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Monday, August 27, 2012

Help Out: Musician Joseph Arthur Teams with (Big Lebowski) Lawyer Ron Kuby to Locate Van/Artwork/Musical Equipment Auctioned by the City of New York

“I want a f-cking lawyer, man.  I want Bill Kunstler, or Ron Kuby.” - the Dude
Famed civil rights attorney Ron Kuby has agreed to represent musician Joseph Arthur and help him locate his touring van filled with musical equipment and canvases of his artwork.  The van was secretly auctioned by the City of New York on August 23, and Joseph has no rights to his property.
We are desperately seeking the buyer so that Joseph can retrieve his artwork and other items of great sentimental value.
“Lord knows there are more important things in the world than a missing van with some art and amps in it,” says Joseph.  “There has been a heartening outpour of support, and it has deeply been appreciated…I will rise above this and one day laugh at it. Thank you all again for your enormous support.  It means a lot.” 
While Joseph was overseas, his touring van (usually kept in gated parking) was in the repair shop.  The repair shop temporarily moved the van to the curb where it was seized by NYC Marshal Robert F. Soliminie for $361.10 in unpaid parking tickets that Arthur believe had been paid.
The full story, by Joseph:
Vehicle:  2003 van, Dodge Ram, white 
• 1970s Fender Twin amp in a blue road case with JAYHAWKS stenciled in white lettering.
• Eden Traveler bass head
• Ampeg 4 X 10 cabinet
• Joseph’s nearly-completed set of hand-drawn tarot cards
• CD recorded for recording live shows, two mics
• CD burners -- two towers 
• Many large paintings rolled up in canvas 

Sing this to any Ramones song:
Donations towards a private investigator are welcome here:
If anyone has any information or can offer additional help, please contact:
Carla Parisi at or Peter Wark at

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