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Sunday, June 12, 2016

RECAP: Clutch and C of C Rock Piere's in Fort Wayne


Hub Entertainment Center
Fort Wayne, IN 6/10/16

Check out our full set of Clutch shots here:
More favorites are embedded below

By the time they hit the 25 year mark, it's rare bands are still together, with all the original members alive and still on speaking terms. And of those bands, most are nostalgia tours, only regurgitating hits from decades ago. Few are still producing new material prolifically and fewer still are improving with age like wine and cheese... and Clutch. 

Back in the mid 90's when we were first dating, my future husband and I hit a number of live Clutch shows, and their music, along with other 90's metal, punk and grunge bands, was a soundtrack for some of the best times we ever had with friends. So it was fitting that this year Dug & I spent our actual 16th anniversary on a Clutch/ Corrosion Of Conformity road trip. Traditional anniversary gift guides say hollow silver like tea pots and vases, is the suggested gift for the 16th anniversary, but I'd take live metal over hollow silver any day, especially if it's Clutch! Best. Anniversary. Ever. 

We hopped on the band wagon with their first release and never jumped off. Their sound has varied a bit over the years, but we always adored them for their steadfast refusal to sell out. They continued to fly under the radar, playing what they love and loving what they played, for decades, not changing their sound or their look. And we continued to see them live every chance we got.

My children who are now teens were raised on Clutch and were thrilled to finally see them live, back in 2008 at Summer Camp Music Festival. My kids ran around the on site camp grounds happily belting out Shogun Named Marcus, Rats, and other favorites. Clutch's early releases are still in heavy rotation on our iPods.

Clutch Fans, the next generation 
My kids, Dugan (7) & Sage (5) w/ the guitar Dugan won at Kidzapalooza. ©Kenaz-Mara 2008

Then came Earth Rocker and Psychic Warfare and the world discovered our little secret. Clutch is an insanely good band with killer riffs, literate lyrics and a powerful sound that will seep into your brain cell and never let go. We've featured the band over 25 times and hope they don't stop doing their thing any time in the near future. 

More Clutch Favorites From Piere's 
Fort Wayne, IN 6/10/16:

 Clutch has the best fans ever. 

Piere's even had a great ADA section to the side of the stage with decent sight lines for those on crutches and wheelchair bound.

Maryland boy, Neil bringing a bit of home town on the road with a Washington DC's 9:30 Club Tee. DC Sound Attack indeed.

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