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Friday, February 28, 2014

HELP OUT: Indiegogo for Chicago's Aria Women's Chorus video for LGBTQ Russian Youth

Here at ChiIL Live Shows & ChiIL Mama we're all about lots of genres of alternative music, art, culture, food, theatre and urban living. We're a straight, but not narrow minded family, and we're outspoken allies for our friends fighting for social justice and equality. We're happy to count many gay friends and families in our circle of friends. We're also more than willing to spread the word for great causes and interesting events.

The following Indiegogo Campaign was brought to our attention by a long time Chicago friend of ours who is a mom to 2 girls and she has this to say:

As you all already know, I sing in the Aria Women's Chorus, a group very special to me which uses music to leverage support for a myriad of social justice issues.  

Currently, we are focussing on the new legislation in Russia which prohibits youth (and all other individuals) from identifying as LGBTQ.  

We are making a music video which will be disseminated to Russian youth by  Our Artistic Director has written a song for the project, which says (in Russian): You are beautiful just the way you are.  

We are having an indiegogo campaign to support the video production.  I have a personal goal of having 10 friends donate to the campaign.  Can you contribute $10 or $15 to kids who need to hear the sound of hope?  Pretty please?  

Click the link below to add your voice to the song. 

Thanks everyone! 

IndieGoGo Campaign link: You Are Beautiful

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