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Friday, June 14, 2013

TBS Just for Laughs is Upon Us Through June 16th #JFLChicago #TBS #comedy @TBSVeryFunny

There's still plenty of funny ha ha and funny weird goin' down in Chi-town tonight through Sunday.   Check out our prior coverage including the 2013 schedule here.

If little things like The Stanley Cup Finals, apocalyptic weather forecasts of tornadoes, baseball sized hail and torrential downpours or something else has been keeping you away from Just For Laughs Chicago, don't despair.

There are 24+ acts tonight between 7pm & midnight both tonight & tomorrow night and one last 8pm show Sunday at Jokes and Notes!   If you STILL can't make it out, check out their site.   They're rockin' the social media/internet with a special HUB for people like you.   Check it out, you can watch at home!

For more info, check out the fest's main site right here.

You can have your hockey & laugh it up, too.   We back you Blackhawks.   Let's see some old school take downs Mexican Wrestler style!!   Knock the B outta those Bruins & they'll be left with ruins :)....

Monday, March 11, 2013

Blackhawks & LZ2-- The Blackhawks (Immigrant) Song #originalvideo #Blackhawks #LZ2

Worlds collide alert!   Here are two of our local favorites, Led Zeppelin 2 and The Chicago Blackhawks.   ChiIL Live Shows caught LZ2 at Chicago HOB the day after the Hawks broke the Ducks 06-07 "16 non loss in regulation" record for best season opening streak.   Little did we know then that The Blackhawks would continue to kick butt and increase their non-loss streak to a whopping TWENTY FOUR!

Sure, ya can't win all the time, but we back you Blackhawks.   We came to games when you had one of the worst records in the NHL, and when you won the Stanley Cup.   We still proudly wore our jerseys during both strikes.   We had sweet Bank of America box seats with a TV crew we were shooting with, and I've shot Blackhawks training camp from the front row.   We've also had SRO tickets at the top of the Madhouse on Madison, where the view sucked, but the enthusiastic fans more than made up for the ant sized action.   We've honestly had more fun with fun people at the raucous back of the house, standing or rockin' the cheap seats more times than I can count.

We'll be watching you!!

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