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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Toasters LIVE at Sub-T On 11-3-11

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NY Ska legends, The Toasters, rocked Sub-T last Thursday on their 30th Anniversary Tour.   They played to a packed house and appreciative audience.    We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the horns in particular.   I've told my kids they can grow up to be anything they want to be, but...if they really wanna make mama happy, they'll take up sax and play in a ska, punk, or heavier edged least part time :).   In the meantime, I'll be happily wearing my black Toasters Tee.

Musical Taste: 
The Toasters also have their own brew, now.   What better to toast to 30 years of sweet NY SKA with?!   They also have the honor of being first in ChiIL Mama's "Musical Taste" series.   Seems it's the hot new thang now to have band-beer pairings and other odd foods, restaurants, etc.   If you hear of any ways to ingest and express your musical taste with something you can taste, add them in the comments section or e-mail 'em our way at

30th Anniversary Ska Brewing Beer!
Here's what The Toaster have to say about the brouhaha: 

If you haven't heard already, we now have our own beer! That's right. Durango, CO. based brewing company, Ska Brewing, have crafted a fine Black Indian Pale Ale (how can it be black and pale at the same time!?! ed.) "The Shebeen" ! In honor of our 30 years in the ska music making business. Currently it is available in select states around the Colorado area. Please ask for Ska Brewing where ever you drink! We love this beer! 

Also, the guys cooked up a nice little video about the process as well...

We will be having an official kick off release this September in Durango, so check back for more details!

Check our FaceBook for photos of the beer and the label image! 

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