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Thursday, April 4, 2013

INCOMING: Chi, IL Live Shows on Our Radar Thurs-Sunday 4/4-7 #originalphotos #originalbandinterview

March Fourth This Friday at Martyr's (21+) 
Portland's circus punk marching band


Spring means music in Chi-town and the excellent shows are pouring into town.   Here's a short list of our top picks.

*We've been giving you the heads up about most of these over at our FB page and Twitter feed for weeks if not months in some cases.   If you still haven't gotten tickets, get outta the house and go already.  

As always, check out ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.   We have loads of original content band interviews, live show shots, tour news, and giveaways.

Thursday 4/4

Mutts Object Permanance album release @ Hideout (21+)

Paper Thick Walls open

Mutts CD Release Party!


Paper Thick Walls

Thu, April 4, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


When Flying Feels Like Falling (all ages) These Chi-town punk kin have a string of upcoming gigs here.   They may still be in high school, but these alums of Girls Rock! Chicago already have some major fest cred & battle of the bands wins under their belts.

THU APR 4, 2013 - 7:00 PM

When Flying Feels Like Falling

Stop The Silence!
with Cellar Rats, Seraphina Mushroom Jello Nelson, Tocsin, The Hanging Garden, Flagass
Greenhouse Theater
2257 N. Lincoln Chicago (near the Fullerton Brownline stop)
Chicago, IL
Local bands include... 

Seraphina Mushroom Jello Nelson 
The Hanging Garden 
Cellar Rats- 
When Flying Feels Like Falling- 

Please bring donations, anything is appreciated, all of the money will be going to RVA. 

*Greenhouse Theater has a cash bar for this event: food, drinks, whatever.* 

All ages! 

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics: 

-Every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted in the U.S. 
-54% of rapes/sexual assaults are not reported to the police 
-Out of every 100 rapes, 46 get reported to the police, 
12 lead to an arrest, 9 get prosecuted, 5 lead to a felony conviction, and only 3 rapists will ever spend a single day in jail. 
-97% of rapists walk free. 
Speak up against Rape Culture! 

Friday 4/5

March Fourth Punk Rock Marching Band at Martyr's
Click the link to check out full details on the show along with ChiIL Live Shows' original content--March Fourth HD videos and live show shots.

Bright White at Reggies (support for Makeshift Prodigy)

Chicago post-punk group The Bright White (confirmed for Lollapalooza) will open for Makeshift Prodigy at Reggie's Rock Club, 2105 S. State St, on Friday, April 5. Show is 7PM, ages 17+ and $12-$15.  Click here for tickets.

Anthrax at House of Blues

Also recommended Friday:
Bailiff at Subterranean
The Lauren Wolf Band at The Metro

Saturday 4/6

Wovenhand / Wrekmeister Harmonies / Bruce

Lamont & Eric Chaleff
Empty Bottle

Todd Kessler and Alexis Marceaux, both alums of NBC's The Voice, will be playing a show together at Tonic Room on Saturday, April 6.

Todd Kessler and his band the New Folk headline with Alexis Marceaux (also featured on HBO's Treme) and her band, Alexis & the Samurai, as direct support. Mike Mangione & the Union will open the show.

Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band with Jimbo Mathus and Alvin Youngblood Hart
Sat. 04/06 | 8:00PM @ Cubby Bear

Sunday 4/7

Sunday, December 2, 2012

CHI, IL Live Shows on Our Radar Today & Down for the Count


We'll be there this afternoon and have a full review for you up shortly.  For more info click here for Black Ensemble Theater's Main Site.

The Other Cinderella

Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center,
4450 N. Clark Street, Chicago

November 29 – January 13, 2012 

Schedule:                     Wed & Thurs:               7:30 p.m.
                                    Friday:                         8:00 p.m.
                                    Saturday:                     3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
Sunday:                       3:00 p.m.
Location:                     Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center, 4450 N. Clark Street.
                                    Valet parking is available.

Ticket prices:  $55 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday matinees; and $65 on Fridays, Saturday evenings, and Sunday matinees. A 10% discount is available for students, seniors, and groups.  Preview tickets are $45.00

Box Office:                   

Buy online at or call (773) 769-4451

CHI, IL Live Shows on Our Radar Today:   Boogers at Beat Kitchen--noon

Boogers CD release show at Beat Kitchen's Concerts for Kids (**Starting tomorrow-check in with ChiIL Mama/ChiIL Live Shows for our ChiILPicks Holidaze 12 Days of Giveaways--where you can fill your gift list with hundreds of dollars worth of great gift picks for FREE.   We'll be including the brand new Boogers CD and a bunch of kindie favs, video games, books, toys, classes and more!) 

Down for the Count:

It's cold & flu season, ya know.   Apologies to our readers, but sometimes the Mama hat has to come before the ChiIL hat.   Click the links below for our past coverage.   We still gave you the heads up, but had to cancel our in person coverage of the following:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

MIDNIGHT TONIGHT: Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band & Rosco Bandana at Bottom Lounge

Gulfport, Mississippi's Rosco Bandana have released their debut album Time To Begin on Hard Rock Records this fall and they're kicking off their December tour with Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band in Chicago this Saturday 12/01 at Bottom Lounge.

In 2011, the seven-piece band, Rosco Bandana, entered Hard Rock's international 'Hard Rock Rising: Global Battle of the Bands' competition and won among 12,000 entered bands. The band became the first group signed to Hard Rock Records. After winning the competition the group flew out to Los Angeles where they recorded their Americana inspired debut LP with producer Greg Collins (U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt).

