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Friday, March 15, 2013

Enslaved LIVE at Reggies #metal #originalvideo #liveshowshots

Enslaved LIVE at Reggies 2/3/13.   ChiIL Live Shows caught progressive black metal metal band, Enslaved, formed in Sveio, Norway, in June, 1991. They are currently based out of Bergen, Norway.   

They played an excellent mix of old and new tunes off their recent fall 2012 release, Riitiir.

They put on an intense live show, rocking their own extreme/black/Viking/progressive metal sound. 

Enslaved is Ivar Bjørnson (guitarist/backing vocals), Grutle Kjellson (growling vocals/bass), Ice Dale (guitarist), Herbrand Larsen (keyboard/clean lead vocals), and Cato Bekkevold (drums).   

This talented 5 piece took the US by storm on their Winter Rite tour.   It's no wonder they've been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy 7 times!   Reggies was completely packed so I had to stay stage left and couldn't get a good angle on the drums or keyboards.   

The audience was mesmerized.   I'd catch them again in a second.

Enslaved--Thoughts Like Hammers LIVE at Reggies shot by ChiIL Live Shows

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Check out their most recent release on itunes, Amazon or album/CD at their site.

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