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Monday, August 13, 2012

DRAGONY Debut Album Legends Streaming In Full

 Legends Available Tomorrow 14th Via Limb Music
Austrian power metallers DRAGONY will release their debut album Legends, tomorrow on Limb Music.  Today the band is giving fans a sneak peak to listen to the entire album one day before it is released.  Get a first listen HERE, courtesy of AOL Music's Full Album Listening Party Series.

What first began as a project in the idyllic alpine republic has solidified into a real band. Everyone knows that Austrians don't do things half-heartedly and it was only to be expected that the former DRAGONSLAYER PROJECT had evolved into a solid lineup by 2008. Since then the road led ever upwards for the six lads from Vienna.

Being professional enough to recognize that the band name was a bit bulky, they changed it to DRAGONY in 2011 and continued their march forward. Their excellently produced debut album comprised of melodic, symphonic power metal with traditional character which stands up well against comparisons with the productions of long-standing international acts.

So it is also no wonder that the DRAGONY musicians have become well known on the Austrian circuit. Legendscombines the entire know-how of the six lads in ten songs, which span sounds from tough heaviness to high-powered melody lines. Overall, Legends can be summed up as high quality, symphonic power metal with ass-kicking melody inserts, powerful guitars and lyrics with insight.

The work on the debut album lasted until the end of 2011, but for good reasons: They had been able to talk numerous guest musicians into contributing their skills, for example Tom Tieber of Ecliptica, Katie Joanne of Siren's Cry and naturally Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear, all of whom give their best on the album, as do many other guest musicians from the Austrian scene. And it is exactly because of these additional performances by their guests, that the material retains a certain rock opera character. Fine-tuning the result was carried out by Mika Jussila during his wonderful mastering work in the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki.

Legends unites a powerful wall of guitars with huge choruses in songs, which are predominantly kept in mid-tempo style. The impressive, charismatic voice of Siegfried "The Dragonslayer" Samer, is hugely admirable, with its incredible volume driving every song forward. After a classical intro,DRAGONY get down to business with "Burning Skies", a bone-shaking, fast power metal number with a great rhythm, gilded by the exceptional voice of Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear). After an ass-kicking headbanger beat in the first third of "Land Of Broken Dreams", the guitar duo Andreas Poppernitsch and Daniel Stockinger continue with brilliant riffs, clearly influenced by Avantasia and Hammerfall. This is pure steel being hammered into shape! The rather epic and theatrically configured "The Longest Night" changes speed and feeling during its entire playing time, making the track extremely varied. Of course, as far as DRAGONY's overall sound goes, one finds similarities with bands such as Edguy, Kamelot, Sabaton and Stratovarius, bands with unforgettable, attainable, melodic elements, somewhere between traditional, classical heavy metal and epically configured song structures.Legends and its high quality will not disappoint any fan of those bands - this album is far too good for that!


1)    Of Legends...

2)    Burning Skies

3)    Land of Broken Dreams

4)    Dragonslayer

5)    Wings of the Night

6)    Vaults of Heaven

7)    The Longest Night

8)    Hero's Return

9)    The Ride

10)    Alcador

Frederic Brünner - Drums
Andreas Poppernitsch - Guitars
Georg Lorenz - Keyboards
Siegfried Samer - Vocals
Herbert Glos - Bass
Daniel Stockinger - Guitars

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