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Monday, January 5, 2015

INCOMING: Honey & the 45's at Lincoln Hall and Quinn Tsan at Martyrs (Both 21+)

Chi, IL Live Shows on Our Radar

$10.00 [$12 DOORS] 21+
8:00 PM 

TUESDAY 1/13: Estonia’s Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut is performing at Martyrs’ on Tuesday, Jan 13. Chicago’s Quinn Tsan will be on hand as support. Check 'em out! Full details here.
Tue, Jan 13 - 8pm - $7 21+

Friday, September 19, 2014

TONIGHT: Nick Waterhouse at Lincoln Hall 21+ #ChiILPicksList

Chi, IL Live Shows On Our Radar
ChiIL Live Shows ChiILPicksList

Tonight we'll be shooting stills at the Nick Waterhouse concert at Lincoln Hall. Highly recommended. We catch his fantastic live shows every time he comes through Chicago, and have also shot 2 of his concerts before. Check out some of our past coverage and photo filled features here. 


$18 Doors
Friday, September 19 2014
10:00 PM | 21+

Nick Waterhouse’s art springs from a simple idea: everybody wants to be somebody else. One of his heroes, Van Morrison, got his start covering Bobby Bland, whose own musical idol was Nat “King” Cole. In Waterhouse’s view, emulation is a journey; you never truly succeed, but as the singer, guitarist and songwriter puts it, “You become something on the way there.”

Nick was born in 1986 and grew up in Huntington Beach, a place known predominantly for its tanning salons, commercial surf culture, and UFC fighters. In his early teens, he established his musical sensibilities in the midst of the burgeoning Southern California DIY scene (Burger Records, Ty Segall, McHugh’s Distillery studio), through which he refined his own idiosyncratic perspective on the spirit of American Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll.

Waterhouse started performing as a teenager. “It was really motivated by fear,” he recalls. “I’m kind of an introvert, so it was an uncomfortable situation. It was a way to force a crisis.” The young artist experienced an exhilaration he’d never felt before, and hasn’t found anywhere else since. “It’s a feeling of heightened awareness that goes beyond pleasure,” Waterhouse explains. “It has something to do with seeing ahead in time and behind in time all at once. You don’t just get the immediate reward; you get the potential that rewards you the same way.” Check out his main site here and catch him LIVE if you can. Click here for current tour dates.

Monday, June 16, 2014

PHOTO RECAP: March Fourth LIVE at Lincoln Hall Chicago 6/10/14 #OriginalPhotos

Hey March Fourth--You've played my little sister's March 4th birthday party in Portland for years. Thanks for hitting Chicago on my 14th wedding anniversary. You rock! Can't think of a better way to celebrate.

Once you catch these guys LIVE, you'll be addicted! We've been seeing them & shooting stills/videos at their shows for years, and we're super stoked they were not only playing our anniversary, but double headlining with another of our favs, Liquid Soul! Also, they moved to bigger digs at Lincoln Hall, so the stilt walkers weren't hunched over on the ceiling like they've been at Martyrs.

For now, here's ChiIL Live Shows' full set of photos in the slide show below. We've embedded our favorites under that. Check them out! We'll have our original video clips from the 6/10 show up shortly too.

I first heard about March Fourth from my sister who lives in Portland, OR, where they hail from. They play a lot out there, but their big trademark bash is always a March 4th show, where they let anyone in for free who was born that day, (like my sister). She played me some of their YouTube clips and I was hooked. Since then we've caught them every time their tour bus rolls in to Chicago.

**CLICK HERE for loads of our past March Fourth coverage including original HD video show footage & stills & current 2014 tour dates.**

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More M4 Photo Favorites 6/10/14:

PHOTO RECAP: Liquid Soul 6/10/14 Lincoln Hall With March Fourth #OriginalPhotos

We had the great pleasure of catching a mind blowing lineup last week at Lincoln Hall, Liquid Soul AND March Fourth. Video clips are coming soon, (including a wicked human beat box) so check back like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often. 

For now, here's ChiIL Live Shows' full set of photos in the slide show below. We've embedded our favorites under that.

The show was fantastic, with the the stellar horns we've come to expect, and an entirely unique melding of musical styles. They were captivating, whether the guys were throwing down amazing jams in the zone or throwing Roshambo (Rock-Paper-Scissors) to see who would lead on the vocals...

Here's the deal about Liquid Soul from their site: 
But there's really no substitute for catching them LIVE!

Liquid Soul is the Chicago-based band nominated for a 2000 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. Founded in 1994, Liquid Soul has performed in 42 states and throughout Canada and Japan, plus shows in Germany, Turkey and Mexico. 

