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Monday, August 13, 2012

Schubas Monday Showcase is Back

Check out sweet local bands the next 3 Mondays for just $6 a night (21+).    

Monday, August 13, 2012 8:00 PM
21+ $6.00
08-13-2012 Common Shiner
Brand new Acoustic album out now! Although the individual members of Common Shiner hail from different cities, in 2008 they decided to make Chicago, IL they're musical home. It's here that they've crafted their sound and came up with the notion that Pop music can be more than just a hook…it can be meaningful as well. Influenced by not only the music they listen to, but also by their friends and the wonderful community of artists they've discovered through local shows and open mics, Common Shiner is ready to bring their music and bare their souls to the world. Having recently released an acoustic album "Before They Sold Out (Part 1)" full of brand new material, Common Shiner is showing just what can be done with a song when it's stripped to its core. Their calendar is planned with playing all the shows they can in their great region of the Midwest, and later in the year recording another full-length album….this time with all their instruments.

Next Monday
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  • MONDAY 08/20/2012 8:00 PM 
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  • 21+
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  • $6.00 
The New Folk celebrates the release of their debut album Sea Fever with an August 2012 “Practice Space Presents:” residency at Schubas, but the story behind The New Folk began in 2005 as Singer/Songwriter Todd Kessler went in to the studio to record his debut album. That album, entitled We Are The MusicMakers, was released in 2006 and with the backing of his original band helped Kessler to make his name and music known in the local Chicago music scene. In 2007 and 2008, in the midst of touring the Midwest, Kessler teamed up with Producer Greg “G-Ball” Magers to record his next two albums, The Veronika EP and Boomerang, only garnering him more praise and recognition on the road and at home. It was while recording The Veronika EP that The New Folk began to take root with the addition of Bob Parlier on Drums, Sam Smiley on Guitar and Graham Burris on Bass. The quartet began playing out in 2008 in support of Boomerang, still under the name of Todd Kessler, but it was during the next two years and the addition of a String section (Elana Hiller and Chris Bauler), a Horn section (David Ben-Porat and Ben Bell Bern) and a second vocalist (Molly Parlier) that the band began to make waves with their signature Alt-Folk-Pop sound. 2009’s double-single release Golden Bird, along with headlining shows at Schubas, Lincoln Hall, Double Door and Millennium Park, solidified the bands place as a respected group in Chicago, and in 2010, the band began playing shows under the name Todd Kessler and the New Folk. With over two years, countless shows and a slew of new material, the band, now billed simply as The New Folk, teamed up with producer Manny Sanchez to begin work on their debut album, Sea Fever, in August of 2010. Two years and hundreds of studio hours later later, Sea Fever will be released this August under Kessler’s label Wyzguy Records.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shows on Our Radar: March Fourth & Jonas Friddle at Martyr's 6/8


Fri, Jun 8 




Are you a fan of Chi-town's Mucca Pazza?   Ever watch Portlandia?   March Fourth is Portland's punk rock marching band and they're marching forth to entertain YOU, right here in the windy city.   Check 'em out.   My little sis lives in Portland and has been a fan for years.   She was born on March 4th and every year the band throws down a big show on their namesake day and invites everyone who shares that birthday to get in free.   So basically they've been playing her birthday bash for years!   Fun fun.  We'll be there to shoot the show and can't wait to check em out at Martyr's.   Here's the March Fourth site.


Here's what Martyr's site has to say:

March Fourth Marching Band
Throw up your batons! Toss about that pocket-stored confetti! Let the high steppin’, flair totin’ cyclone of happiness begin!” -San Francisco Bay GuardianMarchFourth Marching Band (known as M4 by fans) is a large band and performance troupe from Portland, OR that was formed in 2003. M4 is hard to describe and, though the music can stand alone, the live show is unparalleled, unexpected, and uplifting.MarchFourth Marching Band connects with so many different types of audiences that they have been invited to play a huge variety of events over the past seven years–everything from the music festival main stage to the elementary school gymnasium to the streets of a town near you.

Jonas Friddle & the Majority
Jonas Friddle & The Majority arrived on the scene simultaneously debuting two records on March 24th, 2012. “Belle De Louisville” and “Synco Pony” showcase this seven-piece band’s ability to pull from both the string band and blues traditions of American Roots music. The Chicago-based “orchestral folk” group is comprised of a string section, brass, organ, banjo and drums. Each member of the Majority boasts a strong personal music career with close ties to Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, where the band formed.Jonas Friddle’s passion for old-time style banjo from his native North Carolina leads to rhythmic and rolling compositions. Following the example of new folk groups like Crooked Still, Abigail Washburn and Old Crow Medicine Show, Jonas looks for a new take on an old sound. 

We're fans of local fav, Jonas Friddle, too.    He played the Beat Kitchen Concerts for Kids series we sponsor with our alt-punk-parenting blog, ChiIL Mama.   This show's for the big kids, though, AKA:  adults (21+).   

Check out Jonas Friddle & the Majority's main site right here.   Sign up for their mailing list and you can get two tunes FREE from their dual album release.   Way to make an entrance!  

Click here for tixs to their Martyr's show and further details.

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