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LIVE Show Shots: THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL & FOREIGN RESORT at The Burlington #photorecap

ChiIL Live Shows shots from The Burlington-The Luck of Eden Hall & The Foreign Resort  (from Copenhagen, Denmark) opening for Rocket Miner 10-11-12

The back room at The Burlington isn't stellar for live show shots, as it's somewhat of a dark cave.   Still, it lends that intimate "somebody's basement" garage band aesthetic, so we enjoy seeing shows there nonetheless.   Here are our shots of both Chicago's own The Luck of Eden Hall and Foreign Resort all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Here are the Dudes from Denmark--Foreign Resort

They were featured in ReverbNation's Breaking Artist's Spotlight in September and we thought their bass player in particular kicked ass.   They're a band worth watching and you can say you heard of them first.  Check 'em out.

The Luck of Eden Hall will be opening for Exit Ghost at Double Door on Nov. 20:

Double Door Welcomes:

Exit Ghost

The Violet Lights, Parallels and Lies, The Luck of Eden Hall

Tue, November 20, 2012 (21+)

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Double Door

In related news, the band will be taping a performance for the local television show Seven on Ridge next Thursday, Nov. 8.   Click here for scheduled guests and show details.   

(Worlds collide alert:   My husband, Dug, did the location sound for a TV show featuring Seven on Ridge host, Michael Essany, back when he was a home schooled high school boy, just getting his start hosting his own interview show.   Michael's mom made the crew sandwiches.)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tusmørke New Song Streaming on The Obelisk #prog-psych #freestreaming

For everyone on the East coast stuck inside and bored, and for everyone else, Norway's Tusmørke are premiering a new track from their debut release. The Obelisk is hosting an exclusive stream of the track "Fimbul" HERE.

 (Norwegian for twilight) go straight to the heart of the psychedelic matter on their full-length debut album Underjordisk Tusmørke (Subterranean Twilight). Culling influences from such prog-psych luminaries as Gong and Caravan, krautrock giants like Can and Amon Düul 2, pagan folksters like The Incredible String Band as well as a healthy dose of Nordic folk music, Tusmørkepresent a dark cauldron of magical, musical potions.

The band's history can be traced back to the mid-nineties and the budding, Scandinavian scene of new progressive bands. Back then, the Momrak twins who are the beating heart of Tusmørke called their band Les Fleurs de Mal. The band featured future Wobbler vocalist Andreas Prestmo, and they shared the stage with other up-and-coming bands like White Willow. Via intricate pathways, this evolved intoTusmørke, whose music is darker, more intense and dare we say primeval, than the more delicate Les Fleurs de Mal. The album you are holding in your hands will conjure up images of pagan rites, witches dancing in the firelight serenading the new moon, eldritch wizards conjuring dark spirits... And it's no gimmick: This band lives and breathes the same air that flows through the magical lands their music describes.

The album has been expertly recorded and produced by that master of retro productions, Lars Fredrik Frøislie (Wobbler, White Willow, In Lingua Mortua), and sounds so authentically analog that you can practically smell the antique equipment that has been used for its making. Lars contributes mellotron, chamberlin, spinet, Hammond organ and a host of esoteric instruments on the album.

Tusmørke is:

Benediktator - bass and vocals (Momrakattakk, Lydia Laska) 
Krizla - flute and vocals (Momrakattakk)
HlewagastiR - drums (Wobbler, Angst Skvadron)
Deadly Nightshade - keyboards (Årabrot, This is Music Inc.).

Underjordisk Tusmørke Tracklisting:
1. Fimbul
2. Watching the Moon Sail out of the East
3. The Quintessence of Elements
4. A Young Man and His Woman
5. A Nightmare's just a Dream
6. Hostjevndogn
7. Salomonsens Hage (bonus)
8. Singers & Swallows (bonus)
9. Ode on Dawn (bonus)

For More Info Visit:  


ChiIL Live Shows was front and center for opening night of One Name Only and we were blown away by the shear talent, creativity and energy of the actors and the writer.   This was our first foray into Black Ensemble Theater's sweet, new performance space, and it looks like they've found a keeper.   The auditorium is a great size--small enough to be intimate, and large enough to accommodate, with a small 2nd balcony, great sight lines, and a welcoming atmosphere.   There was even space for a live band just behind a screen, center stage in the back.    

