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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Waves of Fury to Release "Thirst" 10/30 Free MP3 HERE #punk

Waves of Fury to Release "Thirst" Through 
Alive Records on October 30, 2012

FREE MP3 of "These Things I Leave You" HERE

"They have found a way to reconcile their twin passions: Stooges and Stax, 
garage and soul, rock'n'roll's trash aesthetic and the exuberance 
and jubilation of old-style R&B." The Guardian

'Thirst' is the debut album from Somerset based Waves Of Fury. Having already made an excellent early impression with taster single 'Businessman's Guide To Witchcraft', earning them a Guardian New Band Of The Day & Q Track Of The Day in the process, this 10 track debut long player sees Carter Sharp (vocals), Bim Williams (horns), Fil Ward (guitars/vocals), James Macphee (drums) and Jamie Bird (pianos/vocals) take up the rhythm & blues blueprint and filter it through a 40+ year historical path that encompasses everything from Motown & Stax to The Stooges, Sex Pistols, Spiritualized & The Mary Chain. It's a sonic blast of an album, and a welcome breath of fresh air.

Prior to the album being recorded at PJ Harvey's Bristol studio, Waves Of Fury spent several weeks touring the southern states of America. That experience very much shapes the record as Carter Sharp explains: "We are based in Somerset, and having travelled a bit in Southern US, I think it's our closest equivalent to some of those places. There's a similar sense of darkness, reservation, secretiveness, closed communities. The songs are about types of behaviour and relationships that happen everywhere, but which maybe seem a bit more dangerous away from bright, noisy, crowded cities. I was interested in the idea that maybe it's easier to get away with things in dark, quiet and isolated corners".
Lyrically, the album is inspired by the great gothic writers like Poe and Saul Bellow fused with Carter Sharp's own biting observations of everyday life, particularly obsessions. One of the best examples of this is 'Viodrene (I Don't Get A Hard-On Over No-One)', a savage and humorous indictment of celebrity culture and movie star narcissm.

The album is also very much about technology says Carter: "For example, a few years ago, I think if a broke indie band wanted to have real horns on a record, it would have been really hard. They'd have needed a rich label funding it. Now with things like Protools and good studios being affordable and session players easy to find, we were able to make the record we wanted on a tiny budget. Which hopefully people will enjoy."


"Sounds like a forgotten gem from the Ace Records catalogue, but it's brand new." - Artrocker

"An unholy alliance of scowling, snarling vocals, sleazy guitar licks, Motown horns, and high octane percussion." - The Mad Mackerel

"They have found a way to reconcile their twin passions: Stooges and Stax, garage and soul, rock'n'roll's trash aesthetic and the exuberance and jubilation of old-style R&B." - The Guardian

"Never before would I have thought that The Sex Pistols should have collaborated with Marvin Gaye!" - Altsounds 

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