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Friday, August 30, 2013

#NCMF Bands on Our Radar: Disco Biscuits & Conspirator

Talk about Philly's Best and most people picture a mouth watering cheese steak.   But not this weekend.   Check out THESE tasty treats from Philly-- Disco Biscuits & Conspirator!

They're on tonight at North Coast Music Festival 8:30-10 on the Last Stand Stage

Then they'll be playing a sold out show at Logan Square's hottest new venue, The Concord (close in proximity to but not to be confused with the much larger Congress) Saturday.   ChiIL Live Shows will be there... will YOU?!


They're on Sat from 3:30-4:30 at North Coast Music Festival North Stage

Conspirator features Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein (The Disco Biscuits keyboardist and bass player) as an outlet to channel their electronic mad scientist personae. Formed in 2004 with New York DJ/producer DJ Omen, Conspirator has taken on many forms through the years. With the addition of virtuoso guitarist Chris Michetti and a rotating cast of some of the country's best drummers – Darren Shearer (the New Deal), Mike Greenfield (Lotus), KJ Sawka (Pendulum) and Adam Deitch (Break Science, Pretty Lights) – Conspirator has reached another level.   The band issued web only remixes of dance tracks from Porter Robinson and Avicii in 2012 that blew away the electronic music circuit. 

According to Brownstein, the idea to do remixes happened one day when hanging out in their studio space in Philadelphia with Khadafi Dub, a rapper from Philly who has become an MC for many of the top dub-step artists in the world.  “We mentioned that we would be interested in getting stems from some of the artists whom he knows and with whom he has worked.  A few days later the stems started to roll in.   The artists included Porter Robinson, Avicii, 12th Planet and more, which enabled us to get to work straight away. When stems from "Seek Bromance,” a dance hit of mega proportions (60 million views on YouTube) come in, you jump on it and remix it immediately. “

The response to the remixes of Avicii’s “Seek Bromance” and the Porter Robinson’s track “Say My Name” were huge after being posted to the popular blog,

Conspirator put out a full-length release entitled Unlocked - Live from the Georgia Theatre (release date April 10, 2012), which captures the spirit of these true genre blenders. The collection is a smorgasbord of electronic rock bliss, delving, twisting and diving effortlessly between house, dub-step, drum and bass, and electro.  Coming off of breakout performances at Ultra Music Festival and Nocturnal Festival, Conspirator has begun to catch the eye of electronic music aficionados everywhere.  

Action-packed tours filled 2011 and 2012 with groundbreaking performances at venues across the U.S. and festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Nocturnal Festival, Electric Forest Festival, Starscape Festival, Gathering of the Vibes, and CounterPoint Music Festival.

With their utmost experience and mastery of the craft, Conspirator pushes into 2013 with more raw power and drive than ever, starting with the release of their new EP Unleashed on January 29 followed by a 28 city U.S. tour. 

Unleashed is a crystal clear demonstration of Conspirator’s heavy, electronically produced core coupled with a skillful and melodic homage to live instrumentation. Electronic rock sensibilities are gracefully smashed into jaw dropping, dance-floor shaking dubstep rhythms to create an effortless fusion of all things deep. This high-impact collision creates an all encompassing, energetic spectacle which will no doubt be used to shock their devoted crowds from coast to coast. 

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