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Thursday, November 14, 2019

3rd Annual Slackfest Featuring The Slackers Returns To Reggie's Rock Club November 14-16, 2019

Chi, IL Live Shows On Our Radar
Join Us For a 3 Night Ska Bonanza

Last year I had 1 night press/photo credentials. We had so much fun that this year we sprung for two 3-day tickets. Can't wait to catch them live again.

Check out all my Slackfest 2018 live show shots of The Slackers here then come on out this week and catch them live!
(Sunday, December 2, 2018: 2nd Annual Slackfest)

The Circle City Demons 
(direct support for The Slackers: Slackfest 2018)

2019 Three Nights with The Slackers with Three different sets…

Thursday, November 14 – Play Deep Cuts: support by Mephiskapheles, The Drastics and DJ Chuck Wren

Friday, November 15 – Play Love and War: support by Pinata Protest, The Scotch Bonnets and DJ Chuck Wren

Saturday, November 16 – Play Big Tunes: support by Green Room Rockers & special guests, The Prizefighters and DJ Chuck Wren

The Slackers have spreading their gospel of “Jamaican Rock N Roll” for 21 years now. While they have been influenced, and even personally taught by Jamaican ska/reggae originators, like the Skatalites and the Upsetters (Original backing band for the Wailers) they play it with a decidedly American accent. Basically, this band is equally appreciative of old blues, country, 60s soul, rock, and Rnb as it is of reggae, rocksteady, dub, and Ska. It is as if the Rolling Stones or the Yardbirds had grown up on Bob Marley as well as Muddy Waters.

Smashing the stereotypes of “ska” as happy, uptempo, and shallow music, the Slackers play with an aggressive edge and their songs veer in themes from the personal to the political. Back in 1996, the NY Times declared the Slackers to be part of “the sound of New York”, a mantle they haven’t given up since. Ten years later, Alternative Nation stated that their music is “protest music made for dim, sweaty basements.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Reagan Youth at Reggies 11-15-14 LIVE Show Shots & Video Clip #PhotoRecap

Reagan Youth What Will The Neighbors Think LIVE at 
Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago 

Nov 15, 2014

Photo/Video Credit: Dug Mara for ChiIL Live Shows

A Few Choice Moments:

Monday, April 21, 2014

SAVE THE DATE: Black Flag FREE Kids' Show at Reggies 6/17 & Lawsuit Settled

Real punk for the punk kin...

Hey punk rock moms and dads, ChiIL Mama's got the word there'll be a FREE KIDS SHOW with none other than punk rock royalty BLACK FLAG!!! Yes, that's right, your child can meet Greg Ginn and the other members of Black Flag and hear some rockin' awesome stripped down Black Flag songs LIVE, for FREE! The date is June 17th at Record Breakers at Reggies at 6 pm and they'll have free hot dogs and sweet, sweet sugary soda for the kids! Afterward you can go home and have a TV Party! This is for real, this is not a joke, this is awesome.

Last year we caught both Black Flag and Flag on tour.  This year we'll be back with the punk kin in tow. Can't wait!

On a related note:

The suit brought by SST Records and Greg Ginn against the members of Flag, which was filed in August 2013, has been settled, in an agreement signed by Greg Ginn, SST Records, and former Black Flag members Henry Rollins, Keith Morris, etc.

The pertinent settlement points are as follows:

· The ownership of all of the recordings of Black Flag have been confirmed to Greg Ginn and SST Records.

· All rights in the Black Flag name and logo have been confirmed to Greg Ginn and SST Records.

· Henry Rollins and Keith Morris, who had surreptitiously attempted to register the Black Flag logo (the “bars’’) with the U.S. Trademark Office, have conveyed any rights they had in that trademark to Greg Ginn and SST Records.

. Flag wil cease use of the Black Flag logo.

 "As was inevitable, this little bump in the road is out of the way and BLACK FLAG will continue as planned without the confusion."   ...Mike Vallely, singer BLACK FLAG.

Monday, February 4, 2013

INCOMING: Uli Jon Roth & Elliot Rubinson 2/17 Reggie's Rock Club

Dean Guitars and Ddrum CEO Elliot Rubinson to Play Bass on First Half of Uli Jon Roth North American Tour

As the 40th Anniversary of his joining the Scorpions North American tour rolls on, ULI JON ROTH has confirmed that Dean Guitars and Ddrum CEO Elliot Rubinson will be playing bass in ULI's band for the first half of the tour. Rubinson recently toured North America as a part of Michael Schenker's band. Elliot started on January 26th in Santa Ana, CA and will continue on the tour through February 12th in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. In addition ULI will be joined by various Dean Artists throughout the tour.

