Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sandman (The Rappin' Cowboy) & Tony Rogers Interview With ChiIL Live Shows

ChiIL Live Shows caught up with Chris "Sandman" Sand of the award winning documentary, Roll Out Cowboy, fame and local fav, Tony Rogers. 

Live footage shot at Chicago's own Hideout.   

Generally our interviews average 15 minutes, but they had so much great footage, and interesting banter that this one turned into more of a full length feature!    Hear about Septembeard, the little red bathrobe video, and Chris & Tony's  take on everything from how creatives parent and how parents create, to two dead vocal coaches, and their current and upcoming musical endeavors.    Check out the humor and talent of these two true originals!

Here's Pt. 1 of 2: Tony Rogers - "Call the press and send their best" ("making of" mini documentary) referenced in our interview above.

Pt. 2 of 2: Tony Rogers - "Call the press and send their best" (Official Music Video)

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