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Friday, February 24, 2012

Houdini Box-ChiIL Mama's Video Interview With Blair Thomas and Hannah Kohl

Houdini Box at Chicago Children's Theatre opened to rave reviews and critical acclaim.  ChiIL Mama had the great opportunity to interview director, Blair Thomas and book/lyrics writer, Hannah Kohl.  Catch this show while you can, before it performs a disappearing act worthy of the great magician himself.
Houdini Box is suitable for kids 5 and up, but all ages through adults will enjoy this magical production full of puppetry, excellent music, and a mysterious, creative storyline.    Houdini Box is playing in Chicago at The Mercury Theatre through March 4th, then rematerializing in Skokie from March 14th-25th.

*Check out ChiIL Mama's Houdini Box review and photo filled feature here.   

*Check out our interview with Oscar nominee, Brian Selznick, author of the original children's stories Houdini Box, the play, and Hugo, the movie, were based on!   He's joined by Mark "Mucca Pazza" Messing, one of our favorite musical masterminds who wrote the score to Houdini Box and the recently extended Hunchback Variations, also now playing!

Click here for tickets and further information.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brian Selznick Video Interview-Author of Hugo Cabret & Houdini Box

Article first published as Interview With Brian Selznick, author of Hugo Cabret & Houdini Box on Technorati.

Check out ChiIL Live Shows original interview with Brian Selznick & Mark Messing on opening day of The Houdini Box, theatrical adaptation, at Chicago Children's Theatre. I caught up with Brian and Mark hours before the first performance of this world premier. Hugo, the movie, adapted from Selznick's book and illustrations, was a huge hit in 2011 and has been nominated for 11 Oscars-the most of any film this year!

Hear how Brian first found out about the nominations, see him dabble in set painting, hear about his stage adaptation of Houdini Box, and get to know the man behind Scorsese's latest masterpiece. Hugo is one of our family's favorite films of all times. The Houdini Box play was also adapted from one of Selznick's original children's book. Mark Messing wrote the score.

Check out ChiIL Mama's prior photo filled Houdini Box coverage for show details.

If you haven't caught this one yet, we highly recommend it!   The Mercury Theater run ends March 4th.   Then the show moves to Skokie.   Catch Houdini Box before it magically disappears!

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