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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chicago’s Hemmingbirds Release “Toxic Noise” Video

“Toxic Noise” appears on the group’s current album, The Vines of Age, and band leader Yoo Soo Kim explains the genesis of the clip:

Before shooting "Toxic Noise," we knew that there was a certain moving energy that the song has, but couldn't quite figure out a story or concept that best conveyed that energy. For a couple months, we were at a loss on what to film for the song, but at a show in Ames, IA, we stumbled on some music video that focused heavily on lights to contrast between different feelings of mellowness and bombast. In a similar way, the quiet verses and loud choruses of "Toxic Noise" paralleled that song. To this day, we honestly have no clue what video we saw, but we commend that forever mysterious video for leading us to our concept. We pitched the idea to Kevin Larson, a director we worked with for our last two videos, and, from there, rented and built different lights to achieve the effect. The setting itself was easier - our keyboardist Ben is the choir director at Maine West High School in Des Plaines, IL, and he was able to let us use the school's auditorium for a day; just enough time to squeeze a music video shoot in.
Check out the band's main site here

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NEW RELEASE: Sermon For No One by Safe Haven #blues #bluegrass #folk #rock

Chicago’s Safe Haven (featuring members of The Hue and Falldown) just released Sermon For No One. 

Photo from Safe Haven's FB Page

We've been diggin' what we've heard from Safe Haven.   Their tunes put me 
in the mood for summer festivals and back yard BBQs.   They've melded traditional blues, rock, alt country and other styles into something completely compelling and new, yet comfortably familiar.  
These locals are certainly worth a listen!

Safe Haven is a four piece band that can cover multiple genres in a single show. From blues based electric guitars riffs to mandolins and pedal steel this is a band that’s forging their own sound. True original song writing with elements of Blues, Folk, Rock, and Bluegrass separating them from the typical sound of a Chicago based band.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Count Down To SCamp-Chi-Town Favs

ChiIL Live Shows original shots of Cornmeal's late night set at Summer Camp 2011

*Cornmeal Summer Camp Sets Thurs 9:30pm, Fri 6pm, Sat 2:30 all on the Sunshine Stage

Tomorrow's pre-party day at Summer Camp Music Fest and we'll be there to bring the whole "four day weekend" to you in all it's colorful glory!    Here's a final few of our Chi-Town favs to look out for.   Look for our earlier pre-fest features on the following:

Chi-Town Bands Rock:

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound , Mathien, Indigosun, Cornmeal, Sexfist, Henhouse Prowlers, This Must Be The Band, Jaik Willis, Greensky Bluegrass,  Future Rock, Common, Chicago Farmer.

Highly Recommended:

*JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

Summer Camp Set Sat 1:30-Starshine Stage

Summer Camp Set Friday 9-10pm at E. Camping Stage 
We're working on setting up an interview with Mathien.   Although we haven't heard them live we have it on good authority they're ones to watch. 


The nucleus of the band was formed at Southern Illinois University Carbondale around the magnetic personality of singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Mathien. Bassist Mike Schiff and drummer Aaron Bouslog were initially drawn to Mathien’s sharply observed lyrics and eclectic musical influences. After signing with Midwest Music Group, relocating to Chicago and releasing their debut “Hello Again” the band took to the road and became a formidable live act selling out venues in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. 

In the fall of 2010 with the addition of keyboardist Peter Wilkins the band returned to the studio to begin work on their latest release “The Night I was an Alpha Male”. The album is available in CD format through the band’s official website here.

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