Friday, May 4, 2012

Chris (Sandman) Sand-The Infamous Red Bathrobe Video Premier

Sandman-Thanks for the Sex-LIVE at Hideout, Chicago
ChiIL Live Shows 4/26/12 (PG13 for content)

As referenced in our interview with Chris and Tony, here's the infamous, "red bathrobe", laugh inducing music video for Thanks For The Sex, shot at Tony's home last summer and "locked in the vault" till now.    Sandman hasn't even put it out there on his own sites, but he gave us the thumbs up to run it.  You've seen it here at ChiIL Live Shows, folks.   Though tame by most standards, this one gets a PG13 for content, though it's more likely to crack you up than incense the censors.    We also have a live version of the same song that we shot at Hideout on 4/26/12 above.    Enjoy!

Sandman-Thanks for the Sex-music video 
at Tony's home, Chicago

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