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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

THE REVOLUTIONISTS Via Oil Lamp Theater March 16-April 30, 2023

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Written by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Elizabeth Mazur Levin

PLOT: Imagine if four badass, very real women, who lived boldly in France during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror had met and exchanged ideas before losing their heads? What if former queen Marie Antoinette,  playwright Olympe De Gouges, assassin Charlotte Corday, and Haitian rebel Marianne Angelle, uncensored and full of ideas, grappled together with how to change the world? Oh…and it’s a comedy!

CAST (in order of appearance):

Olympe De Gouges: Hannah Hammel

Marianne Angelle: Noelle Klyce

Charlotte Corday: Ksa Curry

Marie Antoinette: Lisa Dawn

Olympe De Gouges (understudy): Abby Gilster

Marianne Angelle (understudy): Jasmine Robertson

Charlotte Corday (understudy): Maddie Powell

Marie Antoinette (understudy): Emma Soden


Director: Elizabeth Mazur Levin

Stage Manager: Reina McGonigle

Assistant Director: Ashley Greenwood

Costume Designer: Emily N. Brink

Lighting Designer: Trey Brazeal

Properties Designer: Ellen Markus

Technical Director: Greg Korak

Scenic Designer: Liz Hadden

Sound Designer: Jay Pastucha

Wig Stylist: Karen Procopio


March 16 - April 30


Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 7:30pm

Saturday, Sunday: 3:00pm


Previews (March 16, 17, 18 3:00pm): $30 adults / $20 student

Run (March 18, 7:30pm - April 30): $45 adults / $28 student

Buy tickets HERE

The performance runs approximately two hours with an intermission.


Now serving as the Artistic Director of Oil Lamp Theater, Elizabeth Mazur Levin's Oil Lamp Theater directing credits include Now and Then, Bad Dates, Beau Jest, Love, Loss, and What I Wore, It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (2017 & 2020), Motherhood Out Loud, and two seasons of On the Road—Oil Lamp’s touring series. She will also be directing this summer’s production of Collected Stories by Donald Margulies. Other credits include work with Theater D, Taslitz/Reichenbach Productions, Citadel Theatre, Ouroboros Big Noise Theatre, Bowen Park Theatre, Phoenix Ascending, Centerlight Sign and Voice Theatre, Weathervane Repertory, and Apple Tree Theatre. Proud graduate of Miami University (B.F.A and B.A.) and Loyola University Chicago (M.Ed.) Many thanks to the “E’s”.

"You may notice that there is a blend of historical and contemporary elements throughout [The Revolutionists] from themes, to language, to design choices. While these women are people from long ago, what they are saying and feeling is eerily current to the times in which we are living. They laugh, and share bonds, and live in the moment. If you listen closely, their struggles are similar to the plights we are facing today. These figures are smart, and witty, and authentic, relatable, and all too human."

-- Elizabeth Mazur Levin

Where Theater Welcomes You Home

Oil Lamp Theater is an award-winning sixty-seat storefront theater located in the heart of downtown Glenview. We produce six mainstage theatrical plays per year, and offer special events such as our Speak Easy Nights. When you arrive at the theater, you are personally welcomed by our friendly box office staff. Our lobby features warm decor and comfortable seating, reminiscent of a home. Our theater’s intimate space and ambitious productions connect the audience and performers to create a truly unique experience. To top it all off, we offer complimentary cookies at all mainstage shows.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

OPENING: ALMOST, MAINE Via Oil Lamp Theater January 19 - February 26, 2023

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Written by John Cariani

Directed by Susan Gorman

PLOT: Welcome to Almost, a quaint sort of place located in northern Maine. The town is called Almost because the residents never really got around to organizing.  One cold night, as the northern lights are set to appear, many of the residents, embodied by only four actors, fall in and out of love in the most charming, hilarious, and delightful of ways. Join us, as we journey to a place that may feel like the ends of the earth, but really can be found right in your own backyard.


Eileen Dixon as Glory/Sandrine/Gayle/Deena/Rhonda

Whitney Minarik as Ginette/Waitress/Marvalyn/Shelly/Marci/Hope

Rio Ragazzone as Pete/Jimmy/Chad/Phil/Dave

Zach Kunde as East/Steve/Lendall/Randy/Man

Dana Pepowski as Glory/Sandrine/Gayle/Deena/Rhonda (U/S)

Daniel Vaughn Manasia as Pete/Jimmy/Chad/Phil/Dave (U/S)

Andrew Kleopfer as East/Steve/Lendall/Randy/Man (U/S)


Director: Susan Gorman

Stage Manager: Reina McGonigle

Costume Designer: Janelle L. Smith

Lighting Designer: Hannah Wein

Scenic & Props Designer: Brian Seckfort

Sound Designer: Jay Pastucha


January 19 - February 26


Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 7:30pm

Saturday, Sunday: 3:00pm


$20 student | $30 - Previews January 19, 20, 21 (3pm)

$28 student | $45 adults - Run January 21 (7:30pm) - February 26

Click here for tickets and more information


A resident of Glenview, Susan Gorman's musical, choreography and non-musical credits span regional and educational theatre venues from Los Angeles, to Chicago and New York. Favorite non-musical productions include All My Sons, Heaven Can Wait, The Taming of the Shrew, The Children’s Hour and Tartuffe. In 2019, Susan directed the Illinois All-State Production of In The Heights and received the Broadway in Chicago IHSMTA for Best Direction for Crazy For You.