Elliot commented about being a part of ULI's band on the upcoming tour:

"I have been fortunate to be able to have played with ULI everywhere from cruise ship tours to European trade shows. He is clearly one of the greatest guitarists ever with a sense of harmonies few possess. Since we grew up on the same music we share a passion for greats like Jimi Hendrix. I am very excited about being a part of the filming and recording taking place on this tour"

ULI is equally excited to be playing with Rubinson:

"It is always a real pleasure to share the stage with Elliott Rubinson. Not only is he an excellent bass player, who delivers the goods at every show, but he also connects with the audience in a great way. Together we're rocking the house!"

As one of the founding members of THE SCORPIONS, ULI wrote much of the material on the bands first five albums ("Fly to the Rainbow", "In Trance", "Virgin Killer", "Taken by Force" and the critically acclaimed live release "Tokyo Tapes"). These albums helped shape what is now considered the classic SCORPIONS sound.

Breaking major ground with his music, ULI is regarded as a significant influence by many notable guitar players of yesterday and today including but not limited to Slash, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen. Having collaborated and shared the stage with the likes of Jack Bruce, UFO, Brian May, and others, ULI continues to inspire and pave the way for musicians and fans alike.Widely recognized as perhaps the single most important protagonist of Neo-classical guitar playing, ULI is seen by many as a trend-setter who has often been considerably ahead of his time.

In addition to his breathtaking 40th Anniversary shows, ULI will also be offering his world renowned Sky Academy Seminars while he is on the road in North America. The aim of Sky Academy is to provide knowledge and inspiration to those who take guitar playing seriously and to help them reach a new plateau. The seminars are designed to open musicians' eyes to new possibilities and to trigger an awakening of the student's full potential and talent. Special emphasis is given to inspirational concepts rather than technical means. While the academy is also discussing matters of technique, purely practical aspects of guitar playing are not at the forefront of the teaching. This means that exercises play only a minor role in the seminar, which aims to impart ways of HOW to get better in a short time, rather than prescribing exercises as a means to get better, or as some sort of musical 'medicine'. Exercises are undoubtedly an important part of any musician's development, but there are already numerous facilities to learn about these things, and Sky Academy is designed to teach particularly those things which are not normally touched upon in music teaching, but which provide a true gateway to mastery.

Live and Sky Academy Seminars
2/5: Chantilly, VA @ Sully's
2/6: New York, NY @ Stage 48 *SA
2/7: White Marsh, MD @ House of Rock *SA
2/8: Montreal, QC @ Le National
2/9: Toronto, ON @ The Rock Pile *SA
2/10: Toronto, ON @ The Rock Pile
2/12: Ottawa, ON @ The Brass Monkey *SA
2/13: Sellersville, PA @ Sellersville Theater *SA
2/15: Kenosha, WI @ Hatrix
2/16: Savage, MN @ Neisen's Sports Bar & Grill *SA
2/17: Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Rock Club *SA
2/21: Tempe, AZ @ Club Red
2/22: Las Vegas, NV @ Vamp'd
2/23: Corona, CA @ Marquee 15
2/24: Santa Rosa, CA @ The Last Day Saloon
2/26: Seattle, WA @ El Corazon *SA
2/27: Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater *SA
3/1: Concord, CA @ Vinnies

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shows On Our Radar: Enslaved, Pallbearer, Royal Thunder, Ancient VVisdom at Reggies 2/3/13 #metal

Spend your sabbath in a Winter Rite with some serious metal


Enslaved was formed in 1991 by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson, and did their first demo “Yggdrasill” in the summer of 1992. Enslaved released the legendary mini album “Hordanes Land” in 1993 (this was released also as a split-CD with Emperor’s s/t MLP). Enslaved’s debut album came during the spring of 1994, while the historically successful second album “Frost” was released already late 1994.
“Eld” in many ways marked the opening of a horizon-widening era for the band in 1997 – the following year saw the release of “Blodhemn”; perhaps surprising some with its fury and blacker edges. “Mardraum (Beyond the Within)” was released in 2000; this aural nightmare of an album sent shock waves through the Extreme Metal scene with its experimental, innovative approach. The band followed up with “Monumension” in 2001; and again the band was shocked to see the positive response to their “no rules” approach to Extreme Metal.
Many see an important, if not the important milestone being “Below the...[read more]

Pallbearer is a metal band from Central Arkansas, formed in 2008 after spending time playing in various bands around the Little Rock underground metal scene. Paying homage to doom metal of old while still looking wholly forward, the band built upon the underground success of their initial demo offering in 2010 and their debut full length “Sorrow and Extinction” was released in February, 2012 to virtually universal critical acclaim. Now the band slowly marches onward to deliver its progressively-tinged beautiful gloom on a global scale.