At the heart of Liquid Soul's sound, as always, is the fierce musicianship of the band itself. There's the renowned Liquid Soul horn section consisting of:

Mars Williams - Sax
Tommy Klein - Guitar
Josh Ramos - Bass (Phil Ajjarapu was bass on CD)
Tony "Kickdrum" Taylor - Drums
Doug Corcoran - Trumpet & Keyboards
Mr.Greenweedz - MC (Vocals)
David "Boy Elroy" Arredondo - Beatbox & Turntables


Having exploded from a small underground street-jazz sound in Chicago, The Liquid Soul universe has been expanding at a dizzying pace. The Chicagoensemble's trademark mixture of jazz and urban dance music has virtually outgrown the term "acid jazz," incorporating everything from hard-bop to hip-hop in their celebrated sound. Down Beat magazine says Liquid Soul "sweeps the mold and mildew out of jazz-funk and breathes it back to glorious life." With a marathon touring schedule that has included everything from performing at the Presidential Inaugural Parade to headlining the first acid-jazz performance at the Newport Jazz Festival, Liquid Soul has evolved into an intuitively tight outfit that knows no stylistic limitations. The amalgamation of genres created by the 8-piece collective is a blend of pure musicianship, a fiercely passionate fire and the inherent fun of a pure dance groove. The result is a unique live music experience that draws a diverse legion of fans, spanning across multiple age and ethnic groups.

At long last, Liquid Soul is back with the follow-up to its 2000 Grammy-nominated CD,Here's the Deal (Shanachie). Evolution, the band's fourth recording, gives evidence that the dynamic unit has continued to develop its infectious trademark sound and take it to new heights. Liquid Soul called on the help of Grammy-nominated producer Maurice Joshua (N'Sync and Destiny's Child) and Frayne P. Lewis, the son of Ramsey Lews, this time around. The result is a fresh mix of butt-kicking jams, driving jazz-inspired tracks and hot dance numbers. Fans of Liquid Soul will be thrilled by the album's extra live tracks which capture the sheer magnetic energy of the band. Highlights include "Action Jackson," the rambunctious opener with the killer horn intro and thumping bass; "Sun Ra," the smooth and ethereal tribute to the celestial king; "Nina's in Jail," the funky spoken-word track reminiscent of Deborah Harry's "Rapture"; and the overpowering and live dance track "Rage Experiment."

The story of Liquid Soul goes back to 1994, when the band was at the forefront of a surging acid-jazz movement in the greater Midwest. Evolving from free-form hip-hop jams, the band coalesced spontaneously and soon found a home every Sunday night atChicago's Elbo Room. Word spread fast, attracting like-minded individuals to the small stage from far and wide. Thanks to these auspicious midnight marathons, Liquid Soul soon solidified into a steady working unit.

The group quickly morphed well beyond their improv-oriented acid jazz beginnings, and their do-it-yourself debut ("Liquid Soul") 
was quickly picked up and distributed by Ark 21 Records. 
The band was thrust further into the limelight after a much publicized gig at Dennis Rodman's birthday party. They relocated their perennial Sunday night show to the Double Door in Wicker Park and held it for almost four years (Feb. 1996 to Dec. 1999), rarely missing a Sunday even while playing nearly 200 gigs a year throughout the United States and Canada, plus performances in Germany, Turkey and Japan. Along the way, the band has gone on to both critical and national acclaim. They have opened for Sting, played at the Inaugural Parade and 21st Century Ball, and twice rocked the South By Southwest Music Festival, heralded by the Austin American-Statesman as "the single hottest showcase of the festival." And they recorded two more critically acclaimed CDs, "Make Some Noise" (Ark 21, 1998) and the Grammy-nominated "Here's the Deal" (Shanachie, 2000).

Live or in the studio, playing it hard or smooth, Liquid Soul is a fiery concoction of classy soloists, heavy rhythm merchants and hip-hop cognoscenti. They are in a group that thrives on contact with their audience. One cannot help being moved by Liquid Soul's ongoing party philosophy. The band's in-the-tradition repertoire extends from classic compositions by Ornette Coleman and Miles Davis to excursions on the latest breakbeats and mad samples. They continue to bridge the musical gap between standard jazz improvisation and urban rhythm. And as always, the band stays true to its roots with a continued philosophy of bringing jazz back to the dance floor.

Mars Williams - Saxophones
Mars Williams has studied with Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell, and has worked as an arranger and orchestrator. An open-minded musician who commutes easily between free jazz and rock, Mars has played and recorded with The Psychedelic Furs, Massacre (the Fred Frith/Bill Laswell group), Ministry, Billy Idol, Power Station, Die Warzau, The Waitresses, Pete Cosey, Billy Squier and virtually every leading figure of New York City's "downtown" scene. John Zorn credits Mars as "one of the true saxophone players--someone who takes pleasure in the sheer act of blowing the horn. This tremendous enthusiasm is an essential part of his sound, and it comes through each note every time he plays. Whatever the situation, Mars plays exciting music. In many ways he has succeeded in redefining what versatility means to the modern saxophone player." Despite his busy touring schedule with Liquid Soul, Mars manages to stay active on the Chicago underground improvising scene. In recent years he has toured and recorded with the Peter Brotzman Tentet, the Vandermark 5 and Cinghiale, teaming him with such musicians as Ken Vandermark, Hamid Drake and William Parker. And as a bandleader, he has continued to perform and record CDs with his own free-jazz groups such as the NRG Ensemble, Witches & Devils, Slam and, currently, X Mars X.

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