Susan Gorman: "I love this piece because there is a timeless nature to the writing. Almost, Maine is a layered, nuanced look into relationships and second chances. It never ceases to surprise me that the author, John Cariani, has interwoven in depth characters who never appear together in the play, yet have a unique and strong sense of community. Within nine small vignettes, the author has created full circle stories allowing the characters to have that 'ah-ha! lightbulb' moment, punctuated by the magnificence of the northern lights. I would like the audience to realize that whether a relationship is beginning, ending or evolving that the outcomes can potentially be positive."

About Oil Lamp Theater

More than Theater, It’s an Experience!

Oil Lamp Theater was originally founded in February 2005 where 20 productions were performed for up to 35 friends and guests in a unique venue, the founder’s condo. In March 2012, Oil Lamp Theater became a non-profit and established residence at another unique and intimate venue in downtown Glenview. Our venue now seats 60, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for over 10,000 patrons per year to enjoy professional theater and entertainment. Between our famed complimentary cookies, delicious drinks at our bar, and top-tier productions, we know you’ll enjoy your experience at our “hidden gem” of the North Shore.


Saturday, March 9, 2019

OPENING: Play On! at Oil Lamp Theater March 21 through May 5, 2019

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Oil Lamp Theater Announces Upcoming Production of
Play On! 
by Rick Abbot

Directed by Keith Gerth
March 21 through May 5, 2019

Executive and Artistic Director, Keith Gerth and Associate Artistic Director, Stephen Smith of the Oil Lamp Theater in Glenview announce their next production, the uproarious comedy Play On! by Rick Abbot. This production is directed by Keith Gerth and will be performed from March 21st through May 5th 2019 at 1723 Glenview Road in Glenview. 

Play On! takes audiences behind the scenes of a local amateur theater company as it prepares a production of Murder Most Foul, an original murder mystery written by a local playwright.  Abbot’s side-splitting look at the inner workings of amateur theater unfolds in three acts of cascading goofiness. First at a rehearsal less than a week before the show opens, next during the disaster-plagued dress rehearsal, and finally, the show's opening night. 

Geraldine “Gerry” Dunbar (Whitney Minarik) is the long-suffering director who struggles to breathe life into the original script. Her troupe has their work cut out for them. First, the murder mystery script is not very good. And  the set isn’t finished. And the cast is still wobbly on their lines. The good news is that the novice playwright, Phyllis Montague (Nicki Howard), has allowed the company to produce her new play for free. The bad news is that Phyllis keeps changing her script, forcing the cast of amateurs to re-learn their lines over and over again. The biggest mystery of all seems to be whether the company will possibly be able to get this ever-changing production ready in time!

Everyone involved with Murder Most Foul lacks skill and experience, and it shows. As Play On! Opens, the troupe is just four days away opening night. Despite the best efforts of Louise Peary (Jolie LeBell), the company’s omnipresent sound, light and scenic technician, the set is incomplete and technical issues abound. Stage Manager and prompter Aggie Manville (Sarah Myers) has her hands full trying to manage the show’s many sound cues while she stays busy prompting actors who keep forgetting their lines. 

The actors, unsurprisingly, are having their own crises and they are pushing their director and crew to the breaking point. The older married couple and amateur theater veterans, Henry Benish/Lord Dudley (Rob Weinstein) and Polly Benish/Lady Margaret (Suzy Krueckeberg), challenge their director at every turn. Some cast members react to the mounting backstage tension by either by hitting the bottle of getting on each other’s nerves. Saul Watson/Dr. Rex Ford (Travis Monroe Neese), the mystery’s villain, has a special dislike for Polly whom he taunts her with snarky personal insults. Polly -- a bit of a diva herself -- is having none of it and huffs her indignation to everyone within earshot.

Meanwhile, the young ingénues of Murder Most Foul, Billy Carewe/Stephen Sellars (Josh Marshall) and Violet Imbry/Diane Lassiter (Katie O’Neil) are warming to each other in “real life” just as their characters do in the mystery they are rehearsing. They regularly forget to call each other by their scripted character names during rehearsals as their on-stage romance seems increasingly real. Wait… is love blooming right there on stage?