Royal Thunder is an Atlanta based, four-piece, progressive rock/metal, alternative band founded by lead guitarist Josh Weaver in 2006. After going through some lineup changes, Mlny Parsonz (bass/vocals) joined the group in 2007. Together, the two added drummer Lee Smith whom Weaver and Parsonz had played with in a previous band, and then last but not least Josh Coleman (rhythm guitar) was added to the fold.
Royal Thunder self-recorded and released a seven song EP in late 2009 before signing with renowned independent label, Relapse Records, who re-issued the EP in 2010. The band quickly gained critical praise, being described as “Led Zeppelin astride a psychedelic unicorn” by and “Black Math Horseman or Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, fronting Black Sabbath.” by Brooklyn Vegan.
Royal Thunder is set to release their proper full-length debut entitled ‘CVI’ via Relapse Records in the spring of 2011. ‘CVI’ is a sultry, southern, hard rock thinker of an album that is an... [read more]

A dark, enlightening foresight into the future of humankind dictated by singer/songwriter Nathan Opposition.
Ancient VVisdom was founded in Austin, TX in late 2009 with the order consisting of Nathan Opposition , writer and vocalist, Justin “Ribs” Mason on acoustic guitar, and Nathan’s brother, Michael on electric guitar.
In 2010, they recorded and released a split 12” EP with Charles Manson entitled “Inner Earth Inferno” (Withdrawal Records), which garnished praise from critics and cultists alike.
The band spent the rest of the year sharpening their blackened craft, using acoustic guitars to give the music an organic connection to the nefarious rites they beget. Writing well over an albums-worth of material, they chose the most appropriate songs for their debut LP ” a godlike inferno” to record at The Bubble, a local, vvorld renowned studio in Austin, TX. For the recording , they... [read more]

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mondo Generator LIVE at Reggies 1-6-13 #liveshowshots

ChiIL Live Shows shots of Mondo Generator with Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss Lives, Dwarves) LIVE at Reggie's Rock Club Chicago 1/6/13.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saviours LIVE at Reggies in Chicago 1-6-13 #metal #video #liveshowshots

Saviours LIVE at Reggies in Chicago 1-6-13--ChiIL Live Shows

Check out ChiIL Live Shows for original coverage of touring bands playing Chi, IL....Chicago locals, free downloads, reviews, tour news, original band video interviews, pit photos, videos and more.


Saviours are a heavy metal band from Oakland, California in the United States. We formed in September 2004 and have released four albums and seven EPs and we have played some shows in 21 countries on Earth.

Check back with ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often for tour news on bands coming through Chicago, free downloads, giveaways, and loads of original content including band video interviews, live show footage, pit photos and more.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wino LIVE at Reggies Opening for Mondo Generator 1-6-13 #liveshowshots #HDvideo

Wino LIVE at Reggies in Chicago.   Check out ChiIL Live Shows' original shots and video from 1-6-13, opening for Mondo Generator.    Special guests pictured include Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator) and many more.

According to Wikipedia:

Robert Scott "Wino" Weinrich[1] (born September 29, 1960[2]) is an American heavy metal guitarist, songwriter and singer.


He has been highly influential in helping develop and codify doom metal's trademark sound.[3] Active since 1976, when he started his first band War Horse, Weinrich is best known for being the frontman and guitarist of the doom metal bands The Obsessed and Saint Vitus. Weinrich is also a solo artist, having released three studio albums since 2009.
From 2010 onwards, Wino's solo material consists exclusively of acoustic material. Having released two acoustic albums so far, Adrift in 2010 and Heavy Kingdom (a collaboration with Conny Ochs) in 2012, Wino toured extensively Europe and North America as a solo artist.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Witchbanger LIVE at Reggies 1/6/13 #metal #doom #originalphotos

ChiIL Live Shows' shots of Chicago's own Witchbanger, opening for 

Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator 1/6/13

We're always happy to promote the projects of our creative friends.   We've known Witchbanger's guitarist, Omar (OMs) for at least 15 years and he was the tattoo artist for the dragonfly on my foot.   

He also does the rockin' art for the band.   We picked up one of their EPs at the show and will have a review up shortly.   Like doom?   Keep an ear out for Witchbanger around town.   

They play and DJ at Ultra Lounge and other spaces fairly often.

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