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Monday, September 24, 2012

Safe To Say Streams New Song, Launches Preorders for Split with Seawa

The Seaway / Safe To Say split can now be preordered in various packages on 7" vinyl.

Safe To Say's brand of melodic punk rock shines through in "Dead Birds," and contrasts the raw pop-punk stylings of Seaway marvelously on the split, due out October 23 via Mutant League Records. Safe To Say is recommended for fans of Balance and Composure, Citizen and Title Fight.

Seaway also debuted a song recently on, which is now available on YouTube for streaming and embedding as well. Email Thomas Nassiff at to set up any interviews or other coverage or to request a review copy.

Seaway / Safe To Say - Split
Mutant League Records
October 23, 2012

Side A: Seaway
1. Homewrecker
2. Middle Finger (STREAM)
3. Lifted

Side B: Safe To Say
4. Wished You the Worst
5. Entirely
6. Dead Birds (STREAM)
More about Seaway:

Seaway is a pop-punk group from Oakville, Ontario who recently signed with Mutant League Records.  The band offers memorable hooks and honest lyrics, coated with a thick exterior of angst as represented in their fan favorite "Sabrina The Teenage Bitch".  Seaway looks to stretch their music across North America with a full-length album in the works for 2013.  RIYL: The Wonder Years, New Found Glory, The Story So Far
More about Safe To Say:

Safe to Say is a five piece melodic punk band hailing from Markham, Ontario.  The band admits that what sets them apart from most other pop-punk bands is that they all write songs about having fun with their friends.  "Too bad we don't have any friends," comments bassist Josh Hicke.  RIYL: Balance and Composure, Title Fight, Citizen

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