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TONIGHT: Nick Waterhouse at Lincoln Hall 21+ #ChiILPicksList

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ChiIL Live Shows ChiILPicksList

Tonight we'll be shooting stills at the Nick Waterhouse concert at Lincoln Hall. Highly recommended. We catch his fantastic live shows every time he comes through Chicago, and have also shot 2 of his concerts before. Check out some of our past coverage and photo filled features here. 


$18 Doors
Friday, September 19 2014
10:00 PM | 21+

Nick Waterhouse’s art springs from a simple idea: everybody wants to be somebody else. One of his heroes, Van Morrison, got his start covering Bobby Bland, whose own musical idol was Nat “King” Cole. In Waterhouse’s view, emulation is a journey; you never truly succeed, but as the singer, guitarist and songwriter puts it, “You become something on the way there.”

Nick was born in 1986 and grew up in Huntington Beach, a place known predominantly for its tanning salons, commercial surf culture, and UFC fighters. In his early teens, he established his musical sensibilities in the midst of the burgeoning Southern California DIY scene (Burger Records, Ty Segall, McHugh’s Distillery studio), through which he refined his own idiosyncratic perspective on the spirit of American Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll.

Waterhouse started performing as a teenager. “It was really motivated by fear,” he recalls. “I’m kind of an introvert, so it was an uncomfortable situation. It was a way to force a crisis.” The young artist experienced an exhilaration he’d never felt before, and hasn’t found anywhere else since. “It’s a feeling of heightened awareness that goes beyond pleasure,” Waterhouse explains. “It has something to do with seeing ahead in time and behind in time all at once. You don’t just get the immediate reward; you get the potential that rewards you the same way.” Check out his main site here and catch him LIVE if you can. Click here for current tour dates.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Carrie go back to high school in new Common Shiner video

Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Carrie White are just some of the ghouls that populate Wes Craven’s Slasher High School in the new music video by Chicago’s Common Shiner: 

The video, directed by Zoran Gvojic and presented by his Chicago-based comedy group, features the Common Shiner track “Social Mediasochist” from the 2013 release Before They Sold Out: Part 2:

CLOSING: Babes With Blades Witch Slap!

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FALL 2014: Witch Slap!
by Jeff Goode

We've been promoting this show since the first read through and have heard great things. Sadly, we've been shooting travel features out of state and we've been swamped since they opened and haven't made it over there to review. Still, check it out if you can. We are long time fans of Babes With Blades and so stoked that they call Chicago home. We've seen them tackle some amazing works over the years.

Like Hunger Games and women as protagonists who don't just lay around like the Disney coma princesses, waiting to be rescued?   Come check out some real life women who kick booty with sword fights & stage combat.  

Here at ChiIL Live Shows, Babes With Blades have been favorites of ours for years.   Their shows are aimed at adults, but my tweens adore them, too!

“Under Delia Ford’s direction, the actors take on their roles with distinction…Kimberly Logan (Crone) anchors the show with cackling wisdom…(Stefanie) Johnsen nails the physical comedy…Jennifer L. Mickelson garners laughs from her stoic presence…Loren Jones charms as the high-strung-witch-in-training” – Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh

Mass hysteria grips a colonial town as public witch hunts pit brother against brother. But when local witches attempt to band together to stop the madness, they quickly discover that sister against sister can be far more wicked.

Directed by Delia Ford*
Violence Design by Maureen Yasko*

“…The cast assembled by Delia Ford for this Babes With Blades production swaps vaudeville chat with precision timing…” – Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times

RUN: 8/17 – 9/20, Thurs – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 3:30pm

On the West Stage at the Raven Theatre Complex
6157 N. Clark St., Chicago

Get your tickets HERE! Or call to reserve: 773-904-0391
Check out our Promos & Events page for special deals!

CAST: Alison Dornheggen* (Jezebella), Stefanie Johnsen (Minerva), Loren Jones (Novella), Kimberly Logan* (Crone), Morgan Manasa* (Goody Blunt), Jennifer L. Mickelson* (Widow), Patti Moore (Sylvia)

STAFF: Kimberly Morris* (Costume Design), Justin Castellano (Lighting Design), Lindsey Miller (Stage Manager), Kait Mikitin (Production Manager), Claire Nelson (Props Design), Mason Absher (Sound Design), Nicci Schumacher (Scenic Design/Technical Director)
* denotes Babes With Blades company member

Witch Slap is the winner of the 2013-14 Joining Sword & Pen competition, sponsored since its inception by Fight Master David Woolley, SAFD. 