One Name Only is a clever format for live theatre, using an elimination style reality show to showcase the characters' strengths and weaknesses and advance the plot in an exciting way.  The imitations of music industry legends are at once high praise and parody, caricature and classic.  Ultimately they are pure, exhilarating fun.  The tributes had the audience alternately laughing in recognition of familiar quirks and mannerisms and tearing up at the poignant power vocals.   

We highly recommend checking out One Name Only.   It's a life affirming, character driven celebration that's a joy to see.

TREASURES AND TRIBUTES Announced for Next Season

Jackie Taylor, Founder and Executive Director of the Black Ensemble Theater, announces the Black Ensemble Theater’s 36th Season of Excellence titled “Treasures and Tributes.”  The 36th season includes original musicals paying tribute to the Doo Wop era, Curtis Mayfield, Howlin Wolf, and Chicago’s Golden Soul. 

“After our record breaking first year in our new home with more than $2.5 million in ticket sales, we wanted a Season that would guarantee hit after hit.  And we feel that with this astounding season of Treasures and Tributes, we will continue our enormous success.   Music will continue to be the dominant theme of the Season offering the exciting genres of Doo Wop, Blues, Rhythm and Blues and Soul,” says Jackie Taylor.

Jackie Taylor and her team of Associate Directors Rueben Echoles and Daryl Brooks have elected to make a change in the theater’s usual tradition.  Each play will be run as scheduled instead of extending for a lengthy time.  Taylor comments, “We are in a new space and we want to continue pushing the momentum forward.  In that sense we think it is important to concentrate on the variety of the productions rather than the length.  This allows us to better promote our 5 Play Card while offering even more flexibility in its use over a subscription.” 

The Black Ensemble Theater’s 36th Season of Excellence: Treasures and Tributes includes:

Doo Wop Shoo Bop
Written by Jackie Taylor, Jimmy Tillman and Rueben Echoles
Directed by Jackie Taylor
February 7, 2013-March 31, 2013
Opening: Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 3:00 p.m.

This melodic look at the Doo Wop era celebrates such iconic groups as The Platters, The Drifters and the Chantels (just to name a few).  Since it first premiered in 1995 it has had several revivals because it is indeed a Black Ensemble Theater Treasure.  You can’t help but snap your fingers to the beat as we take a stroll down memory lane hearing those beautiful songs like Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, This Magic Moment and Maybe while exploring how the successful music of today is related to the magical era of Doo Wop.  With the emphasis on Doo Wop music this is a production that brings the ‘50s into the 21st Century. 

It’s All-Right To Have A Good Time (The Story of Curtis Mayfield)
Written by Liz Catherine
Directed by Jackie Taylor and Daryl Brooks
April 25, 2013-June 23, 2013
Opening: Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 3:00 p.m.

Black Ensemble’s first tribute of the season is the story of a musical giant.  He was the master song writer of his time.  From the music of the Impressions like “Gypsy Woman,” “I’m So Proud,” “Choice of Colors” to the movie hits like “Superfly,” he was a genius of a musician, a dynamite songwriter and a loving human being.  The music of Chicago’s own Curtis Mayfield is known and celebrated all over the world.

Howlin At The Moon (The Story of Howlin Wolf)
Written by Jackie Taylor and Jimmy Tillman
Directed by Rueben Echoles
Starring Rick Stone
July 25, 2013-September 15, 2013
Opening: Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 3 p.m.

