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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

INCOMING: Quinn Tsan Headlines Hideout This Thursday 6/12

Chi, IL Live Shows on Our Radar:

Quinn Tsan will be headlining The Hideout THIS Thursday.  Click here for all the details and to reserve your tickets. 

Quinn, who has collaborated with Joe Pug and co-leads the group Medicine Women, has released a debut single entitled “Love of a Painter” and is recording her debut EP, Good Winter, which is set to release this summer

Quinn Tsan
Jones, Johnny Lewis, Female Basic
Thu, June 12, 2014
9:00 pm
The Hideout
Chicago, IL

Quinn Tsan

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, singer/songwriter Quinn Tsan began playing music in 2008 after relocating to Chicago, IL to sing back-up for Joe Pug. Classically trained in dance though always having an affinity for music, Tsan quickly immersed herself in the local scene, going on to sing for Sarah Holtschlag, Rachele Eve, Johnny Lewis, and Sima Cunningham, among others.

It wasn't until 2013, when Tsan began playing guitar and writing her
own songs, that she defined herself as someone to listen to carefully.
The vulnerable and sometimes devastating quality of her voice combined with acoustic guitar offers a unique invitation to the audience, often leaving listeners spellbound by her melodic inflections and heartbreaking delivery. Tsan is currently recording her debut EP which is set to release late 2014.


Clay Hagen grew up in the Twin Cities. He’s been a singer since he was a kid and took up the guitar in high school to start a band with friends. A Night in the Box burst on the Minneapolis music scene in 2005 showcasing Clay’s powerful bluesy vocals and commanding stage presence. The soul and bluegrass band enjoyed a loyal following as a stage act and released two albums; “The Hustle, The Prayer, The Thief” (2006) and “Write a Letter” (2008). After a whirlwind five years, A Night in the Box split up to the disappointment of fans across the country. Clay went solo for a short time but missed band life. In 2011 he called on a few old friends - Nick Rush and Ian Tsan (Rambos, MPLS Henrys). The trio formed a new group called “JONES” and began a long distance collaboration between the Minneapolis and Chicago-based musicians. Clay would travel to Chicago for a weekend every few months and leave with a couple more songs. After 2 years of this, the band headed into Chicago’s Minbal Studios to record a six song EP. JONES is a hard-driving, electric blues/rock band and a perfect vehicle for Clay’s passionate performing style. The debut album will be released in late 2014.

Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis' musical background is not that of the ordinary new-age Folk Artist. Stemming from Minneapolis, MN, Lewis moved to Colorado in 2008 to pursuit electronic production for a number of touring acts including The Larva Ink, The Chalice, Bokonon and many more. Accepted into the festival community, Lewis opened extensively for national acts ranging fromThe Flaming Lips to Trampled by Turtles. After much success with touring electronic acts, Lewis came to terms with his obsession for acoustic music, which in turn, drove him away from production and into his passion - writing songs. Johnny Lewis melds the timeless north-country sound of acoustic guitar with sophisticated, colorful lyrics; attempting to the replant the poetic verse into a timeless songwriting style for a new generation of listeners. Johnny Lewis now resides in New York City.

Female Basic

"Where tall trees grow there strong roots be
Like songs set sail from women three.

Female Basic, as candid as their name depicts, sing songs straight to the point and straight to your heart.

Comprised of Rachel Landrum, Bekah Miller and Anna Phalen, 3 voices lift songs of old out of the dirt and shine them up with spit and glitter. 

Veterans to the music scene and fresh on a new idea Female Basic blend harmony and attitude perfectly on stage and off."

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