**(COINCIDENCE ALERT: We just saw David Woolley in the audience and spoke with him at the after party last night at the press opening of King Lear at Chicago Shakespeare. You may recognize him from The Swordsmen, frequent favorites on the Bristol Renaissance Faire and the Ohio Ren Faire circuits. We've been covering them for years.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

OPENING: King Lear at Chicago Shakespeare

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Chicago Shakespeare Theater Launches Season
Barbara Gaines directs Shakespeare’s masterpiece
King Lear
Featuring Larry Yando in the title role

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre has long been one of our favorite venues for the bard and beyond. ChiIL Live Shows will be the for the press opening of King Lear tonight, so check back like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often for our full review.

The Fool (Ross Lehman) shelters from the storm with the destitute King Lear (Larry Yando) in Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of Shakespeare’s King Lear, directed by Artistic Director Barbara Gaines, in CST’s Courtyard Theater through November 9, 2014. Photo by Liz Lauren.

A wrenching story of love, loss and reconciliation, King Lear has fascinated audiences for more than 400 years, and stands as Shakespeare's most towering achievement. Directed by CST Artistic Director Barbara Gaines, the brilliantly versatile actor Larry Yando takes on the monumental title role, marking his twenty-third production with Chicago Shakespeare.

A monarch obscured by the shadows of dementia resolves to retire, and divides his kingdom among his three daughters. The unexpected consequence of losing everything that defines him is shattering, a sobering reminder that even the most powerful can be undone. Director Barbara Gaines brings audiences a King Lear for our times to open Chicago Shakespeare's 2014/15 season in the Courtyard Theater now through November 9, 2014. Click here to purchase tickets and learn more.

INCOMING: Shawn Maxwell's Alliance & William Kurk Enterprise at Mayne Stage #ChiILPicksList

CHI, IL LIVE Shows On Our Radar
ChiIL Live Shows' ChiIL Picks List

October 17, 2014 | Show Starts 8:00 pm (7:00 pm DOORS)

As a performer and composer, Shawn Maxwell has established himself as a creative force on the vibrant and diverse Chicago music scene. For more than a decade, he has been leading his own groups with some of the city’s top young talent, and is an accomplished sideman on stage and in the studio.  Shawn has released six albums of all original works: Originals (2005), Originals II (2008), Maxwell’s House (2009), Urban Vigilante (2011), Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance (2014) and Burning Bridges (2014). The last four were released on the Chicago Sessions Label.
Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance started as an experiment; a gathering of friends to play some new music without stereotype or limitation. The resulting debut album, Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance stands as a new approach and direction, adding unusual instrumentation and distinct arrangements to Shawn’s powerful voice. Jazz, Folk, Classical, Pop & Funk are but some of the genres included in the writing for this project.

Members of the group include:
Shawn Maxwell – alto saxophone/flute/clarinet
Casey Fitzpatrick – soprano saxophone
Keri Johnsrud – voice
Mitch Corso – guitar
Stephen Lynerd – vibraphone/percussion
Marc Piane – bass
Stacy McMichael – bass
Meghan Fulton – french horn
Rachel Maxwell – french horn
Paul Townsend – drums

William Kurk Enterprise

William Kurk has always been passionate about the personal vision of art. An ambassador to the Chicago music scene by virtue of efforts to support fellow artists and the continued pursuit of maintaining original ideas, released five studio albums: 'The Sound: Vol.1' (2004), 'The Sound: Vol. 2' (2007), 'The Sound: Vol. 3' (2009), 'Pop Fusion' (2011), and 'Super Pop Fusion' (2012). Members of the Grammy-award winning band Yellowjackets are featured on the third album: Bob Mintzer and Will Kennedy on the contemporary jazz hit, “Another Day”. William Kurk has also been a host to many events and shows around Chicago, as well as reviewed several indie projects under the alias ‘The Musicianarian’.

Other studio credits outside of his own include: Seal, Melba Moore, Dwele, and Maysa Leak among many others. The William Kurk Enterprise- "LIVE IN CHICAGO" DVD was released in 2011, which is a live concert compilation of Kurk's ensemble performing across Chicago.

