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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Misfits at Concord - Chicago October 2013 #OriginalPhotos #punk #hardrock

Every day is Halloween for The Misfits.   Still it was a treat to see them earlier this October at one of Chicago's newest music venues, Concord Music Hall. These guys have one of the most recognizable band logos out there, and they know how to rock a theme!   Of course they played all their own hits, and we even got to hear 'em cover Black Flag.   

Check out our full set of live show shots below.

The Concord's a pretty sweet space, close to The Congress, yet much more intimate.  There are plentiful bars and rumor is they'll be greatly expanding their presently meager beer choices next month.   At the moment they offer flaming bottles of booze, a fair selection of mixed drinks, and a few beers.

The main venue is up a bunch of stairs, so don't get too drunk to get back down them.  Balconies provide sweet sight lines (& refuge for younger kids at all ages shows) and there's a bit of seating around the edges of the back two levels. Watch your shins, though.  The black trunk like tables blend in to the dark and are bruisers.

A few lucky punk kin scored pit seating and more young kids were lining the balcony rails where they we're out of the crushing zone and had a great view of the mosh pit.

We're hoping Concord Music Hall improve the audio a bit along with the already slated improvements to the beers on tap.   The sound's loud enough but thin and weak on the bass end of things.   Otherwise, Concords a great addition to the mid sized club scene and to Logan Square in particular.   They've got an interesting and varied line up slated through fall.   Check 'em out here!

Here's a few of our favorites:

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