When it first premiered in 2003, Hedy Weiss of the Chicago Sun Times wrote “It's Rick Stone who consistently knocks your socks off in his terrifically sustained performance. And as he moves through Wolf's hits—"Red Rooster," "Goin' Down Slow," "I Ain't Superstitious," "Baby Please Don't Go" and more—it's the audience that begins howlin' loudest.”  And for our second treasure of the season, Rick Stone is coming back to do it again in this love story reflecting the life and times of one of the greatest blues singers the world has ever known – Howlin Wolf.

Chicago’s Golden Soul
Written and Directed by Jackie Taylor
October 17, 2013-January 5, 2014
Opening: Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 3:00 p.m.

The fantastic BE season will end with a combination of Treasure and Tribute.  First produced in 1998, this wonderful treasure of a production is a tribute to the music that put Chicago on the map as a national musical force.  This Chicago celebration brings back the music of Jerry Butler, the Chi-Lites, Gene Chandler, Barbara Acklin and many, many more in this rollicking tribute to the music that made Chicago famous.   

Black Ensemble Theater performance times are Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., Fridays at 8:00 p.m., Saturdays at 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 3:00.  

Ticket prices are as follows:
Previews are $45; Tickets during the regular run are $55 (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturday matinees) and $65 (Fridays, Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees).

The Five Play Card is a much more flexible way of becoming a subscriber to the theater’s 36th Season of Excellence: Treasures and Tributes.  The Five Play Card can be used for one person to see 5 plays or to bring 4 other friends to one show or in any other combination that adds up to five.  The Five Play Cards issued in 2013 will be good for one year.

Gold Five Play Card, $247.50, can be used on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturday matinees.  The Platinum Five Play Card, $292.50, can be used for any performance.  

Tickets and The Five Play Card are available at the box office, 4450 N. Clark Street and by phone, (773) 769-4451.  Tickets are also available online,  All performances are held at the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center, 4450 N. Clark Street.

The remainder of the 2012 season includes: One Name Only (A Different Kind of Reality Show)written and directed by Black Ensemble Associate Director Rueben Echoles, running now through November 11, 2012; (Highly recommended!) and the return of holiday favorite The Other Cinderellawritten, produced and directed by Black Ensemble Theater Founder and CEO Jackie Taylor, with choreography by Rueben Echoles, November 23 – January 13.

The Black Ensemble Theater
Founded in 1976, by the phenomenal producer, playwright and actress Jackie Taylor, Black Ensemble Theater is the only African American theater located in the culturally, racially and ethnically diverse north side Uptown community. Through its Five Play Season of Excellence, The Black Ensemble Theater dazzles audiences locally, nationally and internationally with outstanding original musicals that are entertaining, educational and uplifting. The Black Ensemble Theater has produced more than 100 productions and employed over 5,000 artists.

On November 18, 2011, The Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center opened and is able to accommodate larger-scale productions, bigger audiences and a wider range of educational programming. The new facility includes amenities such as a 299-seat main stage theater (double the capacity of the original venue); 14 offices, classroom space; rehearsal hall, dance studio, scene shop, costume shop, and wardrobe rooms; seven dressing rooms; rehearsal room for musicians; front lobby space with concession areas; and an indoor parking garage.  The completion of a 150-seat theater, which will serve as an experimental stage for the work of the Black Playwright Initiative (BPI), is expected in 2013.

The mission of the Black Ensemble Theater Company is to eradicate racism and its devastating effects upon society through the theater arts.  For more information on the Black Ensemble Theater Company, please visit or call 773-769-4451.

Friday, October 26, 2012

ACT OUT: Halloween & Beyond 500 Clown Special Expiring Saturday Night

Some of our all time favorites are performing for Halloween and beyond.   For a hilarious, high caliber Halloween night out for parents, we HIGHLY recommend 500 Clown Frankenstein/ Mucca Pazza and Honey Buns the 26th-28th!   Check out our prior Mucca Pazza coverage by clicking here.

