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Monday, January 7, 2013

CHI, IL LIVE SHOWS ON OUR RADAR: Chi-Town's Falldown (alt country)

Chicago's Falldown, which features members of The Redwalls and The Hue, have announced two shows for Jan, 2013.

On Sunday, Jan. 13, the band will play a free 21+ show at  The Whistler w/ Matt Duncan


9:30 PM
The members of Falldown share a mutual interest in alt/country and rock'n'roll. Their debut EP was released in November 2012. This is their second appearance at the Whistler.

We asked Kentucky-based singer-songwriter Matt Duncan to describe his sound and here’s what he told us: “My sound borrows heavily from 60's and 70's R&B, from the people who perfected the pop song. But I have no desire to emulate the costuming or vocabulary of the past. I am a teller of truths, for better or worse, and a terrible liar. Clichéd love songs, vague tangents, and grand melodramas are not my stock in trade. I write about the small, unsung successes and failures that keep most of us busy, while we wait for big cinematic resolutions. And I try to keep things lively.”

and on Tuesday, Jan. 29, Falldown will support The Henhouse Prowlers at Abbey Pub.

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