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Monday, February 4, 2013

INCOMING: Graveyard at Lincoln Hall THIS TUESDAY #metal

Tuesday, February 05 2013
8:00 PM | 21+

We dig Swedish metal and although we haven't caught them live before, Graveyard sounds like our kind of people!   Can't wait to check 'em out live tomorrow night.   I've been to Orebro, Sweden and still have a friend from there I've known almost all my life and consider family.   

Here's what Lincoln Hall's site says about the band:  From the combination of being a great live act and having the ability to write and record great songs the future is looking really bright for Graveyard. The band is standing on a solid foundation of classic rock but Graveyard is more than just your average rockband. The band's open mind towards adapting and bringing in different musical influences - from everything in between hard rock, rock, blues, folk and jazz – makes the band stand out in the crowd. And the good thing for a band like Graveyard is that ……. you don’t have to put a label on being great.

Here's what Graveyard says:

Graveyard was formed in Gothenburg 2007. Joakim and Rikard played together in a band called Norrsken nack in Örebro. First Joakim moved to Gothenburg, then Axel and then Rikard. Joakim, Axel and a bunch of other guys started a band called Albatros, which Rikard soon joined. On guitar! 

After a while they decided that they wanted to take a different direction musically, and play more straight forward rock, so they started Graveyard. With that said it didn’t take long before things started to happen for Graveyard and before we knew it we were about to record and release our first album. (released on Transubstans in Europe and Tee Pee in North America). During the recording of the first album guitarist Truls Mörck left the band and was replaced by Jonatan. 

After the release of the first album we did what most ordinary rockband do to promote ourselves and our albums – extensive touring in crappy vans all across Europe and the US. And now that we have got our second album Hisingen blues out (Nuclear Blast  and Universal in Sweden) we are believe it or not excited to bring the new songs out to the public. By doing this we will hopefully get to see some of our favorite places again and also visit other countries and continents to which the first album didn’t take us – cos no matter how much fun it is to write and record albums it’s is in the live environment that we feel totally at home as a band.

The musical plan and an important piece of the puzzle …..

When we started the band we did so without a plan ever to come this far – but with that said we started Graveyard with the ambition and intention to take it as far as we could. Graveyard as a band wasn’t gonna be about mocking around in the rehearsal room, cos we knew what we wanted to do and that we also had the musical skills and the dedication to write and record great songs that could and would take us places. 

All ready from the start we knew what kind of music we wanted to play and how we wanted it to sound.  About our sound it’s one thing to write and rehearse songs but it’s a totally different thing to go into a studio and get the right production to back them up. In this area we really struck gold when we met Don Alsterberg. Don has produced both our albums and has done an amazing job. The thing with Don was that he right from the start really understood us as individuals and as a band, and managed to take our creative vision and put it into a production that really brings out the best of both Graveyard as a band and our songs. The production sometimes goes even beyond what we had it sounding like in our minds and it doesn’t get much better than that. But don’t think that we are happy with Hisingen and that’s it, in this department both Graveyard and Don are ready and can’t wait to get started on the next album. We just need to get a “little” bit of touring done before we get started – so as far as the bands “one year plan” goes there will be no rest for the wicked.

Summary and no future? ….

To sum it up and end the story of Graveyard this far we would like to once again inform the reader that we don’t really have a plan except to keep on doing what we do in the best way that we can. And on this note we would like to be a little bit non-Swedish and add that we’re really proud of what we have done as a band this far. Without a grand plan there are still a couple of things that we can say and guarantee about the future, and that is that we will probably be around for as long as we feel that we have the musical creativity and the drive to keep on pushing ourselves in our songwriting, in the studio and live. So with that said all you fans of Graveyard can just keep your fingers crossed, buy our albums and come to our shows and time will tell how long this circus will continue. Cos we don’t know, can’t tell and don’t care too much about the future – we’re just here to entertain and provide the world with some great music according to our book.

All for now and keep supporting good music!
Joakim, Rikard, Axel and Jonatan – aka GRAVEYARD

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