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Sunday, April 28, 2013

ACT OUT CLOSING: CircEAU Spring Circus Shows Today at 1pm & 4pm #circesteem #circus arts

CircEAU Atlantis 11am Sat 4-20-13 (Full set) by Bonnie Kenaz-Mara for

Final 2 shows are TODAY, Sunday 4/28 at 1pm & 4pm.   Don't miss this rockin' all ages, water themed circus arts show.   Last weekend's 3 Atlantis shows SOLD OUT.   This weekend the show is Bermuda Triangle and it showcases more of the advanced classes and the talented circus team.

"Wacky" water adventures infuse both CircEAU shows, Atlantis and Bermuda Triangle!

All ages will enjoy the flippin' fantastic acts!

Ever seen unicycle jump rope?!   
We've been part of the CircEsteem family for close to 3 years now and highly recommend their shows and their classes.  These guys are the real deal... a genuinely great non profit, talented teachers, and creative, motivated kids. 


Click here for more info about their fabulous circus arts SUMMER CAMP, BIRTHDAY PARTIES and the next session of classes starting up.  

Giant fun with CircEAU Atlantis on 4-20!
 Highly recommended.
CircEsteem used to take 7 year olds through high schoolers, with some adult classes as well.   They have recently added circus tots classes for younger kids and they're a HUGE hit.  The first show last Saturday at 11am showcased the littles as penguins and seals and they were TOO cute.

CircEsteem is a welcoming, nurturing program for beginning through advanced circus arts.   Aerial arts are the next best thing to flying!

My kids have both taken classes in trapeze and silks and LOVE it. 

Mermaid Sage, Atlantis CircEAU

Sage has also taken Chinese Pole, Lyra (*see her in the middle above as an ariel mermaid!), and Spanish Web.

Here are all the team kids and those they're grooming as future team performers "pre-team prep" including my two.
Ahoy Maties... Adventures abound whether you're walking the tight rope or walking the plank!!

CircEsteems' great for building pyramids and friendships.

These kids can juggle too!

Don't miss The Trash Monster!   If you haven't caught CircEsteem's spring shows yet, GO ALREADY!   If you're overbooked or outta town, check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often.   We'll have loads of video recaps from both weekends of the Circ Shows, and more fun stills comin' your way.   But nothing compares to being there.

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