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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

INCOMING: Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo C2E2 2013

Check out our original photos from C2E2 2012 Saturday above

R2D2?    No....C2E2!!!

Yeah, OK... maybe both.   R2D2 @ C2E2


Du-Jay & Sagezilla dug C2E2 and can't wait for 2013


It's bigger on the inside....

This year's Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) will be their biggest by far. Tickets are selling earlier and faster than ever.  As of the final week of February, VIP tickets are sold out; 1-Day ticket sales are up 65%; and 3-Day ticket sales are up 78%. This is an overall increase of 64% compared to last year! 

**Meanwhile, their exhibit space is also this point, they are 25% larger than last year.** 

This is great news as it means that the Midwest - and Chicago, in particular - is becoming a center for pop culture enthusiasts similar in scale to New York and San Diego. 

Have you gotten your tickets yet?   Don't miss out.   Click here and order your tickets as soon as possible.   ChiIL Mama will be there...will YOU?!   We'll have photo filled recaps, individual features, hot new releases, reviews, and free downloads for you.   So check back with ChiIL Mama/ ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often!!

C2E2 2013, April 26-28, 2013 at the West Building at McCormick Place.

Check out their main site here for special guests and more.
Our ultra favorite thing about C2E2 isn't one show or genre's mash ups and context!   We swung by Micky D's on the way out and it was beyond amusing to see the comic book world superimposed on reality. It's all about context.  As realtors are fond of saying...location, location, location.

"Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?"


We also love to see the colorful mash ups that organically happen in the crowd as everyone's story lines intermingle.   

Steampunk was a growing presence at C2E2 12, and we bought a fabulous corset & a wooden mustache monocle.


We also bought a unique ocarina necklace & a "teacarina" musical, pottery tea cup/instrument among other finds.  

Sagezilla and Du-Jay enjoyed the show, and it's fairly family friendly.   There were a ton of kids of all ages there, and there was plenty for kids to see and do, particularly for tweens and teens.    

Kick Ass fam friendly fun at C2E2

Sure, there's a plethora of the usual comic book boobs n skip it with the littles if they're very young and easily freaked out, or if you're uber conservative.  Otherwise, dress up and come on down!

Of course we're suckers for any excuse to play dress up, and enjoy seeing adults who are reeeeeally into what they're into, and we dig comics, anime, Dr. Who and games.   That means C2E2 is right up our alley.

First time we ever quoted Mr. T around Sagezilla, she thought we said "I'm Winnie the Pooh", and used to repeat it in a booming Mr. T impression.  To this day I still can't hear "I pity the fool" without laughing.


We saw many fun freaks, and even derby zombies from The Outfit!


 There were loads of graphic artists, actors & writers about.


We're a little bummed.   These Romanian artist guys took a steam punk photo of Sagezilla & Du-Jay and said they'd anime the kids and send us the sketch via e-mail after the show, and it never happened.    Was that supposed to read get your sketch a year from today?!

We're coming back to find you for C2E2 2013, so start sketching... long haired boy and tiny but mighty grrrrrl, or they'll kick you in the kneecaps!

You can even get inked up permanently, with some new scars, if you're brave & of age.   I do have 4 tattoos, but not from C2E2.   We just stuck with the kind of ink you turn the pages on!

We also saw another of our big favorites--Threadless--and stocked up on more, cool, artist designed t's!   They give back to the community and work with kids for free, at Girls Rock Chicago camps, 826Chi Writing Workshops and more.

Sage spent her "helpful works" cash on a bunch of seriously rockin' handmade fimo necklaces another kid had made.  They were one of a kind and one of the coolest thing we saw at the whole show because they were so creative.   She also bought a Shawnimal Ninja necklace.   

Du-Jay bought Activision Skylanders, one of his Wii favorites.


We also ran into one of our favorite author/artist duos... Kim & Dino, of Traegonia fame.  

We gave away a set of their excellent books to one of our lucky readers in December, as part of our huge Holidaze Giveaways.  

 The Traegonia books are a middle grade, eco-friendly fantasy series our family really digs!!  Highly recommended.   Check out their main site right here.



Come on out and play.   C2E2's a must see for geeks, gamers, pop culture enthusiasts, families and YOU!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wizard World Favs--DC Super Pets,Tragonia, Pinups for Pitbulls, House of Darkley, Legos, Threadless, Gorilla Tango, & Kangoo


We've reviewed and given away DC Super Pets books at ChiIL Mama, and it was truly a treat to meet the author! 

Check out our past coverage here and our contest winner here.


Speaking of authors and illustrators whose work we NOT miss Traegonia!    We're working up a give away for our readers and a review of both books, to run in late fall--pre-Christmas, so check back early and often.    We devoured The Sunbow Prophecy and the Ember Rune and were so excited to hear another sequel is in progress!    These mid-grade chapter books are whimsical, creative, eco-friendly and very well written.    And the sculpture creatures the books are based on are truly unique works of art.

This booth also has sweet book marks--silver sticks with magical little vials of colored stones or fairy dust.    We scooped up half a dozen for gifts for ourselves and our friends who love reading.

This is one of our all time favorite booths.    We've  publicized some of Pinups for Pitbulls Chi-Town fundraisers before.  They get bonus points for being dog friendly, punk rock, and uber creative.  Check out their punk band parody tees.    I bought the 7 Seconds one--Walk Together Rock Together and we had a good chat.    Turns out the artist and mastermind behind the catchy twists on lyrics is a good friend of Kevin Seconds.

Can you find the pit friendly versions of Minor Threat, Sex Pistols, Descendants, and more?

There are a plethora of plushies at Comic Con.    But we're suckers for creative, well made, and of course funny signage is a big plus, too.   These were one of our favs.   Show House of Darkley some love and some cash.    These are very cool, hand made, funky and fun.    Please DON'T just stand around and take a ton of pix and then leave without buying anything (this is a reoccuring problem for them at shows!!).   Support the arts.    If you take pixs it's polite to either buy something or put up a feature so other people can.    

There were also LOADS of Legos ranging from full sets, hard to find, vintage collector, and more.   Our fav was what I dubbed "the Lego graveyard".   What they lack in presentation and display, they make up for in price.    Kids flocked to the mix n match....everything's $3 table.    And they played there longer than just about anywhere.

Threadless makes the most creative, limited run, artist designed tee's out there.   They also share their time and talents by running kids workshops with great non-profits like Girls Rock! Chicago and 826Chi creative writing workshops.   We adore Threadless!!


Though you have to be 18+ to see their Burlesque shows, all ages are welcome to pose with the Gorilla Gals.    Click here to check out our past coverage on Gorilla Tango here, including a run down of all the fun parodies they have running this weekend.

We're intrigued and would love to try out a pair of Kangoos.

Enjoy all Wizard World Chicago Comic Con has to offer.  If you think you've hit  everything wall to wall....check again.    Some of our favs are in yet another section to the front of the main hall.   See you out there.

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