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Sunday, August 16, 2015

NightBlue Theatre Gets Ambitious with a Kickstarter Campaign and THREE Openings

Here at ChiIL Live Shows, we support high quality Chi, IL theatre of all shapes and sizes and we love to review everything from big budget Broadway extravaganzas down to scrappy store front productions. We've enjoyed the high quality, award winning productions NightBlue has mounted in past seasons so we're happy to spread the word about the Kickstarter and their ambitious, exciting plans for 2015/16. Help out if you can, and come out to support Chicago's incomparable live theatre scene. 

NightBlue is looking to raise $8000 through its kickstarter campaign ($4000 for costumes/ $4000 for lights) by August 31.  Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated and will go directly to offset additional spending in both of these areas. Click here to check out their main site for details on Kickstarter donating, purchasing tickets, and full show details.
NightBlue is an Illinois 501(c)(3) organization.  As such, your contribution may be deductible up to the full amount. NightBlue Performing Arts Company is a Jeff nominated theater company entering its 9th season in Chicago.  In that short time, we have gained a reputation for doing great productions of big shows in small spaces.  And this fall is no exception, as NightBlue becomes the first non-equity company in over 5 years to take on two full length musicals in repertory. In keeping with our tradition these are no small shows.  The shows are Mel Brooks' The Producers, and
Blake Edwards,Victor/Victoria!  

These shows are a mammoth undertaking, but NightBlue really wants them to shine!  To do that, for the first time, NightBlue is undertaking a kickstarter campaign to help fund some of the costs for the spectacular costuming and lighting needed for these productions.  Its a huge step for us, as we have never come to you, our theater patrons and supporters and asked to help fund a piece of a show, but we need your help to help put the polish on these great pieces!


Mel Brooks' The Producers - Max Bialystock, the one­time king of Broadway producers hungry to strike it rich, and Leo Bloom, an accountant with dreams of someday becoming a theatre producer, discover that they could get richer by producing a flop than a hit and start by finding the worst show, worst director, and worst actors. When their new production, “Springtime for Hitler,” turns out to be a smash success, the plan is thrown off and the partners’ lives are thrown into chaos.

VICTOR/VICTORIA - A down-on-her-luck singer is convinced by a gay impresario to masquerade as a female impersonator, becoming a huge success in Paris nightclubs and attracting the attentions of a Chicago gangster, in the musical version of the 1982 film.

Coming Spring of 2016

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