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Friday, May 3, 2013

TONIGHT: Mathien Record Release-Darling Television, How Far to Austin, Jackpot Donnie, and more at HOB (17+)

Chi, IL Live Shows on our radar

House of Blues in Chicago will be jammin' tonight!!   

Friday 05/03/2013
Doors: 06:30 PM
Show: 07:30 PM
$15.00 - GA - Advanced
$20.00 - GA - Day Of
Ages: 17+

House of Blues Chicago
329 N. Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 923-2000

Headlining Artist:  Mathien

Other Artists at this Event:

    •    How Far to Austin
    •    Zaramela
    •    Jackpot Donnie
    •    Paige & The Reverent Few


**Go EARLY and catch Jackpot Donnie.**


Then our old friends, How Far to Austin are on at 9:45 SHARP.   The took a bit of a baby break to have a 2nd child Isabelle in December, but they're back and ready to rock.

As if that's not enough, the show tonight is MATHIEN'S RECORD RELEASE PARTY FOR DARLING TELEVISION.

Over 2/3 of the available tickets are already SOLD OUT, all of the opera boxes are SOLD OUT, but still plenty of floor tickets left - snatch them up while you still can:

Click here for tickets at cost (
$15 )--without all the fees that Live Nation & Ticketmaster charge.   We'll see you there!

HFA says:  We're back at the world famous House of Blues in Chicago on Friday May 3rd, for our first live performance in over 9 months!!

Buying your tickets here in advance saves you more than $10 on Ticketmaster & Venue fees, and helps us show the venue how hard we work to spread the word about our performances . . . your physical tickets will be waiting under your name at the House of Blues box office on the night of the show!

Mathien "Darling Television" Record Release w/ How Far to Austin, Zaramela, Jackpot Donnie, and Paige & The Reverent Few

UPCOMING:   Click here for details on Mathien w/ Todd Kessler at Lincoln Hall 5/29

Click here for our past photo filled coverage of Mathien.

Click here for our past video interview & photo filled coverage of How Far to Austin.

Check back with ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often.   We have more unreleased LIVE show shots of both Mathien at Reggies Rock Club and HFTA at HOB coming soon.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

INCOMING: Clutch Earth Rocker Tour Hits House of Blues Chicago THIS Friday #originalshowphotos

Clutch LIVE at the Vogue     Photo Credit:   Bonnie Kenaz-Mara for ChiIL Live Shows

Clutch has long been one of our favorites for their hard rockin' music and intriguing lyrics.   Check 'em out live THIS Friday 4/12/13 at House of Blues in Chicago.  


Clutch w/special guests Orange Goblin, Lionize, Scorpion Child

Clutch w/special guests Orange Goblin, Lionize, Scorpion Child concert tickets for the show at House of Blues Chicago

Friday 04/12/2013 

Doors: 06:00 PM
Show: 07:30 PM 
$25.00 - GA - Advanced
$28.00 - GA - Day of Show
Ages: 17+

329 N. Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 923-2000

Headlining Artist:

Other Artists at this Event:

Last year, they skipped Chi-town on tour (Joliet was the closest they came), so we road tripped down to The Vogue in Indianapolis to catch 'em with Prong and Lionize.   We'll be video interviewing Lionize tomorrow.   

Check back with ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often.   We've got an original video interview with frontman, Neil Fallon, on everything from their excellent new release, Earth Rocker to balancing parenting and touring coming up very soon.

We've also got our review of Earth Rocker that will be up in the near future.   It's been in heavy rotation here at ChiIL Live Shows since the March release, and suffice it to say, this album rocks!   It's great to finally have some NEW Clutch out in the world!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Blackhawks & LZ2-- The Blackhawks (Immigrant) Song #originalvideo #Blackhawks #LZ2

Worlds collide alert!   Here are two of our local favorites, Led Zeppelin 2 and The Chicago Blackhawks.   ChiIL Live Shows caught LZ2 at Chicago HOB the day after the Hawks broke the Ducks 06-07 "16 non loss in regulation" record for best season opening streak.   Little did we know then that The Blackhawks would continue to kick butt and increase their non-loss streak to a whopping TWENTY FOUR!

Sure, ya can't win all the time, but we back you Blackhawks.   We came to games when you had one of the worst records in the NHL, and when you won the Stanley Cup.   We still proudly wore our jerseys during both strikes.   We had sweet Bank of America box seats with a TV crew we were shooting with, and I've shot Blackhawks training camp from the front row.   We've also had SRO tickets at the top of the Madhouse on Madison, where the view sucked, but the enthusiastic fans more than made up for the ant sized action.   We've honestly had more fun with fun people at the raucous back of the house, standing or rockin' the cheap seats more times than I can count.

We'll be watching you!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

LZ2 LIVE Show Shots From Chicago HOB 2/23/13 #photorecap

ChiIL Live Shows had the great pleasure of catching Led Zeppelin 2 in action again at HOB Chicago on 2/23/13 for The Song Remains The Same.

We still got some sweet shots, despite a security guard who decide to kick us out of the photo pit (we did have press/photo credentials) before we could even get a shot off.   Last LZ2 show they were fine about letting us stay in the pit and shoot the whole show, so I assumed they weren't going to boot us after the first 3 songs....which does happen frequently.   Evidently not. 

The band knew I had to come a little late from another shoot, so I did just miss the beginning, but thought I had the duration to shoot.   There were several other photographers still in and shooting.  Oh well.  I made the best of it by trying to shoot a bit from just behind the pit, but I was next to two charming guys who elbowed me over mosh pit style, on purpose, and actually said to each other "Block her.  Don't let any girls squeeze up in here." (Although they were easily tall enough to see over me and I was obviously trying to do my job and shoot the show!)   Nice. 

I uber fan.  I'm sure you shoved over a few hundred people to get your rail riding spot.   I'll happily concede the bigger prick award to you.  But, I have the bigger camera.  You have a cell phone.   So, in the future, if you might want some decent shots on line, to remember your favorite shows by later, try not to piss off the photographers and get in the way of them working.

I got a few shots then got outta dodge to hang with friends in the balcony, where the people were far friendlier and I wasn't getting crushed by idiots. 


As usual, the show was excellent.  At the risk of adding more stellar examples of humankind to the sardine can of bodies at their sold out shows, LZ2 still makes our highly recommend list.  Catch them as often as you can.   

Want a whole lot more for your LZ2 fix?

Check out loads of our past LZ2 LIVE show shots & review from HOB last year right here.

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