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Thursday, December 28, 2017

PHOTO RECAP: HELEN MONEY Avant-Metal Cello Virtuoso at Chicago's Empty Bottle 12/22/17

ALISON CHESLEY aka HELEN MONEY is a cellist who has become known for her adventurous sound, bold compositions, and compelling stage performance. Called “A classical-cellist-turned-avant-metal virtuoso" by the Boston Phoenix, CHESLEY channels her sensibilities and experience as a rock musician through a classical instrument, altering both genres without apology. 

She has played on over 150 albums with artists such as Disturbed, Bob Mould, Mono, Anthrax, Broken Social Scene, Russian Circles, and Archer Prewitt among others.

Full Set Of Shots In The Slideshow Here. 
More favorites embedded below.

It was truly a treat to see Helen Money in action. She was a thrill to shoot and even better to hear! Check out her YouTube videos and catch her in person if at all possible. 

More Favorite Shots:

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