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Friday, September 6, 2013

North Coast Music Festival Photo Recap From ChiIL Live Shows #NCMF #originalphotos

Summer's last stand persevered despite 2 storm related evacuations including Fridays freak fiasco featuring giant hail, torrential downpours and 60MPH winds. Bead girls and trance boys were out in full force for the sold out fest.   YOLO.   You only live once indeed.   What's a little mud n rain when great tunes are going down?

The ominous skies made for some sweet photo ops.   Wish I could have caught the flashes of lightning!   

It's the first year we saw copious amounts of hammocks.   

And there were new playthings among the neon glow toy arsenal... I'm not quite sure what you would call them... frondish glo whips?!

Of course the glo hoops, poi balls, and glowing finger gloves added to the festive after dark fun.

People watching was prime.   Some of our favs were the stilt walking "safety patrol" and their words of wisdom... don't start yourself on fire.   Words to live by.

We also had another shreddy shirt boy sighting.   Mat (with 1 t, heavy duty kneepads, and a wardrobe he shreds himself) and his twin brother are fixtures on the Chicago fest scene.   We've been featuring "Spot Shreddy Shirt Boy" posts for years.  It's like a cooler, alt version of Where's Waldo played out in reality. 

Check out our past Shreddy Shirt Boy features here.

Here's a flashback to the very first year of North Coast Fest--Shreddy Shirt Boy, Mat, hangin' with my daughter, Sagezilla.

Blast from the past:   NCMF 2010  ChiIL Mama's daughter, Sagezilla, in her Motorhead tee, rocks the backstage/VIP area moonbouncer with friend Judah in his Listen to Bob Marley Tee.

Here are some of our fav. NCMF13 crowd shots.  

Check back with us all year for free downloads, tour news, original content photos and band video interviews.   We'll see you out there.

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