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Friday, May 18, 2012

HoZac's Blackout Fest Smashes Empty Bottle The Next 3 Days

Hozac's Blackout Fest is Back.   If you got tickets, it's gonna be a weekend to remember.

Empty Bottle Says:
From 2001-2006, the Chicago Blackout Festival was the first purely Midwest rock & roll festival, celebrating the yearly release of Horizontal Action Magazine.  Last year marked its triumphant return and we’re pleased to welcome back HoZac, now a dynamic independent label that’s released 100 records in their first five years of operation, to curate a fest for 2012.  

Headlining the second night are REDD KROSS.  Stitching together shards of raging hardcore with pieces of leftover glam infection and delivered with the grace of a drunken chainsaw juggler, REDD KROSS might not be often mentioned in the central spotlight in the early story of LA punk, but their trailblazing is undeniable.
GENTLEMAN JESSE & HIS MEN is an Atlanta-based  combo that revels in the bright, energetic power pop sounds of the early new wave era.  Full-throttle, throat-wrenching punk from Cleveland’s premiere skull crushers the HOMOSTUPIDS will likely make the club explode after psych/pop Texas wunderkinds FUNGI GIRLS beguile and seduce the room with their powerfully delicate and cavernous sound.  

TELEDROME brings icy synth punk down from Calgary, Alberta, drizzling icy keyboard leads over pounding, dark rhythms all drenched in a dazzling monotone vocal veneer.  Brutally dark post punk from Cleveland is delivered by the PLEASURE LEFTISTS and FAR-OUT FANGTOOTH brings deranged goth garage noise from Philly.  

Another neighbor to the north, KETAMINES create a rush of swirling pop psychedelia and ropes you into a Technicolor world that we never knew existed in Calgary.  Heart-stopping power pop from Atlanta’s BARRERACUDAS and hard pounding rock from ginger brother-sister Chicago duo WHITE MYSTERY open the day’s music marathon. 

Friday 5/18 @ Empty Bottle: ORDER TICKETS HERE (21+)

Davila 666 -Puerto Rico Party Crashers

Spider Fever -Chuff-Punk Madness from San Diego

VIDEO -Seething, Dark Punk from Denton, TX

Plateaus -Cranked up Pop Smashers from San Diego

COZY -Unrealistically great glam rock sensations from Minneapolis

SYZ (Screaming Yellow Zonkers) -Reunited Chicago Angular post punk pulverizers

E.T.Habit -Chicago’s Hawkwindian Heroes


Saturday 5/19 @ Empty Bottle: ORDER TICKETS HERE (21+)

Redd Kross -performing Born Innocent Lp + Posh Boy EP!!

Gentleman Jesse -Atlanta’s Power Pop Champion

Homostupids -Cleveland’s premier Skull crushers

Fungi Girls -Cleburne, TX Psych/Pop Wunderkinds

Teledrome -Icy Synth punk from Calgary, Alberta

Pleasure Leftists -Brutally Dark Post punk from Cleveland

Far-Out Fangtooth -deranged goth garage noise from Philadelphia

Ketamines -Hypnotic Psych Pop from Calgary, Alberta

Barreracudas -Heart-stopping Power Pop from Atlanta

White Mystery -Hard Pounding Chicago Rock’n Roll 


Sunday 5/20 @ Empty Bottle: TICKETS NOW SOLD OUT

Roky Erickson -Legendary Psychedelic Rock Pioneer

Human Eye -Detroit’s Space Punk Superstars

Estrogen Highs -Spastic Post Pop from Connecticut

Medication -Psychedelic Folk Pop from Connecticut

Bare Mutants -Chicago’s newest underground pop supergroup


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