is about building community bonds, and ultimately this decision is meant to protect this community. The FMJ’s greatest strength is the love and care of the people who come to the jams, so we now appeal to you, the FMJ community, for help.

Please spread the word and share with others the need for everyone to remember and abide by the jam principles: Leave No Trace, no drinking or illegal substances, and protecting the community. This is a volunteer-run event that has been kept free for everyone to participate in and attend, so please respect the hard work and devotion the jam organizers, Rangers and other volunteers give to the jams by lending them your support and speaking up to remind others of the jam principles. If you are interested in lending a helping hand to the jams, please contact us at We need everyone - whether you are a long-time attendee or still new to the jams - to step up and take responsibility for how the jams are treated because this is YOUR community, too.

The FMJ organizers will continue to do our best to maintain the jams as a safe, fun and respectful environment for everyone, but we can’t do this alone. We hope that with your help, the jams can continue with vitality and grace.

Updates regarding the jams will continue to be published at www.fullmoonjam.orgto this list and on the Facebook Chicago Full Moon Jam group page. Would you be interested in volunteering with the Rangers or joining the organizers? Would you like to contribute your time, talents and energy to the jams but aren’t sure how? Please email us at Your willingness to help us continue the jams is greatly appreciated.

We all look forward to seeing everyone on September 30th.
With love, fire and rhythm,
The Full Moon Jam Organizers

Liz Campanella
Manager & Performer

We perform fire as an art form, with passion,
anytime, anywhere, for any reason, fully insured. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Full Moon Fire Jam--ChiIL Live Shows HD Video

Tweak the settings wheel for HD

Here's our footage from July's Jam 2012.   The music is Chi-Town's own punk rock marching band, Mucca Pazza, off their new release, Safety Fifth.    Check out our album review and Mucca Pazza show shots right here.

August's full moon fire jam is going down tonight 8/1 at 7pm.   Be there!   Free monthly fire fun.   Check out the dates, location and our Fire Jam stills right here.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pyrotechnic Paradise --Full Moon Fire Jam This Wednesday 8/1 #photo filled feature

Chi-Town's monthly free Full Moon Fire Jam is here again--this Wednesday, August 1.
Spend an evening with pyrotechnics and drums including fire spinners, fire hoops, fire jugglers, fire breathers and drum.   This all ages, outdoor event is a great space to celebrate the full moon with family and friends.   Picnics and folding chairs welcome.   No alcohol please.

**Check out our full feature on July's full moon fire jam by clicking right here.** 

We ran into loads of CircEsteem teachers and students that we know, including fire jugglers Brian & Maria.   We're currently editing all our HD clips from the jam into a longer piece with music, that we'll have up soon, so check back with ChiIL Live Shows/ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often!    

**For the rest of the Full Moon Fire Jam Season dates and more photos, check out our prior coverage here.**

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Full Moon Fire Jam Summer Dates

Happy solstice.   Summer is officially here.   What better way to celebrate the season than Chi-Town's free, full moon fire jams.   These are family friendly, alcohol free, monthly outdoor meet ups with sweet pyrotechnics & drum jams.   Highly recommended!

Check out our photo filled past coverage by clicking here.

Here's the new website for full moon jam.   Check it out for all the details.

MonthDay of WeekGather TimeJam Start TimeFinish Time

July 2** Monday gather 7:3pm jam starts 8:00pm end 10:15pm
August 1** Wednesday gather 7:00pm jam starts 7:30pmend 10:15pm
August 30** Thursday gather 7:00pm jam starts 7:30pmend 10:15pm
September 30Sunday gather 7:00pm jam starts 7:30pmend 10:15pm
October 29 Monday gather 7:00pm jam starts 7:30pmend 10:15pm

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