Some of the other notable accompaniment work for Kurk includes: Dionne Warwick, Melba Moore, Martha Reeves, Koko Taylor, Stanley Jordan, Kindred The Family Soul, Andre DeShields, Chico DeBarge, Eric Roberson, Frank McComb, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, KRS-ONE, Julie Dexter, and Bill Cosby. Kurk has also been featured by the Chicago Music Association as one of the rising young composers on the scene, and is currently the keyboardist for R&B/Funk legend Steve Arrington. The future will present more music to come from William Kurk, as the latest project will be a tribute album to all the artists that have been an influence to the musical journey. The legacy continues. 

Tickets $20.00

Friday, September 12, 2014

INCOMING: Clutch Plays Riot Fest Rebel Stage Friday at 5:30 #Riotfest #ChiILPicksList

Chi, IL Live Shows On Our Radar
ChiIL Live Shows ChiIL Picks List

Clutch & Mastodon
Rebel Stage
Friday at 5:30 & 7:00pm


This is a weekend full of must see acts, and heading off the weekend with a bang is Maryland based Clutch. Here at ChiIL Live Shows they've been a top favorite of ours for decades and we've done 20+ features on them over the years. So beyond stoked they're working on new material again!! We're aiming to start the day with GWAR at 4:15 but ALL of our friends are meeting up at Clutch. Be there.

We've had the pleasure of catching their lead singer, Neil Fallon, for an original video interview that's now up to 16,600+ views on ChiIL Live Shows' YouTube Channel. Check it out right here.

We've also shot pit photos of the band for years. Click here to check em out. We've included a few of our favorites at the bottom of this post.

For the past 20 years, the Maryland foursome has fused heavy metal, punk and even blues and funk into their stoner-friendly hard rock stew. They recently reissued deluxe versions of three records from the mid 00’s and are currently at work on their 10th album, with a handful of tracks finding their into the band’s Forecastle set.

INCOMING: Mutts Play Riot Fest Sunday at 12:30 on Radical Stage #Riotfest #ChiILPicksLIst

Here at ChiIL Live Shows we've been tracking the rise of Chicago favorites, Mutts, for years now. Click here for loads of our photo filled Mutts coverage. They're a staple of summer fests and put on a rockin' live show. If you can drag your butts outta bed by noon Sunday, come on out and make the most of the final day of Riot Fest with an early start. They're one band worth waking up for.  If not, their 4th studio release is about to drop and they'll be touring.  Ones to watch.

Chi, IL Live Bands On Our Radar
ChiIL Live Shows ChiIL Picks List

Via Mutts:
We're playing RIOT FEST 2014!  

If you're headed there this weekend, come see us Sunday 9/14 at 12:30pm on the Radical Stage.  We're proud to be one of a few Chicago-based bands representing at Riot Fest this year, including our good friends Archie Powell and the Exports.  

And speaking of them, here's an early warning for our LP Release Show:
Fuel Yer Delusion, vol. 4 

Our fourth full-length studio album, Fuel Yer Delusion vol. 4, will be available on CD, digital and vinyl on Tuesday, December 9th.

But you, my friend, can pick it up early at our LP Release show! 

We're still deciding between two venues and dates, but the lineup is all set, and it's definitely going down the first weekend in December:

Fuel Yer Delusion vol. 4 Release Party
Either ???????????? or ?????
Chicago, IL
December 5 or 6
1. ?????? ?????? ? ??? ??????? (Chicago)
2. ??? ???????? (Chicago)
3. ??? ???? ??? ???? (??????????)

I know that's a wickedly nebulous announcement.  We're just excited to get our 4th LP to you.  Blues Traveler 4, Led Zeppelin 4, Connect Four, Tetris, the word "Friend," according to Cake - these are other legendary quad-related things, an echelon we hope to join with this record.  
There we go again, with the delusion.  

Whether it's at ???-? or ?????, we're headlining, with three of our favorite bands on the bill, and it'll be time to kick off the holiday season.  With so many reasons to celebrate, please pencil Mutts in on your calendar, and stay tuned for the details - plus our first single and video - coming in the next week or two.

Chicago!  Our home, our family and friends, the place we became a band, the place our sound comes from, and the place we often get silly drunk and play punk-ass shows with kick-ass bands.  We've blazed past 100 tour dates already this year, representing our home town in 20 or so states, as best we can.  And we're excited to bring it back to you with these two uproarious shows.  Hope to see you at one, or both!  Until then, take care of yerselves.

Mike, Bob and Chris
"Be kinder than necessary,

for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." 

Mutts CD Release Party at Fireside Bowl, 2012

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