Rosco Bandana Announces December Tour
Time To Begin Out Now On Hard Rock Records

Click To Order Time To Begin oniTunes and Amazon now!
Tour Dates
12.01 - Bottom Lounge - Chicago IL*
12.02 - The Magic Bag - Ferndale, MI*
12.05 - The 8X10 - Baltimore, MD*
12.06 - Appalachian Brewing Company - Harrisburg, PA*
12.08 - Cafe 939 - Boston, MA*
12.09 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY*
*with Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

'Time To Begin' LP Tracklisting
01  Time To Begin
02  Woe Is Me
03  By And By
04  Radio Band Singer
05  Tender
06  Heartbreak Shape
07  Black Ol' Water
08  El Luna
09  Tangled Up
10  Long Way Down

The Mississippi septet Rosco Bandana are the product of teenage rebellion and its consequences; of lost love, false starts and, above all, lasting friendship. They're what happens when a group of kids take a chance on a long shot and – against all odds – it pays off.  There's also a Blur cover thrown in for good measure.

The group began – spiritually, if not specifically – when principle songwriter Jason Sanford, at that time acting in open and active defiance to his strict Christian upbringing, wandered into a tobacco store in a Gulfport mall to buy smokes and struck up a conversation with the kid working behind the counter. "He was like this real cool, hip, indie sorta character," Sanford explains, "and he ended up turning me on to people like Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Iron and Wine, Neutral Milk Hotel. That's kind of how it all started." His parents were wary of encouraging their son's budding interest. "They wanted to keep me in this tiny bubble," Sanford explains.

Sanford would stay up late at night, teaching himself how to play the guitar his father had given him. He certainly had plenty to write about. Just a few months earlier, Sanford's relationship with Emily Sholes had come to an end, and the heartbreak of that separation powered most of his early songs. At the same time, a childhood friend of Sanford's, Barry Pribyl Jr., had just moved back to Mississippi from Michigan, and his mother suggested he get in touch with his old friend soon after their return.

"At the time, I was into metal," Pribyl says. "So I went to this open mic night, and Jason was playing this honky-tonk stuff. I remember thinking, 'What the hell is this?'"

But the best friendships are built on compromise and the more Pribyl and Sanford started playing together, the more a specific sound started to emerge – one that blended a ragged bar-rock attitude of bands like Uncle Tupelo with a few mild nods toward the iconoclastic end of contemporary country, like Jamey Johnson. Their core in place, Pribyl and Sanford soon began looking to expand their lineup. "Jason started an open mic night at a wine bar," Pribyl said. "From there, we'd invite 10 or 15 people to come with us out to this abandoned house and we'd just jam. We sort of hand-picked the band from there." In the kind of romantic twist all great rock stories require, one of them was Jason's old flame Emily Sholes. Another was Jennifer Flint, whose fiery vocals serve as a scorching counterbalance to Sanford's down-home croon. "I first met Jason in 2006," says Flint. "He was in one of his first bands, and I honestly just fell in love with the way he wrote." Local attention inspired the band to enroll in a Battle of the Bands contest sponsored by Hard Rock, which they handily won, and they soon flew out to Los Angeles to work on their debut with acclaimed producer Greg Collins (U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt) at The Nook Studio.

The results are spellbinding. They turn Blur's "Tender" into a rousing, gospel-informed hymn, and work similar magic on their own compositions: "Time to Begin," the first song Sanford, Pribyl and Flint wrote together, hip-swivels like something off Exile on Main Street; the trembling, minor-key vocal melody of "El Luna" recalls bothElliott Smith and Abbey Road-era Beatles and "Woe is Me" is a rollicking country stomp in the vein of Steve Earle. "I was trying to write a real Depression Era-style country song," Sanford explains, "and so I tried to put myself in the mindset of what people back then were going through." Though it began as an attempt to channel the loose rootsiness of Old Crow Medicine Show, the result is a barnburner – a big, raucous number with a booming backbeat and deep-fried electric guitar. Whether loud and rowdy or quiet and contemplative, Rosco Bandana balance both extremes perfectly.

"It might sound cliché," Pribyl says, "but we're just these humble, good ol', down-to-earth Mississippi people. And when we play live, you can just see in our faces the joy of music."

"I want people to feel like they know us," says Flint. "I want them to feel like they can relate."

"I hope people get something honest out of our music," says Sanford. "I hope they're able to feel something, and to empathize with it when they hear the lyrics." He pauses, becoming momentarily philosophical. "You know, life and death is in the power of the tongue. And I want to put out music that's going to heal people."


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Friday, October 7, 2011

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band-Congress Theater-Riot Fest 2011

Rock N Roll Redemption For All Seasons With The Reverend Peyton

Our summer was bookended by rockin' sets by Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band.    We first shot them Memorial Day weekend when we did press coverage for Summer Camp Music Festival.    Those gorgeous, spring, outdoor shots can be seen HERE.

Then we caught them again for a fall appearance at The Congress Theatre, where they opened for Social Distortion as part of Riot Fest 2011  The aging, crumbling theatre was darker, and so was the crowd...despite the amazing, warm weather and riot of autumn color outside.    The Rev. and his wife again got the audience well warmed up with some wild riffs, the flaming washboard, and hot guitar and drums.

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