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Sunday, June 30, 2013

ACT OUT CLOSING: bully.punk.riot and BONEdanse! Last. Show. EVER.

Highly recommended!   You'll be kicking yourself if you miss this one.   BONEdanse is one of our ultimate favorites and this is potentially their last show stateside EVER.   So go already.   Final show 6/30.   7pm TONIGHT at Constellation 3111 N. Western.    Click here for tickets.   Aimed at adults but fine for savvy, urban tweens & teens too.

bully.punk.riot. digs into the inherent herding mentality to reveal the transformation, the blurred lines, and the potential danger of the herd as friend or foe.

Premiering new work by punk rock choreographer Atalee Judy, alongside choreographic up-and-comers Melissa Ganser and Megan Klein. Featuring Janna Barta, Maria Macsay, Cheryl Cornachionne,  and Nicole Scatchell. Lighting Design by Jacob Snodgrass.

- Chicago Reader Review - "Less like dance than like the Hawks crashing into the boards, it's been her calling card ever since she founded Breakbone DanceCo., now BONEdanse, in 1997."
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