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Monday, January 13, 2014

ACT OUT OPENING: U.S. Premiere of Solstice Opens TONIGHT at A Red Orchid

By Zinnie Harris 
*U.S. Premiere* 
January 9 – February 23, 2014

We'll be there tonight reviewing for ChiIL Live Shows, and we'll have a full review here shortly.

In a war-torn world, in an unnamed city divided by a river–and religion, politics, and money– a devout candlemaker, his sick wife, and their son struggle to survive.  When they learn of a plan for their side of the river to be mined for minerals, and, worse, that their son has taken drastic action against their oppressors, their lives dramatically change.  Zinnie Harris’ otherworldly play explores terrorism and a family attempting to keep ahold of their faith and each other in a world torn apart by violence and inequality–a world we often fear ours becoming.

Directed by Ensemble Member Karen Kessler
Featuring Ensemble Members Larry Grimm & Kirsten Fitzgerald with Artistic Associate Steve Schine

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