Sunday, February 3, 2013

Are YOU Game For Boobs & Goombas at Gorilla Tango? #Review

Photo by K Leo,
"Mario and Luigi on the run in Level 2."

ChiIL Live Shows came out to play with the Gorilla girls last night at midnight, for opening night of the return of Boobs and Goombas, 
A Super Mario Bros Burlesque, and we can honestly say the show was a hoot.

Once you play their version of Mario Brothers, you'll never look at those mustachioed characters quite the same way again.   This is the production that started it all for Gorilla Tango.   So like the video games that sparked this colorful, fun burlesque show, these characters are going back to the beginning and enjoying a new life.   All GT burlesque shows are 18+, $35, and many do sell out, so advanced tickets are strongly suggested.   

It's worth the ticket price to see the creative, custom pasties!   These girls know how to rock a theme.  The costumes are hilarious and add a playfully fun touch to this super show.  There are some talented dancers in the cast and the choreography, creative plot and character acting elevate this show above the average bump n grind.   Just be may have Mario tunes on the brain for a while after the show.

If you're a newbie to burlesque, or considering going to Gorilla Tango for the first might be pleasantly surprised the audience isn't just drooling guys.   Loads of couples, girls night out groups, and a wide range of ages and types people each audience.   Gorilla Tango is the reigning queen of nerdy burlesque, and great for lighthearted, late night fun.


Street parking is pretty easy to find.   

There's a small bar in the lobby and you can bring beer & wine back to your seats that you purchase there .   

Bring a pocket full of singles & fives.   There's no stuffing G-strings here, but if you kick em a few extra bucks in the mystery box, you'll unlock new levels and alternate endings.

Gamers, geeks and girlie burlesque lovers 18+.   Oh-a-YES! After voyaging far and wide (including an ongoing stint in New Orleans!) Gorilla Tango Theatre is proud to announce that the show that started it all - BOOBS AND GOOMBAS: A SUPER MARIO BURLESQUE – is back at its Bucktown venue! 

BOOBS AND GOOMBAS: A SUPER MARIO BURLESQUE will perform Saturdays at 11:59pm, beginning February 2, 2013 at Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave.  Tickets are $35; group rates (8 or more) available – see website for details. To purchase tickets call 773-598-4549 or visit Ages 18 and over.

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