We saw Honeybuns at Collaboraction a few months back and couldn't stop laughing.   His physical comedy and mental mind games  are unlike anything I've ever seen, and I see a LOT of theatre!   He messed with everyone in the audience and even ended up leading the audience out of the theatre and onto the street, like some crazed pied piper.   His raunchy, irreverent show was beyond hilarious.   Adults only.

500 Clown Frankenstein is appropriate & enjoyable for tweens and up.

$32 gets you 4 great Hours of

The Special Offer expires this Saturday night
photo Michelle Kaffko
Dean Evans, Jay Torrence, Pam Chermansky, Adrian Danzig, Leah Urzendowski
photo Michelle Kaffko
Dean Evans, Jay Torrence, Pam Chermansky, Adrian Danzig, Leah Urzendowski

Here's the deal. Buy one $32 ticket and see 500 Clown Frankenstein at The Viaduct at 7:30 PM next Wednesday night.

Then Bike (or drive if that's more fun for you) to The Double Door - a distance of 2.4 miles
To see Mucca Pazza, and before them The J Davis Trio!

Our Trailer with Their Music

Special Feature

500 Clown Web Journey

3111 North Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60618 

Honey BUNS!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean Evans of 500 Clown Frankenstein is also performing as:

Honeybuns, "The World's Greatest Mime." He opens Collaboraction's season with a revamped show that will simultaneously delight, disgust, and defy all attempts at description.

Honeybuns is at the Flat Iron Arts Building, 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park.

LAST THREE SHOWS: October 26, 27, and 28 at 8pm

Read this review


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CHI, IL LIVE SHOWS ON OUR RADAR: Metro Chicago, Bogarts Cincinnati & Afghan Whigs Free Download

Metro is rockin' this week:

Hey Chi-Town--there are a ton of great shows going on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights at Metro.   Why pace yourself?!   

Check out their full calendar here.   First up tonight is Heartless Bastards, originally from Cincinnati.   Grimes is amazing...and sold out.   ChiIL Live Shows has done a ton of past Grimes coverage on our Facebook Page.   Like and follow us there so you don't miss out on free downloads, tour news, our original video and photo filled features and more.   The Afghan Whigs are highly recommended, too.   Saturday is sold out, but a 2nd show on Friday was added due to demand and there are still tixs to that one. 

The recently expanded Heartless Bastards’ line-up has brought additional color and dynamism to the band’s already colorfully dynamic rock ‘n’ roll. With their sound honed to a razor’s edge...

Difficult to categorize, Grimes music has been described by Tastemaker Magazine as an “alien love-child of Aphex Twin and ABBA.” Grimes herself – born Claire Boucher – explains how she mak...


93XRT Welcomes... A Metro 30th Anniversary Event...


The recent reformation of The Afghan Whigs, neatly timed to hit 25 years after their first live show in 1987, promises to be a most unpredic...
[read more]


93XRT Welcomes... A Metro 30th Anniversary Event...

Tickets are sold out for this show, but still available for Friday's show! 

St. Andrew's Hall




Varsity Theatre

Ogden Theatre

Wonder Ballroom


San Francisco
The Fillmore

San Francisco
The Fillmore

Los Angeles
The Fonda

Los Angeles
The Fonda


Cin-City Shows:  Afghan Whigs New Years Show 

Cincinnati peeps, don't whig out if you slacked off and didn't get tickets to this Thursday night's sold out Afghan Whigs show at Bogarts.   They'll be back again for New Years Eve.   Click here to order your tickets before they sell out again!


The Afghan Whigs are pleased to announce the addition of a special New Year's Eve performance to their upcoming tour schedule. The band will return to Bogart's in Cincinnati on Monday, December 31st with special guest Scrawl.

ChiIL Live Shows also has a free "Lovecrimes" download for you.

Sure the bulk of our band video interviews, original footage, and pit photos are in Chicago--We're Chi, IL Live Shows after all.   However, we do have a national and even international following and sometimes we take it on the road to bring you the inside look at unique venues out of Chi, IL.

Our give aways are always nationwide and our free downloads and tour dates apply world wide.   

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