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Monday, July 17, 2017

PHOTO RECAP: Opening Weekend 2017 Adventures at Bristol Renaissance Faire

Travel Back in Time and Party Like It's 1599!

We've been avid fans and frequent visitors to Bristol Renaissance Faire for decades, since the early 90's. The faire has grown and changed greatly over the years, with an increase in shows and family friendly fare, and basic comforts like more modern plumbing. We can't rave enough about how much fun the faire is!

Check out Sir Dugan's Full Set of Photos Here
 More favorites are embedded below. 
Photo credit for most: Dugan Kenaz-Mara (16)

Disclosure: Thanks to Bristol Renaissance Faire for providing my family with complimentary tickets for review purposes. As always, all opinions, experiences, and photos are our own. 

This year was a bit different for us. Our kids are now 14 & 16, and well in the throes of their teen years. Hence, for the first time ever, they chose not to dress up. I'm hoping they come back to a love of costumes when they grow up a bit more. But fashion is a choice and dress up is certainly not mandatory for anyone. Chose your battles. Plenty of visitors to merry olde England are far more comfortable in 21st century summer shorts, and the plethora of freaks and geeks who love to dress up still make the people watching prime. 

Flashback to Bristol Ren Faire 2008 when my costumed kids were 
knighted by the queen & met Greenman.


(For 2017 my daughter went fairly 21st century, but she did consult Pinterest for a fun hairstyle and concede to a pirate(ish) skull n crossbones necklace/bones t-shirt tho I wouldn't go so far as to say she went in costume.  My son did bring Renaissance looking pants and shirt and a pouch of juggling balls, but decided at the last minute that the pants were too hot, so he just did the shirt & pouch.) 

Ren Hair Don't Care

(Can't complain about the teens' new lack of enthusiasm for 16th century garb too much. My 14yo did a fabulous job dutch braiding my hair in a circular crown!)

Despite my teens, I have not outgrown playing dress up, and happily came in Renaissance(ish) garb (tho sadly I have temporarily outgrown my beloved blue corset from 7 years ago). I brought 2 parasols and loaned one to my MIL, and they were a HUGE hit. We were complimented all day on them and stayed cool and comfortable, out of the direct sun. 

We caught many old favorites among the shows like Barely Balanced, Adam Crack, 

and Mooney, 

as well as two new acts. Cirque du Sewer (the trained rat & cat show) and Duende, an energetic, multiculti accordion outfit with a red hair woman lead and ballads from around the world. Duende is a high-energy dance band that marries melodies from the Balkan Regions with Latin flavors & American vivacity. This accordion-heavy band led by Amanda Kitchens will take you on a journey of passion through the music of other cultures. Whether you are looking to free-style or dance a traditional lesnoto, Duende is the band for you. Both shows end at Bristol Ren Faire July 30th. Don't miss this!! 

Speaking of old favorites, I've been dreaming of a Mile High Chocolate Crepe all winter. Literally every time we get one, someone says "WOW! What is THAT and where can I get one?!" They also have a couple other versions I've never tried (because chocolate... duh) that feature fruit instead. I also tried a root beer float at another stand, which hit the spot on a hot weekend. They make a sarsaparilla version as well. 

Of course we saw our old friends, The Swordsmen, and got our annual Doug & Doug shot. I think we have at least one a year since my husband Doug (Dug) did the audio for The Swordsmen DVD in 2007. I bump into David Woolley at theatre openings in Chicago throughout the year while reviewing shows, but we only get Doug Mumaw sightings at Bristol Renaissance Faire. Doug's are a rare bunch, though reputed to be concentrated in the arts and particularly on the ren faire circuit!

Flashback to Bristol Ren Faire 2008

When both Dougs had long brown curls and my kids were much shorter! Somehow David Woolley remains the same.

Another big change this year is the teens were old enough to go venturing out in the world to make their fortunes... or was that the hobbits and 3 little pigs?! At any rate, they were over hanging with the adults, so we sent the teens off and got some quality adult shopping, noshing and show time in. It was lovely! After a bit, my 16 year old son, who has a great eye and artistic bent, asked to borrow my pro camera and media credentials. I happily handed them over and he took off to shoot some amazing photos. His Fairy Garden shots are epic, and he captured the creativity of the crowds well too. 


(Check out more photo favorites at the bottom of this feature).

As always, we had a terrific time and can't wait to return. Bristol Renaissance Fair is one of the best in the nation and wins awards annually. Highly recommended. 

Click HERE for full information on admission prices, hours, ticket purchasing, ticket discounts, special themed dates and more.

Bristol Renaissance Faire is open for nine weekends. Located just west of I-94’s Russell Road exit, near Kenosha, Wis. Open rain or shine, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., every Saturday and Sunday, July 8 through Sep. 3, and Labor Day Monday, Sep. 4. 

Tickets are $25.95 for adults and $11.50 for children, ages 5 to 12. Advance ticket discounts are available at RENFAIR.COM, and participating Walgreens stores.

Disclosure: Once again, thanks to Bristol Renaissance Faire for providing my family with complimentary tickets for review purposes. As always, all opinions, experiences, and photos are our own. 

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