Then of course, there’s Marla “Smitty” Smith (Emrose Seidenberg), the high school student playing Doris the maid. Like everyone else, Smitty worries about keeping her lines and cues straight in the constantly-evolving play, but she has additional concerns that are practical and immediate. Will she ever get tomorrow’s biology homework done? Will her mother be angry if she gets home late because the rehearsal ran over?

Play On!  is a fast-paced frolic that has been called “a love letter to amateur theater.” It affectionately pokes fun at the foibles of a lovable group of thespians who struggle valiantly, and hilariously, toward their big opening night. Their energy and enthusiasm crashes up against looming deadlines, warring egos, missed cues, and an ever-changing script… and the results are both heartwarming and hysterical.

This Oil Lamp Theater production of Play On! will feature Whitney Minarik (Geraldine “Gerry” Dunbar), Nicki Howard (Phyllis Montague), Sarah Myers (Stage Manager Aggie Manville) Jolie LeBell (Sound, Light and Scenic Technician Louise Peary), Rob Weinstein (Henry Benish/Lord Dudley), Suzy Krueckeberg (Polly Benish/Lady Margaret), Travis Monroe Neese (Saul Watson/Doctor Rex Forbes), Katie O’Neil (Violet Imbry/Diana Lassiter), Josh Marshall (Billy Carewe/Stephen Sellers), and Emrose Seidenberg (Marla “Smitty” Smith /Doris the Maid)

Understudies for this production are Grace Hutchings, Gina Phillips and Jared Sheldon.  

Stage Manager for this production is Helen O’Brien

Rick Abbot (Playwright) is one of several pennames used by the prolific playwright Jack Sharkey who was born in Chicago in 1931. Abbot graduated from college with a degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing. After serving in the army, Mr. Abbot moved to New York City and began his successful freelance writing career. In 1975 he devoted himself exclusively to writing plays. He wrote and published 83 plays, including thrillers, comedies and musicals – many of which continue to be performed around the world. One of his plays, is Par for the Corpse written under the name Jack Sharkey, has been produced twice on the Oil Lamp Theater stage. He died of cancer in 1992.

Keith Gerth (Executive and Artistic Director) founded Oil Lamp Theater in 2005. Prior to establishing the Theater, which was originally located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Keith held a number of positions. After high school, Keith was a carpenter for eight years with Murray Countertops in Streator, Illinois. He left that position in 1989 to obtain a degree in Financial Accounting from Illinois State University. Keith graduated with honors and began working for the global professional services firm of Deloitte in 1991 and became a Certified Public Accountant. He worked at Deloitte for fifteen years in the Audit and Assurance practice, from which he retired in 2005 at the level of Director. Keith was professionally trained in acting at Act One Studios in Chicago, Illinois. Keith has been actively involved in the community and has served on the boards of the Glenview Art League and the Glenview Chamber of Commerce. Keith is married to Carole Flamm. They live in Northbrook.

Performances of Play On! are presented Thursdays through Sundays, with evening performances at 8:00pm and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3:00pm. Tickets are $40 and include complimentary cookies and soft drinks. Student tickets are available for $25. Oil Lamp Theater is BYOB with complimentary corkage and glasses. The complete performance schedule and tickets are available at 847-834-0738 or online at Group rates are available. 


Oil Lamp Theater is located in downtown Glenview, Illinois, at 1723 Glenview Road. Free parking lots are available immediately west of the theater and across the street. Street parking is also available throughout downtown Glenview. Handicap parking is available adjacent to the theater. 

The theater may be reached by car (approximately one mile west of I-94) or by Metra (three blocks east of Milwaukee District/North – Glenview Station).  For more information on traveling to Oil Lamp Theater, visit

Dates: First performance and press opening: Thursday, March 21, 2019, 8:00pm
Closing performance: Sunday, May 5, 3:00pm
Schedule: Thursdays through Sundays. Evening performances at 8:00pm, Saturday and Sunday matinees
                    at 3:00pm. 

Location: Oil Lamp Theater, 1723 Glenview Road, Glenview
Prices: All performances $40 
Group and student rates are available

Box Office: 847-834-0738; 


Over the past thirteen years, Oil Lamp Theater has been dedicated to the presentation of traditional theater in an immersive, intimate setting. Under the executive and artistic leadership of Keith Gerth, Oil Lamp Theater has welcomed more than 50,000 guests into its unique, inviting venues. In March, 2012, Oil Lamp Theater was incorporated at a not-for-profit theater and established its current 60-seat location in downtown Glenview. The professional company performs plays that present and appeal to core American traditional values relevant to current issues. Oil Lamp Theater welcomes patrons as family, encouraging a personal atmosphere and artist interactions to emphasize human emotional connections. 

In 2017 and 2018 Oil Lamp Theater was awarded the North Shore Choice Award in recognition as the best suburban theater in Chicago.

Find Oil Lamp Theater on Facebook or follow @OilLampTheater on Twitter. For more information, visit

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