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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Full Moon Fire Jam Cancelled For August 30th

Here's our original footage from July's Jam 2012.   The music is Chi-Town's own punk rock marching band, Mucca Pazza, off their new release, Safety Fifth.    Check out our album review and Mucca Pazza show shots right here.

Dear Jammers:
Over the last several years, the Full Moon Jams have seen a significant increase in the amount of audience members. While we are thrilled to share the fire and music with so many people, unfortunately, there’s also been a noticeable escalation in open consumption of alcohol and marijuana during the jams, both of which are illegal activities on Chicago park district land and have resulted in people being ticketed or arrested. 

The amounts of trash and detritus left behind after each jam has also grown, despite repeated requests to respect the Leave No Trace principle (take back everything you bring to the park with you, including any and all trash). These behaviors are antithetical to the spirit of the jams and put both the well-being of the jam community and our ability to continue jams at risk.

The organizers have made multiple attempts to mitigate these problems at every jam, through education, countless reminders and additional volunteers. Unfortunately, there has been a continual and frustrating disregard for the jam principles, including disrespectful treatment of the Rangers and jam volunteers when they request that attendees please put away their alcohol or pick up trash. Given the frequency of these issues, the steady increase in jam attendance numbers and the fact that many of the core organizers and Ranger volunteers will be in the desert for the Big Burn, we are deeply concerned about our ability to operate the August 30th jam safely and responsibly for everyone. 

Therefore, the organizers regret to announce that we have decided to CANCEL the August 30th Full Moon Jam. We ask that you please respect this decision, the integrity of the jams and each other’s safety, by not gathering at the jam site, regardless of the August 30th jam’s cancellation. A few jam organizers will be at the jam site to spread the word of the jam’s cancellation as well. The police are aware the jam has been cancelled and will be at the park asking people to disperse at the jam site.

We would like to stress that this choice has come solely from the FMJ organizers and not from any pressure or statements made by the Chicago Police, the 48th Ward or the Chicago Park District. All of these entities have given the event countless hours of support over the years and we would not have come this far without their support and guidance.

This is not a decision the FMJ organizers made lightly. Our first and foremost responsibility is to maintain the safety of ALL who attend the jams, as well as the integrity of the jams and the community they’ve created. We would rather cancel or discontinue the jams than allow them to continue in a manner that puts this community at risk. 

We recognize that many of you have respected the jams over the years, and we are eternally grateful for your support. At its core, the Full Moon Jam is about building community bonds, and ultimately this decision is meant to protect this community. The FMJ’s greatest strength is the love and care of the people who come to the jams, so we now appeal to you, the FMJ community, for help.

Please spread the word and share with others the need for everyone to remember and abide by the jam principles: Leave No Trace, no drinking or illegal substances, and protecting the community. This is a volunteer-run event that has been kept free for everyone to participate in and attend, so please respect the hard work and devotion the jam organizers, Rangers and other volunteers give to the jams by lending them your support and speaking up to remind others of the jam principles. If you are interested in lending a helping hand to the jams, please contact us at We need everyone - whether you are a long-time attendee or still new to the jams - to step up and take responsibility for how the jams are treated because this is YOUR community, too.

The FMJ organizers will continue to do our best to maintain the jams as a safe, fun and respectful environment for everyone, but we can’t do this alone. We hope that with your help, the jams can continue with vitality and grace.

Updates regarding the jams will continue to be published at www.fullmoonjam.orgto this list and on the Facebook Chicago Full Moon Jam group page. Would you be interested in volunteering with the Rangers or joining the organizers? Would you like to contribute your time, talents and energy to the jams but aren’t sure how? Please email us at Your willingness to help us continue the jams is greatly appreciated.

We all look forward to seeing everyone on September 30th.
With love, fire and rhythm,
The Full Moon Jam Organizers

Liz Campanella
Manager & Performer

We perform fire as an art form, with passion,
anytime, anywhere, for any reason, fully insured. 

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