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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nylon Premieres My Gold Mask's 'Burn Like The Sun' Video

My Gold Mask Announces Tour And SXSW Dates

Tour Dates:

March 9th -  Chicago, IL - Schubas
March 16th @ Midnight - Austin, TX -  SXSW (Hickory Street)
March 19th -  Hot Springs, AR - Low Key Arts
April 13th -  Cincinnati, OH -  MOTR
April 26th -  Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
Apr 6th - Kansas City - Middle Of The Map Fest
June 25 - Philadelphia, PA  - Kung Fu Necktie
June 26 - Boston, MA - The Middle East
June 27 - Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory

Praise For My Gold Mask

"Like Karen O, Gretta Rochelle runs on a rheostat, transitioning smoothly between low-wattage sultriness 
and floodlit blare" -Pitchfork
"My Gold Mask gets mega sounds and emotion out of two instruments, their tense guitar whorls and crackling warbles 
perfect for this rainy morning" - Fader
"...the Chicago duo's ominous brand of rock 'n' roll...concentrates heavily on drummer Gretta Rochelle's smoky, 
tribal howl and Jack Armondo's guttery electric guitar." - Magnet
"...two of the most talented individuals we've discovered in the past year" - Sheena Beaston
"Gretta Rochelle's soaring vocals bring a refreshing grunge sound ala Courtney Love to a very current sound.  
Jack Armondo, brings an element to each song with great guitars to match her roaring vocals." - Off the Radar
"Like a perfect steak dinner, your favorite jeans, or an old flame's kiss, My Gold Mask infuses some heart into the mundane,
 and makes it beautiful." - Pretty Much Amazing 

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